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Unfortunately, I’ve not been lucky enough so far in my writing to be able to attend E3 in person to be able to cover and write how I’d like to for the event so until then, Ill keep using Eurogamer Expos as practise runs.

Still, this year I’ve been covering the Xbox 360 side of it as well as I can for both twitter and the site xboxliveaddicts.co.uk via posting videos of trailers, interviews, demonstrations and such as they come (courtesy of Gametrailers) as well as a collection of screenshots for select titles from the Xbox press site.

Its hard work doing it alone, not to mention with limited resources being only a forum site AND a fansite so if your on the hunt for all things Xbox 360 and E3 related, please check it out, have a search through the forum threads, find the games you like and feel free to have a bit of a chin wag about it. Because theres still plenty of it to go in the next couple of days.



Reviews and such to resume shortly. Thanks.




Sonic Free Riders

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Click on here for full review.

Enjoyable, innovative and a breeze to play. Sorry Sega, but if you EVER hoped for words like this, or anything similar to crop up in a review for your latest Sonic slaughter, Free Riders, then you truly are dreaming. Gamers, welcome to one of the most avoidable Kinect games currently on shelves. Or at this rate. Bargain bins.

It was pretty much inevitable really, as always at the forefront of every peripheral and console launch, Sega barges their way through with yet another Sonic title. This time round, Sonic is definitely tired and those stress lines are really starting to show.


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The first person shooter is a tough nut to crack. Since the PC, First Person shooters have been stealing players away from other genres and slowly but surely, the genre has developed and grown in intuitive and clever ways. We’ve taken the bad with the incredibly good and currently, we sit within a FPS limbo. With the Call of Duty franchise wooing over a majority of FPS players, this genre deadzone is literally enough to make or break new series. But is now the time for something new to take in the limelight?

God I certainly do hope so. As groundbreaking as COD 4 was when it hit our consoles, the multiplayer, four games on has become stale with little real advancements and whilst the ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ saying would normally apply. Sometime down the line, minor changes and fannying about with over priced map packs just isn’t going to cut it.

Enter Brink, a title from UK developer Splash Damage, known for titles such as; Enemy Territories Quake Wars and Doom 3. Brink brings an objective heavy, class based style of game play with some seriously creative parkour elements. Top that off with a unique visual style and some serious customisation and we could be onto a winner here.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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Castlevania, it’s not the worlds most well known franchise, but it’s been with us since the beginning. Late last year saw the release of its first proper venture in to 3D and the next generation platforms; sadly, the title went a little unnoticed in the slurry of massive titles we saw last year. With two additional story based content downloads for Lords of Shadow, we take a quick look at whether an apparent underdog of last year should be worth your time, or should it just be left in the kennel? With my less than impressed opinion towards the HD remake of Harmony of Despair, Will Lords of Shadow prove to me that there’s love for the old beast yet?

Similar to that of Dantes Inferno Lords Of Shadow takes you through a massive story full of different and rich settings, putting you against a mass of Goblins, Lycans and any other mythical creatures. The hack and slash game play is here in its floods. Gabriel, our hero is sent to defeat the ‘Lords of Shadow’, take their power and bring back the woman he once lost. It’s quite clear that Gabriel is a distant relative of Xbox 360 icon Marcus Fenix and Resident Evil star Chris Redfield, suffering from the same terrible condition they do of having an enormous body and such a tiny head. With even smaller facial features. Gabriel is then given an unfavourable 80’s mop and thrown into the heat of battle. Appearances aside, if story isn’t your strong point of interest for this game, it’s easy to overlook and just jump right in for some creature carving. However if you love a bit of deeper story with your slashing, we’re given it in bite size chunks during loading screens by the ever popular video game voice smoothie, Patrick Stewart.

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007 Blood Stone

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Winter Xtival Day 1

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As I’ve been apart of Xtival since the very beginning back in 07, the response has definately snowballed into something quite popular.

The steward program was put in system to help people out during the Xtival event when the second Xtival was launched in 08. Back then, the Stewards had it relatively easy as Xtival was still a new thing. The Summer Xtival in mid 09 however was a sign of things too come. This one, the Winter event is even more relentless with the onslaught of gamers and questions, which is great, its what we signed up for. We’re here to help.

Strangely enough the entire UK team of Stewards are…XBLA staff, which makes things easier in a way, cos we all know that everyones working hard, and its better than last time when i was just working with one other person who wasnt really pulling thier weight.

So, this seasons Steward team consists of Myself (Mechanical R), Kristian2008, BDRDaz, NBKRooney and xXR4GT4GXx.

So feel free to ask us a message, you can get hold of us either through our Gamertags, Xboxliveaddicts.co.uk or Xbox.com, where theres a help thread that I and Kris work through.

Either way, theres plenty more to do for the weekend, more comps and tournaments to host and take part in, and obviously more questions to answer!

Previous Xtival Involvement: (For my relcolection more than anyone elses :D)

Xtival 07 – Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FFA Tournament

Xtival 08 – Steward (First started)

Xtival 08 – Burnout Paradise Tournament

Xtival 08 –  Rock Band 2 Battle of the Bands

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Lips Battle of the Vox Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Winter) -Tekken 6 Knockout Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Beatles Rock Band Competition

Review – Wet

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Link to review

So lets face it, if your a fan of the Grindhouse style of film (Planet Terror or pretty much anything Tarintino has ever made) I’m sure your pretty much in the know on Bethesda’s new freestyle shooter title WET. Its packed with all the tell tale signs of Grindhouse, from the over the top acrobatics, to the cinematic style its presented in, this games pure Grindhouse right to the grain…y filter which fills your screen whilst your slashing and shooting your way through the game. Ah, see what i did there?

Gamers who may have played John Woo’s Stranglehold a year or so will be familiar with how the game works, as Rubi, your given the ability to run, jump, dive and slide your way through the entire environment however you please whilst clearing enemies as you go. Whilst Wet isn’t as environment rich when it comes to diving o and off stuff, there’s still plenty of ways you can mix things up to keep the combat fresh.

Now here’s something’s you wont get from just playing the demo. Whilst the demo is fun and has examples of all the game types available to play throughout the story of WET, the combat does get a little stale. Now, with your new found Exp points, you can upgrade Rubi to allow her to do more attacks and vary up the stylish ways you dispose of your enemies. Varying from just being able to shoot whilst hanging, wall ride shooting and running up people like vaults not to mention all the weapon damage and fire rate you can do for all your firepower available. THIS, means the combat does get a lot more fun and varied in what you do. But it means your going to have to keep on through it until you get them experience points.

The game is broken up into segments of different game play, you have your simple Point A to Point B, get from here to there as stylishly as possible with your kills, there’s the rail segments which include a balanced addition of QTE’s (more on those later) there’s the, ‘locked in a room and must kill everyone to get out’ sections and the Killer7 look alike ‘rage mode’, sadly the transitions are painfully obvious and the game soon becomes repetitive and you’ll begin to lose interest, which means playing this game sparingly is a must!

Fitting in with the Grindhouse theme the games fitted with a grain filter that’s a little more than say Silent Hill 2’s but added to the point to get across an ‘old projector film’ esc style, if this feature gets a little distracting, its available to turn off, which i shortly did to enable myself to e better, whilst the filter isn’t a hindrance its certainly not missed when removed.

With Eliza Dushku at the helm of voicing our vixen of over the top carnage your guaranteed a voice over to fit the character, although the script writing could have done with a bit of a once over since majorities of her voice time is usually one word abuse’s and it feels a little wasted. Its also hard to judge Rubi as a character as her personality is a little bit…well all over the place, one scene she’s talking with old affiliates the next she’s getting a little bit gruesome with someone, but then maybe its all just to fit with the whole over the top scene the game so definitely portrays. The game also fills in with some indie…punk…jargon music that suits the mood.

The game has a mixture of difficulties which will keep you gunning away for those harder achievements, when that’s done, you also have new game modes and the challenges to complete around Rubi’s hideout. The game itself is a fair length though a bit disappointing in the final ‘boss battle’. The game sparingly includes a few QTE’s which are no real problem, it makes them work and its not horrific. BUT. I uses them on every boss including the last. Where’s the effort? Might take you a couple of goes t remember the sequences but seriously, a QTE for every boss? Shame on you Wet, was hoping for a bit of a challenge.

With that said, the game DOES have its gruelling moments, but are then overlooked at how easy the boss is, and is definitely a bit unrewarding in the sense of accomplishment for bringing the story to its climax…well. Buy watching it at least.

In the end WET is an interesting idea and has its fun moments (memories include a sky diving shootout!) but the games predictability, tedious ‘sectioning’ of game play and general attitude towards being something like a Grindhouse production warrants a cheap buy or at the worst a rental.


Link to review

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