Daytona USA

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Roooooooolllllllling Staaaaaaaart! Yeah that’s right Arcade racer fans, Daytona USA has returned. Not in a new fancy flame of glory, but in its old classic but cleaned up HD self. Start your engines for a cruise down memory lane.

Let’s face it, if you were ever at an arcade, which, most of us gamers have been at some point in our childhood there was a select few games to play. Well, there was plenty to play, but only really a few actually worth repeatedly playing. If you felt like bringing out the lead, it was Time Crisis, for the later years it was also House of the Dead, or even a personal favourite Crisis Zone (The sub machine gun peripheral was absolutely huge!) But was satisfying nonetheless.

However if you wanted to quench a need for speed, it was one of two games. Many may have jumped for Sega Rally, but just as many people would have preferred their hard earned pocket money to Daytona USA, the first in the arcade series of NASCAR racing.

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The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade has returned and in true SoA style it plans on bringing some highly anticipated arcade titles to our consoles. The past two Summer of Arcade promotions have brought us infamous titles such as Braid and Limbo. Becoming a pair of the most popular games to grace the arcade rosters. This year’s month of arcade games doesn’t plan to disappoint either with first up on the chopping block, Bastion.

We play as white haired anime like character known as the kid, forced to find is way through the world he once knew, only now left in ruins and full of creatures on every corner. The Kid soon meets a stranger named Rusk who manages an unaffected area of land called the Bastion. The kid then sets out to rebuild the world currently in disorder from the unknown ‘calamity’ which had ravaged their world and discover the secrets behind it all.

3D Ultra Mini Golf Adventures 2

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Lara Croft Guardian of Light

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Doom II

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Things On Wheels

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Scrap Metal

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Scrap Metal is the second in line from the Xbox House Party special launch leading up to the free release of the Xbox Live Arcade Game Room hitting our virtual stores at the end of this month. Following the success of Slick Entertainments first arcade title n+, have the guys there pulled off another great popular arcade release?

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve played a top down racer; already it invokes memories of old PSX games like Micro Machines V6 and the like. So already Scrap Metal gets into my good books.

The game bases itself around racing and weapon based mayhem. Each vehicle has a specific weapon, which can vary from chainsaws, machine guns, grenade launchers and more. Each weapon gives the cars an individual edge in races or even suiting more to your preferred playing style. Also focusing around the Demolition Derby style of game play, which I feel has been sorely missed and overlooked in the new generation of video games, you can also use your own vehicle as a weapon hitting nasty speeds and plowing it through your unlucky opponent making for some fun and crazy events.

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The single player races consist of some traditional racing modes you’d see in most games. Including that of the obvious standard race, and others like Elimination races (the last around the track kind, not last man standing, which in fact is also in the game). As well as those are the demolition derbies and the aforementioned Last Man events. There are also some ‘story based’ events which mix up the racing combat. Each as you progress delivering new and crazy destructive happenings which always bring a smile to your face.

Unlocking vehicles really depends on how brutal of a racer you are. See a vehicle you don’t currently have whilst racing in an event? Scrap it! Unload hell into that particular car and reduce it to nothing but a steering wheel and a seat to make sure you have one waiting for you when you finish that race. Turning your competitors into scrap metal really has its rewards!

There’s a surprising amount of vehicles in the game, all varying over different types, from Sports cars to Monster trucks to even hovercrafts. Throw in a couple of shotgun equipped racing buggies and a bulldozer or three, and we’ve got ourselves a Scrap Metal party!

The vehicles available are also quite well customizable, complete with colour schemes, paint jobs and little accessories, there’s plenty available to keep your ride looking cool, and more importantly, stand out amongst the players online.

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Unfortunately, you’re only allowed to keep four cars in your garage, this is a bit of a shame as it would be great to have at least one of each of the vehicles all customized and upgraded with our points from winning events. But we have to pick and chose between having four at a time. Even more damage to the blow, your upgrades on that vehicle will disappear entirely, even if you grabbed yourself another scrap version at a later date. You’re going to find yourself forking out for the upgrades again.

Online consists of the standard races, derbies and new game type King of the Hill. Sadly, this is one of the small things that let the game down. The lobbies support 8 racers, but only 4 of them are online players, the other 4 must be A.I. This really restricts the amount of friends you can have say in a party playing this, and doesn’t work the other way in replacing online people with more A.I. characters. Whilst the addition of A.I. players online is a great feature, capping the online players to 4 is one hell of a restriction for a large group of mates.

The handling of the cars is very well spread out. You’re given a choice of 2 very different button maps. One being the traditional racing. With triggers for go and brake etc, and the other a more arcade style you’d more commonly see with games like Geometry Wars where the left stick will control direction and speed. Either one is very easy to pick up and get a good feel of each car to help you find your true rumbling hunk of junk and get it right in on the action.

The tracks are fun and all vary in size and setting, there’s a race and a derby version of each track and will test some of your skill as you’ll also be keeping a close eye on your opponents.

The game comes complete in its little package with great visuals and sounds to boot. If a little bit of rock isn’t your cup of tea whilst shooting and destroying fellow racers than your welcome to change it to something more suitable via your dashboard. The visuals though are very clean and detailed, as are the tracks with plenty of roadside obstacles for you to get involved in the carnage. Who knew a load of tires could cause so much hassle? Not to forget when there’s car parts and even wrecks out on the field to cause you trouble.

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The game’s achievements are simply a little lazy. With 80% of them being just to finish the boss races at the end of a section, the others being a 100% complete achievement the other 15% of achievements are online only achievements. Making there no real reward for upgrading your cars or other skill based rewards. There are however 2 avatar rewards available for your unlocking pleasure.

The single player is dangerous territory. Whilst there are 10 separate sections with usually 8 events in each. If you get too caught up in the demolition you’ll find yourself quite far in the game from the get go. Once the main campaign is complete, there’s also no other single player additions. Besides playing through them again for all the gold medals. Besides that, it’s off to the multiplayer you go. Or perhaps some future downloadable content?

Scrap Metal is a great little party game, both being really great fun off and online, the game only has a few points including short single player and only 4 players online multiplayer, but is more than enough that we can look the other way for the sake of such a good arcade title. The game has been hinted at downloadable content to support it after release so we can only hope for more scrap metal mash-ups to get involved in, in the future.


Slide Colours

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Take a look at any of the screenshots accompanying this review for Slide Colors and you’ll instantly begin reeling off tones of different arcade puzzle games you’ve played before and think this is impersonating. I wont blame you, as at the time before playing, my research led me to assume I was about to play Bejeweled or something of that nature. Whilst there are similarities, I was in for a bit of a shock.

Many of you would have played that of Bejeweled, or something similar. Join 3 of the same blocks together, ta da, you’re a winner. So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself a block to move into a trio to find that entire row shifted along with it. Yeah, I was treated with my glorious explosion and the need to find more of the same, but wha?! I’ve got full control of the board!

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The games appearance is very smooth and has a bit of an old school arcade style to it.
Complete with sounds that just make you feel like you’re playing on a Game Boy again, only we can see the screen better, and Mario isn’t hiding on it somewhere. Sneaky plumbers…

The game has three game types with two difficulties. The Hard mode is unlocked after completing each mode on the normal mode, so if you find yourself hooked in Slide Colors, you’ll be there for a fair while. The game types include…

First type is the real puzzle game that were talking about, which involves usually a sparingly empty grid with a selection of different colored boxes and a square on the grid matching that color. Using your full control of both the rows and columns, you must make sure every box gets in the corresponding grid slot. On paper, this sounds insultingly easy. However once you get a couple of levels in. You’ll find yourself with more boxes, less time, and a lot more moving about when you start sliding those colors around, maximum brain power needed here folks. Time Attack is a little more familiar. In which players must make combinations of 3 or more of the same icon using all the moveable rows and columns. Doing so earns points, and you must earn a specific number of points to go to the next round. As you go, you’ll find more ways of helping like, clearing entire rows and columns for points and some boxes which prevent those rows with the boxes in from being moved at all. The last game type is basically just the normal game. However progressing to the next level requires you to have made at least one combo on every block in the grid. Whilst there are unlimited amounts of moves you can make. The clock ticking will keep you on your toes to make sure you get all the grids lights knocked out in time.

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It’s a first for XboxLiveAddicts to be reviewing an Indie Developed game available off the Marketplace, and hopefully won’t be the last. The game sadly doesn’t scream out any form of replayablity, nor is it really that rewarding to play. On top of this, the website claims the game has achievements. However the achievements screen is only available as ‘awards’ in the menu and there’s no achievement score anywhere in the game. So whilst definitely worth a demo to see if it grabs you, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the developer, who hopefully has more to come.


Alien Breed Evolution Ep 1

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When a space craft collides with an even bigger unknown force, the brown stuff hits the fan as one Chief Engineer soon discovers in the first Episodic content of Alien Breed Evolution.

If you’ve played the insanely popular Xbox Live Arcade titles Assault Heroes and its sequel, or even the more recent Zombie Apocalypse you’ll know exactly how this game plays.

But, before you pigeon hole it just yet, it’s not a scrolling crazy shooter on wheels, or with zombies. It’s actually a story driven shooter with a lot more point to it.

Unlike a majority of top down style shooting games, Alien Breed not only has a story, but a nice healthy campaign to it. The 5 levels will have you going through areas of your space ship completing objectives and finding a safe exit from what’s becoming a grizzly nightmare.

Whilst most puzzles in the game require you to hunt around the available areas for keys and door locks, you’ll be kept at bay by healthy amounts of Aliens, varying from small, to actually quite large.

There’s a healthy amount of weapons to keep your Alien killing needs happy, along with items like sentry guns and your obvious health packs to help out when you’re in need of it.

The controls are very well thought out. With most games your right analogue pointed in any direction will fire a hail of bullets in that direction on screen, not with Alien Breed. Because there’s no time limit and the game is less of an arcadey quick game and more of a focused game, pushing the right analogue will point your gun and torch in that direction and the right trigger will do the firing.

This is to allow you to spend a little bit of time searching the areas for items and key plot areas. It’ll also bring a bit of suspense in those dark corridors when you’re waiting for something to just pop out.

And what is a healthy arcade game without a bit of co-op? The Co-op assault gives you and a friend, either online or locally, the opportunity to run through the main campaign levels and take on the onslaught of aliens. Whilst the levels are the same as the campaign ones, you’ll be finding new routes through them to reach your objectives, with twice the fire power, your going to need to work together in the darkness if you’re going to make it out alive.

With fantastic visuals from the Unreal engine, the levels are large and each new area poses a daunting threat meaning you’ll need to be on your toes ready to be attacked at anytime, and just wait till you meet the charger.

The levels on the single player campaign will last you about 30-40 minutes each on Veteran (the medium difficulty) if you were to take it to the hardest level and then be sure to keep your eyes out for weaponry, items and health packs on to of those pesky logs to find you’ll be finding yourself with a bit more time on the clock. Sadly, the co-op only has 3 main levels and the prologue, but there’s always free play if you don’t want to worry about all the story jargon. Just a tip for game play however, when you reach save points. Use them! No auto saves and the often occasion of an unexpected swarm of enemies or even a meeting with a charger can leave you starting the level right from the start. Trust me; I’ve been there a few times already!

The game is great fun, and is a really good revamp of the old classic. At 800 Microsoft Points a pop, Episode 1 will be enough to keep you entertained for long enough until Episode 2 reaches our marketplace. Happy hunting.


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