I Am Alive

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The last of the House Party arcade games brought us the eagerly awaited I Am Alive, formerly to be a full retail title, the games production suddenly took a turn and then it was decided to be just an Arcade game. A decision that has had its both good and bad effects, let’s take a look if I Am Alive is worth shouting about, or if it’s better off left dead.


I Am Alive Composer Jeff Broadbent

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XboxLiveAddicts’ Mechanical R had a chance to interview composer Jeff Broadbent regarding his atmospheric music score for Ubisoft’s post-apocalyptic action/adventure, I Am Alive.

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Resident Evil 5 Review

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Capcoms zombie survival turn Action Adventure finally takes on the number 5.

Welcome back an old friend Chris Redfield, last seen in the Antarctic labs of CVX (Or Russia for any Wii Chronicle owners) Chris has continued his endeavour to halt Umbrella’s secrets, but now with Umbrella supposedly gone, the BSAA (which Chris and Jill are now apart of) travel the world in aid to halt all bio-logical weapons which have now fallen into the hands of terrorists, a smuggling deal down in Africa, brings Chris to a small town of Kijuju in search of chasing some leads on his age old nemesis Wesker, a new BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar joins him on his journey and soon realises Chris is here for more than she knows.

Most familiar with Resident Evil 4, the game play from RE4 is basically the same this time round, much of the control schemes are the same as is the way the game works. Changes in inventory slots and the more obvious addition of the co-op factor are what RE 5 really plays on this time around.

The majority of co-op features is allowing character to reach higher areas and more importantly, just having someone to have your back when you need it, or even just someone to throw you a spare clip of ammo when your guns run dry it makes some of the hurdles you encounter in RE5 a lot more tactical and more manageable than just with a lone ranger. The ability to swap items around with your partner easily with the inventory windows make sharing and lending out to each other a lot more easier than imagined.

Having Sheva around will be both a great addition to your team and also a giant curse. Whilst for a majority of the game she will be quite often your saviour the later chapters will soon start to show Sheva’s A.I for what it really is. Terrible.

To begin with, Sheva is really helpful, she’ll have your back, she’ll hand out ammo happily and basically carry anything you can’t. However once we reach around the half way point in the game, Sheva seems to turn on you.

She’s not a bad person, we all know that but you cant help but realise poor Sheva will be the brunt of much abuse from many players who experience her ‘low moments’ In the later parts of the game some of the boss battles are a lot more co-op orientated, often involving one character having to restrain or perform one action to an enemy whilst the other (almost always your AI) will have to perform an attack. Whilst this isn’t something hard to grasp, whilst your struggling to keep your enemy restrained waiting for Sheva to take that all important attack it will often be in vain, only to find Sheva not even looking in the right direction, wasting some health herbs or even just not running to the right spot, this flaw in her ability to really be a team player when it really counts on even just progressing through the game is what really damages the game as worth playing through on your own. Your first venture into wondering whether you’re AI partner can even tie her shoe laces will be in an early level including a dark mine and a lantern, when you get there, you’ll know what I mean.

As the game draws closer to its end the combat becomes more shooter based, which also complicate things for our AI friends as on certain occasions the mixture of weapon based enemies and biological melee based creatures was too much for Sheva to handle, ending with Sheva face down in her own body parts and me face down on the floor after having shouting abuse at Sheva. My progression past this stage ultimately ended in me taking all her weapons off her and doing it all myself. First times a charm and I let her have her guns back shortly after.

Having said those past 2 paragraphs of how useless Sheva is, its good for the most part, she’s relatively good to have on your side come the early missions and when you have your bearings around the game, its time to bring in a friend online to make the game a little more fun and interesting.

So one thing the game has received a lot of flak for since the demo is the controls, many shun the game for being slow, which baffles me personally considering Dead Space a game with the same game play elements did so well? Whilst most people see not being able to shoot and run at the same time as rubbish, should be seen as something which requires more tactics and finesse. This isn’t Gears of War. Resi 5 isn’t all about running and gunning the hell out of everything, you need to work together, keep your distance and take your shots carefully to ensure you AND your partner get out alive, having to stop to take shots is not only more realistic, but also really gets your heart pumping during shoot outs. Nothing gets pushes the panic buttons more than a half empty handgun carefully aiming to get those crucial headshots on a crazed lunatic running towards you screaming and swinging a chainsaw above his head.

Following from RE4 style of weaponry there’s a vast amount of weapons available in RE5, each weapon again like RE4 is customisable (not visually) and other weapons are unlocked via purchasing and fully upgrading your previously purchased guns. These are a lot more expensive this time around, meaning you’re going to have to find a lot more treasures and gold laying about the place if you’re to afford all those pricy but great extras.

RE5 is an impressive game throughout, with a game which pulls off both explosions/fire and water effects sometimes even in the same area, RE5 is a beautiful game to push your television to its HD limits.

Unfortunately the game can suffer greatly from screen tearing, for those of you who live in the world of 1080i/p you may find yourself having to tone down to 720p to rid yourself of the pain of broken lines scaling your screen occasionally.

The games sound as always perfectly accommodates for all settings and moods the game wishes to create, though as a RE fan who spent many an evening on the 4th instalment, a lot of sounds from there have been almost completely imported straight over, which, in some cases isn’t bad, but surely its not too much trouble just to enhance them? At least to make some of the pistols a bit of an oomph when you’re firing away at some ‘zombie’ attackers.

Voice acting isn’t bad either which is good given Resident Evils history, one little nag would be Sheva’s voice, as her accent seems to shift from English, Australian and American during sentences, she just doesn’t seem to decide on one throughout.

The game is only 6 chapters long, shorter than RE 4 in fact and wont take you very long to get through, something which I personally find shortens lifespan even more is the addition of things like Unlimited ammo to any difficulty once you’ve finished the game just once. As well as this, the fact that your weapons carry over upgrades included regardless of difficulty. (RE4 had separate weapon stuff for each difficulty meaning you’d have to start from scratch making it both more difficult and challenging from the beginning.

Upon completing the game you’ll unlock the popular mini timed mini game Mercenaries complete with characters and levels to unlock as well as the rest of all the figurines to collect with the BSAA emblems hidden around the Campaign levels to unlock more cool rewards.

Coming soon in a PDLC pack will be a 4 player online multiplayer Versus mode, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

A fantastic instalment for the Resident Evil series, whilst not pushing out to new things the game delivers something of that on the same level of Resi Evil 4 without the drastic impact RE4 had on its game play change. Still a great story to continue the ever giant franchise complete with enough surprises in the game to keep you playing through. The co-op and soon to come online multiplayer will aid in making RE 5 a must have for 360 gamers.


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