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It’s fair to say Bayonetta will get mixed responses from different people. Some will completely love it. Some will find it difficult to really understand or some will just find it mind blowingly too much to really handle at one time. When really, it’s probably a mixture of all three.

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Given the way Bayonetta decides to tell us players the story, I can’t really give away much without spoiling anything. The general jist that we learn in the first few chapters is Bayonetta, a witch and only one of her kind suddenly awoke from sleep 20 odd years ago with no recollection of her past, since then, she’s been bouncing between the living plane and Purgatory fighting off angels n such coming to collect her, until she’s led on a path to find the ‘Eyes of the world’ which induces small flashbacks along the way.

Now if you’ve ever played Devil May Cry (more notably the first one) you’ll immediately find similarities between the two. That would be as its directed by the same fellow who directed and created DMC, so for you ‘I’m still waiting for a true sequel to Devil May Cry’ gamers out there, Bayonetta might be for you.

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The reason I say that is because there’s tons of things that are right from the original DMC. Sights, sounds even to the little information you get regarding each new enemy you encounter. Personally, it’s what caused me to grow to like it more.

Typical with your usual hack and slash game, you’ll soon be chopping and shooting your way through hordes of unplesantries with ease. Different to that of most hackers the combos and difficulty of pulling off impressive feats on your foes is relatively easy and simple to orchestrate.

My one gripe with the controls is the evade button being the right trigger. This puts your hand out of balance as you’ll have one finger hovering over that button, another holding the right bumper to lock onto your enemies and another mashing away at the X/Y/B buttons to unleash hell. You sort of get used to it after awhile, but its pretty irritating and something that could have been corrected should they have allowed the ability to change the control scheme.

Combat wise, it’s pretty crazy at times. At points, there can be so much going on at one time, it’s almost impossible to really collect your thoughts and have a battle plan, making dodging and countering attacks very difficult. The ‘Torture attacks’ are fun, but very much ‘Japanese Over the top’ which makes it interesting, but the over the top tones also bleed into other areas.

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That’s right; it’s not a proper Japanese originated game unless there’s some unnecessary sexual reference or moments within the game. This could be the fact your character is actually covered in hair and gets nude during large combos or massive Torture attacks, or this could be the focus of certain enemies exposed areas. All in all. It’s just a little too much at times. Sometimes, it’s just a little embarrassing to play, and definitely not something you could really sit down and play with the parents watching. ‘What mum? Oh yeah, that was just an enemy I killed. She was naked you say? Ahem, oh no, definitely not. No, no you couldn’t see any of that. Honest.’

A counter argument for that, also is the ott side of it also sees some comical anime like actions in some of the cut scenes, worth a bit of a chuckle. So it’s a double edged sword in that sense.

As always with these games, that and being Japanese you’ll instantly find yourself fighting through a flurry of imaginative and creative settings making the areas all feel a lot more different and diverse.

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There’s a lot of music to Bayonetta, like usual there’s your main key fight music and it doesn’t really suit the mood. It kind of flutters on in the background, and is only really a good indication of when there’s any enemies around that you haven’t yet defeated.

The main game is relatively long. A good 12-14 hours will get you through on Normal difficulty. With no Multiplayer, you’ll have to play through a few more times to unlock all the extra items and achievements in the game. And there is never anything wrong with that.

Overall Bayonetta is a great game. But there’s still a small side of the game that people may not buy into. The sheer over the top ness of it, or even some of the possibly seen perverted ‘Japanese girly’ moments might just be a little bit too much. That’s if you can handle all that’s going on the screen at the time. It gets pretty crazy.



Alien Breed Evolution Ep 1

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When a space craft collides with an even bigger unknown force, the brown stuff hits the fan as one Chief Engineer soon discovers in the first Episodic content of Alien Breed Evolution.

If you’ve played the insanely popular Xbox Live Arcade titles Assault Heroes and its sequel, or even the more recent Zombie Apocalypse you’ll know exactly how this game plays.

But, before you pigeon hole it just yet, it’s not a scrolling crazy shooter on wheels, or with zombies. It’s actually a story driven shooter with a lot more point to it.

Unlike a majority of top down style shooting games, Alien Breed not only has a story, but a nice healthy campaign to it. The 5 levels will have you going through areas of your space ship completing objectives and finding a safe exit from what’s becoming a grizzly nightmare.

Whilst most puzzles in the game require you to hunt around the available areas for keys and door locks, you’ll be kept at bay by healthy amounts of Aliens, varying from small, to actually quite large.

There’s a healthy amount of weapons to keep your Alien killing needs happy, along with items like sentry guns and your obvious health packs to help out when you’re in need of it.

The controls are very well thought out. With most games your right analogue pointed in any direction will fire a hail of bullets in that direction on screen, not with Alien Breed. Because there’s no time limit and the game is less of an arcadey quick game and more of a focused game, pushing the right analogue will point your gun and torch in that direction and the right trigger will do the firing.

This is to allow you to spend a little bit of time searching the areas for items and key plot areas. It’ll also bring a bit of suspense in those dark corridors when you’re waiting for something to just pop out.

And what is a healthy arcade game without a bit of co-op? The Co-op assault gives you and a friend, either online or locally, the opportunity to run through the main campaign levels and take on the onslaught of aliens. Whilst the levels are the same as the campaign ones, you’ll be finding new routes through them to reach your objectives, with twice the fire power, your going to need to work together in the darkness if you’re going to make it out alive.

With fantastic visuals from the Unreal engine, the levels are large and each new area poses a daunting threat meaning you’ll need to be on your toes ready to be attacked at anytime, and just wait till you meet the charger.

The levels on the single player campaign will last you about 30-40 minutes each on Veteran (the medium difficulty) if you were to take it to the hardest level and then be sure to keep your eyes out for weaponry, items and health packs on to of those pesky logs to find you’ll be finding yourself with a bit more time on the clock. Sadly, the co-op only has 3 main levels and the prologue, but there’s always free play if you don’t want to worry about all the story jargon. Just a tip for game play however, when you reach save points. Use them! No auto saves and the often occasion of an unexpected swarm of enemies or even a meeting with a charger can leave you starting the level right from the start. Trust me; I’ve been there a few times already!

The game is great fun, and is a really good revamp of the old classic. At 800 Microsoft Points a pop, Episode 1 will be enough to keep you entertained for long enough until Episode 2 reaches our marketplace. Happy hunting.


Post Eurogamer 09

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What a weekend!

After attending both days of the London leg of Eurogamer Expo 09 Im A. Totally knackered. and B. Looking forward to tons of new games on thier way very shortly!

I got my hands on tons of new games to come soon and even replayed a few old ones, but the events been great fun. Met new people. Had a good laugh with some of the staff, and even met the boss in the flesh. Got to speak to a few devs and Im also aware of the effects of Sambuca on an empty stomach. (Nothing gross dont worry!)

Ill be using this post as a link hub to all the features I write up for Eurogamer, as well as a link to the video featuring me on Inside Xbox! Thats right, myself and Corporal Kitty had a bit of a chin wag with SuperKaylo on the Friday, so keep an eye out for more stuff to come!


Army of Two: The 40th Day

Assassins Creed II

Avatar/3D Games

Lost Planet 2

Plain Sight



Tekken 6


Pictures/Vids and more to come!

Infernal: Hells Vengeance Review

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When a new Third Person Shooter pops its head into the world of retail, I accept with open arms, not sure what it quite is really, the more intense feel you get in gunfights over an FPS, the more open ended game play you can have with just one part of a level, with Infernal this was not the case….

Enter ‘Ryan Lennox’, main protagonist/Ryan Reynolds impersonator. After a little meeting with a friend, it seems your Angel status is revoked and you take the side of…it’s not quite the devil but someone representing him. Anyway, you go to the dark side *ooooooh* to exact revenge on something your not entirely told about to begin with, either way, lets proceed.

The story’s set, its not the most solid of stories but then neither is the way the game handles. The games a typical shooter but with a lot of the luxuries stripped piled with clunky controls. Lennox’ movements are very unnatural and he doesn’t react well with objects within the levels. Taking cover is a case of pushing yourself against a wall which isn’t easy when under fire, even after that its often a lot more easier to just run like an idiot shooting what you can whenever.

Now, my biggest thing about this game is the saves. These days, Autosave features, whether being able to be turned on or off is pretty much a necessity in gaming. Infernal, features no auto save. I found this out, PAINFULLY after dying at a certain point in a level only to restart at the beginning of the level. Ouch. I recently also was painfully remembered this, as I completed a level and died about a quarter of the way through the next. Having forgotten Infernal doesn’t have something that ALL games have these days, I was slightly annoyed to say the least when I was back in the labs of the previous level.

Sadly, the game boasts no great looking visuals, rather a Playstation 2 game with a few tweaks and more shadows, whilst this is disappointing, it’s still a good attempt from a fairly new developer and probably a little better on PC.

Sound wise, well, the voice acting is cringe worthy. It’s very badly acted out and it just kind of adds to the lack of everything going towards the game itself.

Luckily the games quite short, but you’ll be replaying so much of it from forgetting to manually save the game it’ll feel like your playing a Final Fantasy.

Whilst the idea is good, the presentation is just barely on the level of other games around, and the controls are very badly mapped out, which has clearly been given little to no thought when this game was ported over from the PC.


Gears of War 2 Review

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Are you there Marcus? Sera needs your help again…

Gears of War returns with its eagerly awaited sequel, quite possibly 2008’s most anticipated sequel. 6 months after past since the we last left the fight for survival and its time to take the battle closer to the Locust home, sacrifices will be made, new problems will be uncovered and is everything with the Locust underground as well as it seems?

Welcome back to the stage Marcus Fenix. From Act 1, Delta squad is thrown right back into the horde action, after the lightmass bomb had a lesser effect as planned, the Locust are pushing harder and faster, their attacks are less coordinated and predictable as before, but just as brutal and ruthless. Is something else going on deep in the Locust hollow? And will Dom finally find what he’s been fighting for?

Gears 2 takes us deeper into the fight for humanities survival, we’re also given a more Dom orientated sub plot following his search for Maria, his wife, with a moving, tear inducing twist, to really add character to Dom besides him being Marcus’ friend.

‘You take the big guy and Ill err…stand and watch…’

Sticking with tradition Gears 2 follows a story over 5 acts. These acts are a fair amount longer with more varied tasks. Much of the original gameplay is still there, just fine tweaked to ensure seamless movement throughout the maps.

Pretty much everything that wasn’t tweaked has been added to however. We see a series of more entertaining executions, weapons varying from new pistols, to heavy weapons like mortars and moves like being able to take a downed enemy as use their body as a shield.

All these extra abilities, whilst may have worried many from fear of it being too much is still as easy as ever. Most are assigned to the A button again, with the exception of the new executions which can be X, Y or B, depending on your preference.

All the weapons old and new have been revamped, new lights, sights and designs have been improved on making the weapons look that much better. The Hammerburst, a previously ignored 3 burst rifle has now been switched to a single shot assault rifle which fires only as slow as you can pull the trigger. The game also takes a page from Halo 3 introducing heavy weapons which your characters can lug around. Mortars and Mulchers will be your best friend in the fights with larger locust, but your worst enemy when your foes have them instead.

The game is as clear and crisp as Gears 1, but just a lot juicier, battlefields stretch out to the horizon, the characters look better and a lot more detailed, and the armor and body wear on everything has been greatly improved on so much so you wouldn’t believe until you compared shots.

Size is definitely everything in this comeback, whilst keeping tight areas for intense close combat, the game has a lot of wide open areas, not always areas that are accessible, but just to be able to look over and edge and see a whole background, alive with things happening really intensify the scale of the war going on.

One thing that’s definitely straight off the mark to notice is most of the weapons have been altered, some not as noticeable but some have distinct changes, having said that, they all still have that feeling of power behind them, making each shot even if it misses, count.

Also known from Gears 1 is the banter between Delta squad; this again appears here and adds to break off some occasional tension and to ease the mood with some of their comical phrases, great voice acting throughout.

‘One Chainsaws bad enough, but two? Man, you just greedy…’

Whilst the games 5 Acts are longer, it wont take a hardened veteran long to get through on the easier of the two difficulties. Hardcore and insane however will definitely have you pinned to a checkpoint for a long time, definitely time to call in the co-op buddies for those campaigns.

Multiplayer has plenty more to keep people entertained, with the new improved lobby system, allowing you to take your teams through different game modes easily. Not to mention the new modes including Meatflag and Wingman.

Playing with your friends has become a lot easier with Gears 2, with a simple click of the LB button on the menus you can bring up a menu showing your entire friends list online and currently playing Gears 2, telling you exactly what they’re doing. From here, you can invite or join their matches making jumping from lobbies with friends so much easier.

‘And in the left corner, Dellllllltaaaaaaaa…’

With all the new lobbies and being able to bring your friends online also brings a slight problem. Match making. Many of you remember matchmaking from games like Halo 3 and remember the wait you and your friends may have had when trying to find a team to play, 5-10 minutes, on a good day. Unfortunately this follows suit, however we can’t greatly dent the online shine for this as it’s possibly an easy fix for a later patch.

Also online people will immediately notice the guns have been tweaked in order to allow a more fair playing experience, whilst many may complain, the battlefield is a lot less shotgun orientated which is a great thing to see, this encourages more team work rather than a team of lone soldiers with a powerful weapon.

If the campaign co-op and endless lists of multiplayer game types aren’t enough, there’s still the Horde mode to work through. Take on 50 waves of grueling locust in a multiplayer map, teamwork is key to make it through the relentless attacks. This game mode is one of the most fun modes I’ve played in a long time, taking myself and 4 other friends into fights amongst the Locust can get very intense when ammos running low and your finding yourself pinned, you can have some great moments.

The achievements this time round are less focused around ranked matches, and more encourage exploring what the game has to offer online and offline, whether it be getting all 41 collectables or inching slowly to the killer ‘Seriously 2.0’ of getting 100,000 kills collective throughout all game modes! The game also has an achievement tracker which pops up when you’ve done something which adds onto your progress for a certain achievement. Something very useful for those high counters cheevs.

A sequel Epic definitely should be proud of, being this the main ‘arc’ in the story it definitely leaves a hell of a lot of questions, some raised in G2, and some remaining from Gears 1. A game not only for the Gears fans but those still to come. Gears of War 2, definitely the game to watch out for this Christmas season!


Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Epic Games
Release Date: November 7, 2008 (UK)
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Review

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Revenge is best served with a laser designated bunker buster…

We see our character (3 Mercenaries to chose from) unfortunately being betrayed for their work and ultimately almost killed. Fortunately for us, our Merc has a bad temper and doesn’t like being screwed with, roll on the explosions!

Mercenaries, back on the Playstation was very well known for its game play. You could treat any situation in 101 different ways. By allowing the player to have full control to come at a mission how they felt necessary gave the game more freedom. It also allowed people to take either a tactical method into performing your tasks, or an all out Armageddon in one of the first games you could literally just flatten the landscape…skyscrapers, castles to outhouses, if it was in your way, you could bring it down.

Whilst the first game focused mainly on bringing in key members of organizations, dead or alive, Mercs 2 follows the story of Mattias, with these target capture missions now taking the back seat becoming more side missions as apposed to the missions and challenges you undertake on your journey.

The game heavily expands on its predecessor not only branching out in size of the game but also in the armory department allowing us to call in more air strikes, weapon packs and vehicles and even combining them in the battlefield, fancy sticking something a little more explosive to your car before you jump out of it and use it to take down a building or part of a complex? Sure, go for it, hell throw a few cluster bombs in there too, if you’re going to do it, do it properly!

Most missions consist of helping out factions throughout Venezuela, there’s a majority of groups to get involved with, all who grow in friendliness and hostility depending on your actions, as you progress, more factions become involved and your map increases that little extra bit for more places and campsites.

With all the stuff to do and available the game needs a helpful control system to allow you to control all vehicles and be able to use the features and weapons quickly and wise ease, unfortunately the control system has its clumsy moments, and can be very fiddly to change air strikes in the middle of a gunfight. And if you’re not playing it on single player, the game isn’t paused whilst you’re fumbling through your PDA to select what you need. Another problem I find is ammo must be picked up manually, which isn’t an easy feat with buildings blowing up around you and armies all out to get you, stopping over a gun to press Y just to pick up the ammo isn’t the most useful features, but until we all grow gun magnets in our hands I guess we’ll have to pin this down on trying to be realistic.

This time however with Xbox Live shining through with its capabilities the big thing now is Co-op play, everyone loves it and why the hell shouldn’t you? In a sandbox style game possibilities are endless.

And endless they are, as you join in on the host’s story mode in a similar style to Crackdowns co-op. This here is where Mercenaries 2 goes from good game, to great game. With double the amount of fearless Mercenary your getting twice the amount of firepower meaning you can go all out full frontal assault or take a tactical move on enemy bases from different angles. Either way you play the game, its 10 times more explosions and 10 times more fun than playing through on your own…

Visually, the game doesn’t pull any major punches. It doesn’t heavily excel or push the boundaries, yet its still a comfortable next gen game to play, in HD it makes it all that much more crisper and even makes those horizons look like something from a postcard. With that said, the game suffers in some of the more technical graphical sides, most notably when traveling through parts, pieces of the scenery wont appear until you’ve passed them, or hit them, making travel through areas at high speeds awkward as items are popping up in what appeared to be an empty area, this includes traffic, which makes this one of the worse examples of slow pop ups to date.

Roaring gunfire and heavy explosions and air strikes cut up with humorous comments from our protagonists, that or go online and drop a Bunker Buster on your and your mates positions ‘Oh no you didn’t!’ he wails.

The game itself has a lot more depth than its first and obviously with the expansion of next generation gaming, the sheer mass of world that is your demolition site is filled with tasks and side missions to do including the HVT missions and destroying targeted buildings in certain cities and bases.

However the fun of this game really shines through in co-op, whilst the single player is fun, once you’ve tasted the experience online you won’t want to go back into Venezuela on your own.

The games a well deserved sequel, which has used full use of next generation technology to not only improve what the game had, but expand it into a bigger and more fun experience, though the game isn’t shockingly bad to play it does have its rough edges which are luckily outweighed by the game play so there’s definitely room for improvement next time round. If you enjoyed the co-op experience of Crackdown you’ll definitely love this.

Rating – 8.2

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Pandemic Studios
Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Army Of Two Review

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Two’s an Army, Three’s a crowd.

With the amount of stuff revealed before the game came out having been removed by EA its almost hard to believe there’s still a game on the Disc you just paid for. And then with the localization of the online play being region locked. The game didn’t receive good interest by the majority. But, that’s what im here for, and here’s why I say its worth your cash.

Step into the boots of Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios, both Rangers for the Army. After a mission in Somalia in 1993, Dalton your commanding officer is offered a job into privatized military contractor named SSC, and he with better work and much better pay, he gets you two to join him.

Forward to 2001 and the history between the two has really grown. SSC is a huge company and threatens to take over the Army itself. And your story with the two continues with the events off 9/11 and then going through to other places moving forward from ’01.

Really good third person shooters lately have been few and far between. There really hard to find, especially with good co-op to make your companion through the missions that little more interesting which will more than help with only have 6 missions to play through. Each vary in time but will always have a bit more fun to them when you throw a mate into the game with you.

To sum it up, teamwork really is key here. You have to rely on your partner if you want to make it anywhere here. Not only because you’re going to need an extra pair of hands to make it through the hoards of enemies, but also to complete the abilities and features in the game. The most obvious one would be aggro. This is a clever way of being able to take advantage of your surroundings and partner. The way it works, is simple. Whoever is dealing the most damage, and/or making the biggest appearance of a threat to the enemies, will receive almost all the attention from the enemies. Meanwhile, your other team mate, will be almost invisible, allowing them the chance to flank or attack enemies and not have any bother. This is a great way to share out the attention or lure it away from your friend who’s taken too many hits. But remember. The bigger your gun, the more aggro you’ll receive.

If you don’t have a friend to play it, you don’t have to worry. A lot of games which include friendly A.I. sometimes leave you stranded. With AO2 however, you really don’t have to worry about the A.I. You don’t have complete control over your partner besides simple commands like advancing forwards and regrouping, you can however change whether he takes an aggressive stance to take some of the attention, or a defensive take, so you can help him out if he’s getting pinned down too much. Though it’s great to know that the A.I. will have your back when things get hairy

Other team work involved abilities include; Back to Back, where Salem and Rio’s will put their backs together and take on all the enemies incoming in a circular fashion. Step Up, if an objective is too hard to reach alone, use your teammate to give you a boost. Heal, a feature where once you take too many hits, instead of dying you’ll rather fall down, a lot like a ‘bleed out’ mode, except your able to shoot at enemies in this position. Once your team mate reaches you, he’s given the ability to heal you on the spot, or drag you to safety, still giving you the ability to shoot whilst being dragged. Other’s include Riot shield, where you can use a shield or makeshift shield to move around with, with your teammate hiding behind you shooting out at enemies, Co-op snipe, where you can perform sharpshooting simultaneously and Weapon Swap, where if your not happy with the weapon your using and fancy your teammates, you can switch weapons with each other to continue the fight.

With most gaming duo’s you’ll always get some sort of comical banter between the two. This doesn’t fail with that mix, and as done to death with many kids games, it works and is upped to a more adult level here. With comical moments both in film sequences and mid-game it keeps the game interesting and fun, along with the Kudo’s feature. This feature allows you to give a sort of feedback to your player/AI. By pressing A once by your partner they will give each other a sign of props and gratitude. But by pulling the Left trigger will result in a sarcastic comment and a head butt or punch. This, though having no real impact in the game still adds to the fun of the game and also builds in the growing relationship between the two really good friends.

If you fancy getting yourself some new gear, you can use the money earned from completing objectives in the missions to pay for some new weapons, and their upgrades.

Now with most games you’ll find your upgrades being changing the colour, or perhaps rate of fire. However here, you’ll be able to physically make your weapon look like the sweetest thing off the black market. With upgrades varying from barrel type, stock, suppressors, weapons mounted to the front, shield mounts or even platinum or gold plating with designs inscribed. Now who of you doesn’t want a Gold AK47 with a elongated more damaging barrel with a shotgun mounted underneath? Yeah, put your hand down…

Not only are they synthetic coolness, but it also adds and upgrades the usage of it, updating its accuracy, damage, ammo and sometimes upping your aggro. That’s right, the meaner your gun looks, the harder you’ll get hit.

Co-op can be either a split screen or an online job. Online its smooth and works really well, with no lag or any problems making going through the story any kind of problem. After each checkpoint, you’re given to option to do some ‘mid-mission’ shopping if you fancy change of weaponry. Online however this can be a problem. To access the weapons menu, you have to load up a completely new screen up, which takes quite awhile. Then once you’re done, you have to load the game back up. This can really take its toll when you’re going through the game and your mate wants to change his gun, but you just want to get right into the action. If your happy with waiting though, you might as well check out what guns you can afford, or sprucing up what you already have to make it that extra bit powerful.

The online side sticks with the two man army theme again with only 2v2 games. This in a way works well with the teamwork, but also fails in the amount of time you probably won’t see your enemy team in some of the levels as there quite big.

There are only 4 maps for online play, each all have A.I. enemies to keep you and your team mates on your toes. The game types revolve around performing objectives and killing the enemies.

Most of the vehicles originally in the Campaign were removed, leaving only the Hovercraft in main play. However in the online play the vehicles like the Jeep and Tank are still usable to wreck havoc online to aid in your objectives.

If your not listening to the pummeling firepower your receiving or dishing out, you may sometimes get interrupted with some mid-game banter between Salem and Rios.

The games looks are nothing short of flawless. And impressive all the way through. Most notably the film sequences between levels are fun and very well done and are so good you, you feel like just watching those all the time. Its just a real shame there aren’t enough of them with the short story. If you own the game and are unsure as to where my enjoyment from the FMV sequences alone are from, but watch the Miami intro scene. Epic.

But aside from the fancy film sequences and onto the game. The visuals run smooth and rarely ever slip up mid game, if ever. The game keeps a realistic tone and it see’s that through all the way, making sure the experience is kept throughout.

With only 6 missions, despite the varying length, the story won’t have you in it for long. Though being it only 6 missions, there’s still a lot of replay ability in the fact you can chose your favorite mission, not to mention playing it with a mate and trying out on all the difficulties Recruit, Contractor and Professional.

As well as the extra difficulties, 3 briefcases are hidden within each level. They can give you extra cash if you need it and also clock up to an achievement.

The online side will add a fair bit more length, and especially if your after those achievements. The achievements will also add more length to the Single Player, as it will mean you’ll play through and try out almost all of the weapons and moves in the game.

If you’re looking for a new and interesting Third Person Shooter, this is it. As already said, there aren’t very many of them about, and this one is definitely worth it. Even if you don’t have a friend to co-op it with, the Partners A.I. more than makes up for the help, making sure you won’t have to worry about being stranded in the battlefield. Definitely one to watch out for if they decide to keep it going with a sequel.

Rating: 8.1

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: EA Montreal
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-2
Features: Xbox Live, Memory Unit

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