Winter Xtival Day 1

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As I’ve been apart of Xtival since the very beginning back in 07, the response has definately snowballed into something quite popular.

The steward program was put in system to help people out during the Xtival event when the second Xtival was launched in 08. Back then, the Stewards had it relatively easy as Xtival was still a new thing. The Summer Xtival in mid 09 however was a sign of things too come. This one, the Winter event is even more relentless with the onslaught of gamers and questions, which is great, its what we signed up for. We’re here to help.

Strangely enough the entire UK team of Stewards are…XBLA staff, which makes things easier in a way, cos we all know that everyones working hard, and its better than last time when i was just working with one other person who wasnt really pulling thier weight.

So, this seasons Steward team consists of Myself (Mechanical R), Kristian2008, BDRDaz, NBKRooney and xXR4GT4GXx.

So feel free to ask us a message, you can get hold of us either through our Gamertags, or, where theres a help thread that I and Kris work through.

Either way, theres plenty more to do for the weekend, more comps and tournaments to host and take part in, and obviously more questions to answer!

Previous Xtival Involvement: (For my relcolection more than anyone elses :D)

Xtival 07 – Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FFA Tournament

Xtival 08 – Steward (First started)

Xtival 08 – Burnout Paradise Tournament

Xtival 08 –  Rock Band 2 Battle of the Bands

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Lips Battle of the Vox Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Winter) -Tekken 6 Knockout Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Beatles Rock Band Competition


Xtival Tekken 6 Knockout Competition

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Here’s my first of two competitions for the Xtival weekend this November over the 27th-30th.

Xtival Sponsored event Tekken 6 Knockout Tournament!

The Iron Fist tournament hits Xboxliveaddicts! Prepare to battle it out in a knockout competition over the weekend to not only be the Iron Fist Champ! But the Champ of XBLA!

To take part in the event you’ll need to have a registered account with Xboxliveaddicts, a valid Xbox Live Gold Membership and of course a copy of Tekken 6!

Sign ups will begin from today until Thursday 28th November. Applicants must follow those rules above to take part and sign up via this thread with your forum username and your Live Gamertag.

The following Friday morning the thread will be updated with the first round so you can see who’s fighting who. Depending on the response, the event should run over Friday evening (7.30pm), Saturday evening 7.30/8pm and hopefully the final on Sunday about 7.30/8pm again to crown the winner who will win some great prizes (prizes TBC)


1st Place – 12 Months Free Gold Membership to Xbox Live and 6,000 Microsoft

2nd Place – 12 Months Gold Membership and 4,000 Microsoft Points!
3rd Place – 2,000 Microsoft Points


– No characters are banned, though please refrain from using custom characters.
– The matches will last over 5 rounds, then both (or the winner) must report back to either myself (Mechanical R) or back on this thread who won so that I can prepare for the next set matches.
– Players are expected to be promt and on time, players may wait for their opponent to come online and join the match for as long as they like, but no shows are forfeits and the person who showed up will go through to the next round.
– You’ll be expected to keep an eye on either this thread or any threads on the site regarding this competition to ensure your kept up to date on the rules and who your opponents will be.
– Normal Microsoft Code of Conduct also applies, any reports of breaking of either our or MS’s rules will lead to disqualification.
– This competition is open to UK residents only.

These rules are subject to change at any time and will be added upon within the next 7 days along with more details so keep posted!


Sign up now by visiting here!

Xtival Autumn Rock Band: The Beatles Band Battle!

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The Beatles Rock Band High Score Competition

Relive those classic tracks! Play through on your own or with friends to earn the highest points. The higher the points, the better your chances!

With the Beatles taking the world by storm again in video game form, what better way to bring everyone together but with a big competition with Xtival. Take part in the event by just playing with your friends, grab the high scores and you could win some great prizes! (prizes TBC)

To enter, all you need is a band. Your band can be 1-4 players full, the more people you have the better chance you got at winning! Play the select songs given for the competition, grab a screenshot/take a picture of your groups highest scores on each of the songs and submit them to myself over the weekend. Don’t rush yourself though! Entries will be accepted from Friday 27th November starting 10am through to Sunday 30th Nov at 10pm. All I need is the images of your points and your team and its that simple!


5 songs will be chosen before the event and these will be posted up Friday morning. (No DLC will be used)
– Bands must be signed up before Thursday 26th November.
– You and your band mates must be members of and have valid Xbox Live Gamertags.
– Signing up requires posting in this thread with your forum username(s) and gamer tags.
– Score entries must be sent to the email address (mechrxbla at live. dot co dot uk) within the allotted time of the weekend event, please try to bunch the images together in one email rather than sending separately.
– Substitutes are not allowed. If someone doesn’t show up, you must continue with the group you have.
– Difficulties can be set to what your comfortable with, remember the harder you try, the better chance you have!
– Microsofts Code of Conduct and our forum rules apply.


For the winning team, theres up to 12,000 Microsoft Points and 2 years worth of free live to share between your band!

Site update 14/11

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Completely forgot my Eurogamer coverage was sitting in my drafts sections, whilst it was up on XboxLiveaddicts it was sat gathering dust here!

Anyway, Eurogamer coverage of Split/Second, Avatar, Assassins Creed II and many more is up for your reading pleasure.

As well as that, the reviews of Wet, Sam and Max Season 2 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are live and ready for you.

Much more to come before Christmas including reviews of Operation Flashpoint, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, COD 1 and GTA’s Ballad of Gay Tony.

As well as that, expect photos from Eurogamer 09 to appear including the Inside Xbox video featured on the event, details on the Xtival competitions Im hosting near the end of this month and of course our Borderlands competition.

Xtival Weekend

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XCN’s Xtival weekend is back again!

Ive been hard at work devising competition formats for tons of games for Xtival, but sadly, they only chose for two of the competitions i submitted, those games are The Beatles Rock Band and Tekken 6.

Im pretty bummed out that I couldnt host more of them as I was really hoping to have a fair amount of them on the go, but still 2 comps! Thats more than most are hosting for the big event!

More details on the comps and the weekend very soon!

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