Gotham City Imposters

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Now, Gotham City Imposters is a tricky one. Personally, I find a game these days, especially as low key as this one, will never suffice with just an online basis. Games almost always need a Single Player just in case the multiplayer doesn’t do so well. Games like Monday Night Combat did this, and just about survived on its SP. Unless you’ve got a game like Team Fortress 2, or something special enough to rip the masses out of Activisions digestive tract for long enough, then you’re going to be looking at some disappointing stats after launch. But there’s something about Gotham City Imposters which I can’t quite put my finger on.


Battlefield 3 Vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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The big battle has finally come. After a couple of months since both the games release, the rivalry still burns strong through fans of the games. So let’s take both games and compare them up against each other. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh…that.

So let’s kick this Godzilla Vs King Kong battle with a part of both games that possibly 30% of the gamers haven’t even touched. The campaign.

Gears of War 3 Horde Command Centre DLC

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So, the beginning of November has brought us the beginning of downloadable content for franchise giant Gears of War 3. With the second batch of downloadable content already announced and on its way, lets take a look at DLC pack one. The Horde Command Centre.

The main focus of this map, being called the Horde Command Centre is non surprisingly, a Command centre available in horde mode. A new form of defensive upgrade, the command centre allows you to call in some aid in the shape of sniper fire to hammer of dawns to clear out those pesky waves. Other upgrades have also appeared on the horde scene with a new decoy which turns your defence into an Onyx guard bot, a new auto turret which will have better use against Berserkers and the Silverback upgrade which lets you fire rockets. These new upgrades are great to use. When you actually get to use them. Unfortunately, your going to have to put in a lot of work to get these, as standard, you’ll need to have maxed out the decoy, turret and silverback in order for you to be able to access the new upgrades, and if you want to get your hands on that command centre, you’ll need to have spent a whole $360,000 on turrets after you’ve purchased the content, meaning anything earned before the downloadable content, isn’t going towards that ultimate defence upgrade. Sigh, it’s a tough job, but we have to get there at some point.

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Renegade Ops

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When a mysterious villain known as Inferno threatens the world with global destruction of the fiery hot kind, the only option for the government is to fold to his dastardly plans. However one man in charge of the armed forces, Major Bryant believes there is a better, more direct way to deal with this threat and so his team of renegades are gathered to save the world from this flaming threat.

It’s strange how addictive these top down shooters actually are. Those familiar with arcade titles such as Assault Heroes will be instantly accustomed to how the game plays. With that said, it’s not hard at all to get used to it. Left Stick drives and moves right stick shoots. Simple. Extra controls include a simple boost button along with the two triggers. Left activating the characters special ability/weapon and right using any secondary weapon you may stumble upon amidst your travels. The vehicles simple one stick drive makes them such a breeze to manoeuvre around. It also means you won’t get stuck in corners of the map either, and if you DO manage to get yourself wedged, it’s almost always a simple push of the stick to get yourself out of it.

Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Beta

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Two weeks in and the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta is booming with customers. With the VIP’s and Bulletstorm code owners having chainsaw’d, shotgunned and executed their evenings away for the past two weeks, those of you who pre-ordered a copy of Gears 3 will now be allowed to join in the masses and try out the beta for yourself, so what’s new in the world of Sera and what can you guys expect from one of the Xbox 360’s biggest trilogies ever?

Gears of War 3 was originally planned to hit us this month however due to the dates being pushed back to September, this gave Epic the perfect chance to try out the new additions to the gears competitive multiplayer to make it as balanced and iron out any bugs ready for day one. The beta has been going for a few weeks already but as the beta progresses, more and more game types and maps will become available, currently only Team Deathmatch, this standard game type is familiar to all, however the Gears take on it gives teams a pool of lives, once those lives are depleted, its one life left for each on that team, bringing back those tense moments of being the last man standing from Gears 1 we all knew and desperately wanted to avoid. The other game types are Capture the Leader, a game type similar to Assassination and King of the Hill, a territories based favourite from Gears 2 fandom.

Sonic Free Riders

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Enjoyable, innovative and a breeze to play. Sorry Sega, but if you EVER hoped for words like this, or anything similar to crop up in a review for your latest Sonic slaughter, Free Riders, then you truly are dreaming. Gamers, welcome to one of the most avoidable Kinect games currently on shelves. Or at this rate. Bargain bins.

It was pretty much inevitable really, as always at the forefront of every peripheral and console launch, Sega barges their way through with yet another Sonic title. This time round, Sonic is definitely tired and those stress lines are really starting to show.


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The first person shooter is a tough nut to crack. Since the PC, First Person shooters have been stealing players away from other genres and slowly but surely, the genre has developed and grown in intuitive and clever ways. We’ve taken the bad with the incredibly good and currently, we sit within a FPS limbo. With the Call of Duty franchise wooing over a majority of FPS players, this genre deadzone is literally enough to make or break new series. But is now the time for something new to take in the limelight?

God I certainly do hope so. As groundbreaking as COD 4 was when it hit our consoles, the multiplayer, four games on has become stale with little real advancements and whilst the ‘don’t fix what ain’t broke’ saying would normally apply. Sometime down the line, minor changes and fannying about with over priced map packs just isn’t going to cut it.

Enter Brink, a title from UK developer Splash Damage, known for titles such as; Enemy Territories Quake Wars and Doom 3. Brink brings an objective heavy, class based style of game play with some seriously creative parkour elements. Top that off with a unique visual style and some serious customisation and we could be onto a winner here.

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Dirt 3

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With the WRC game fully failing to get a rise out of true rally fans, we turn yet again to Codemasters, these days; Codemasters producing a stellar racing game is as expected as the sun rising. It’s comforting to know that one of the remaining UK development teams have such an impact in a genre so popular. GRiD, DiRT and F1 are all testaments to that.

Dirt has probably been the most challenged of the franchises however. Originally spawning from the Colin McRae Rally series back on the PSX, Dirt’s first outing on the Xbox was a serious Rally fixated mix between arcade and sim, introducing new cars and races like the Hill Climbs, Buggy and Trophy Truck events and even some Big Rig time trials.

Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack

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Now ill admit, I haven’t played Halo Reach since Black Ops was launched. I enjoyed Reach a lot, but once a new shooter came out, it quickly diverted my interest. Though two games into reviewing this map pack and I had found myself in a Big Slayer Match, which had quickly turned into me fighting for a team three players down due to connection issues. We then 3v6’d our way through five more minutes of game play resulting in me being killed quite often, being enthusiastically tea bagged each and every time. Oh Halo Community. How I’ve missed you.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Da Vinci Disappearance DLC

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