Dark Souls

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If you own a PS3 and have something of a thing for Role Playing Games then you might have heard of a game called Demon Souls. A Playstation 3 exclusive, Demon Souls brought pain and misery to all who dared play it. Only the seriously hardcore RPG..ers need apply.

I however, am not a hardcore RPG player. I do fancy them from time to time though, I’m pretty sure everyone does. So when the spiritual sequel to Demon Souls, Dark Souls came out for both platforms, I was interested to say the least.


Eurogamer ’11 – Lord of the Rings: War in the North

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It’s been a long time since a Lord of The Rings title has done well. I remember back when the RPG style action combat games, Two Towers and Return of the King were at the top of their game, drawing in big crowds of not just LOTR fans, but fans of good fighting games with a comfortable sense of RPG elements to them. So what happened?

We had a fair few new attempts at the franchise, but none really stepped it up on the winning combination that the previous titles had, so here we have War in the North. LOTR’s new actions combat role playing game. Wayhey???

Final Fantasy XIII (13)

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Eurogamer ’10 Preview – Fable III

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Borderlands Competition

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Over at Xboxliveaddicts we’ve bagged an awesome competition for Gearbox’s upcoming FPS/RPG free roam title Borderlands.

Theres three sets of fantastic prizes to win, so sign up and enter now!

XBLA Borderlands Comp!

Fallout 3 Review

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Dont you open that trap Vault door…

For those unaccustomed to Oblivion, Fallout 3 is much of the same. A role playing game in which you level up and increase your skills, which carrying out quests and tasks to both aid your own plot and other characters within the game.

Fallout 3 starts in the year 2277, 30 years after Fallout 2 and 200 years after the nuclear war that caused the earth to be scorched and infected by radiation and famine.

You take control of your own custom character in a community kept underground. Vault 101, nobody leaves to the outside, and no-one ever enters, the people who live down there stay there for most of their lives, until your father, James escapes without explanation, and we begin our story to find your father.

The minute you leave Vault 101 you’re immediately thrown in on your own, with a vague direction of where to go to find Dad, your given free reign to explore the destroyed ruins of what used to be Washington D.C. From here one, direction of the game is entirely up to you.

Hunting Rifle to the head usually drops these fools…

This style of gameplay however automatically increases the difficulty, I won’t lie here. Fallout 3 is definitely not one of the easiest of games, and once your out of the Vault, its all about scavenging, not only will you have human enemies, but animal and radiation infected enemies to deal with, if that’s not bad enough, you’ll also need to be aware of your health and radiation poising which can have serious effects on your stats, and then if not fixed, kill you. What you can find to survive your exploration is yours to keep. Fast tracking is available if your destination is a little further than expected, but ONLY if you’ve been there before. Ultimately meaning, if you want to find everything this game has to offer, your gonna have to walk it to find it, and boy is there a lot of stuff.

Now although Washington D.C. is a massive place to explore, that doesn’t mean there’s not much to do. Within the first hou8r and a half of playing the game, Id grown from 20 seconds to 20 years old, escaped the confinement of vault 101 and I may have set off a nuclear bomb in a nearby town which its inhabitants had built their community around. The term, my bad came to mind. Although my guilt was quickly washed away, my first reason was I got a great visual display I had of seeing a full sized nuclear bomb go off. Front row seats! And also on my travels around said town, whilst doing my day to day thing, it seemed me and the community of Megaton had had a little, falling out, over a mug. Don’t ask, lesson learned on my part was to be wearier of talking to moving characters, if they move to quick, you may accidentally steal something. Their lesson was they shouldn’t attack people in their town who have the decision of saving, or destroying their homes. Which brings me nicely onto…

The vast amount of outcomes available when you perform quests, whether it’s talking to a certain NPC in the right manner, or pointing your weapon at the wrong person, it can all have a massive effect on your game. Not so much the story line, but rather how you’ll manage on your travels, whether it be earning respect of other communities, or earning yourself a nice safe house to keep all your stuff in, complete with a house robot. You can also get karma depending on your actions, be a saint amongst those in need and grab yourself some good karma, do something mean say…steal a mug and nuke a city, your in for some bad ju ju, which in turn, has its consequences.

Just one of the hundreds of towns of Washington D.C…

Now when you’re not stealing cups or talking to people, you’re probably exploring the wasteland or some new town/building you’ve found, so your going to need something to protect yourself.

Along with armour which can be bought, picked up and stolen from enemies, also comes weapons, from the simple Pistols, to rifles, shotguns and grenades, all the way to Baseball bats, laser rifles, ‘Mini nuke’ launchers, flame throwers and home made weaponry, everything on people can be taken, and even scrap can later be used to produce some highly equipped weapon, from a few pieces of scrap metal, some surgical tubing and an old book. Here’s what I made earlier!

Unfortunately, along with all these weapons comes the occasional weapon degradation, buy your weapon from a trader or make it yourself with a high repair level and you’ll find yourself with shiny new killing machines that don’t break. Steal your assault rifle from a Raider, and find yourself with slower rate of fire, poor accuracy or it even breaking mid combat. Bad times.

To make combat more fun, Bethesda has introduced a new combat system. Fighting can be performed in third or first person combat, and you can also use your V.A.T.s which in Bethesdas words, mixes real time combat with turn based attacks. In this mode, you can use ‘hit points’ to take out certain body parts of 1 or more enemies, aim for the head and go for a headshot, or go for the knee caps and cripple him so he cant run away, this boosts tactics a lot more as you can take down larger more daunting enemies, as well as mix this in with normal combat. However you will find yourself cursing your character as a lot of the time, shots can be missed, wasting hit points and your ammo.

As most role playing games go, a lot of your statistics are easily upgradeable through the help of experience points, this comes from performing tasks, fighting enemies and of course completing quests. With overall level, comes the grant to upgrade your other skills with skill points, now this is different to Oblivions level up, as EXP was earned to certain skills when you performed something which required that skill, here we see having to level ourselves up before advancing. This can at times be a little frustrating, as you’ll need many of your skills like Science, Lock picking etc quite high before you can use the skills often, and a lot of the time you get to the point where you have too many skills and NOT enough points to share out.

The ‘crotch’ target was removed shortly after passing through censorships…

For the size of the game, the game is very impressive and pulls off a post apocalyptic America really well. The game also occasionally adds elements of survival horror into the game with a lot of indoors areas being very dark with your torch lighting the way, not to mention after a long hard expedition out into the world of F3, you do start running low on the essentials, in this case, health and ammo.

The sound works with the game, in game music can be played by radio stations found around the world, keeping with a 50/60’s style of music. Other than that most other game music is to create atmosphere which definitely works, especially in the darker scarier buildings with a lot of ghosts and ghouls about.

The game has a massive main quest line to go through, which will take you a very long time to progress through, especially as there’s so much more to find and do. If you can go through the whole game sticking to the main quest story and not finding yourself going. ‘Oooh what’s that in the distance lets explore!’ Then you’re just not human.

A massive role playing game with tons to keep you busy with, not to mention tons of more reasons for you to go through it again to get a different experience and catch the stuff you missed last time around. But will it have the same amount of appeal as Elder Scrolls and bring Bethesda yet another game of the year? We’re going to have to wait and see on that.

Rating 9.4

Published by: Bethesda Softworks
Developed by: Bethesda Game Studios
Release Date: October 28, 2008
Genre: Action RPG

Puzzle Quest Review

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Puzzle Quest

Published by: D3 Publisher
Developed by: Infinite Interactive
Genre: Puzzle
Number of Players: 1-2
Release Date:
UK: October 10, 2007
US: October 10, 2007
Also Available On: Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, PC, PlayStation 2, Wireless, Wii

Features: 480p Support, Xbox Live

Its on the Nintendo DS and PSP, and now its hitting our Arcades. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords an epic battle between Good and Evil. It is deceiving by the screenshots. Not only is this puzzle game. Its an RPG as well. Confused? Well, here�s it more simply.

Imagine the puzzle-style action of Bejeweled 2, plus Hexic 2�s play against the computer element. Times that by a heavy dosage of leveling up, enemies, quests and a storyline with weird names and you have yourself �Puzzle Quest�

Now that may seem a little silly comparing it to games like that but this isn�t what I originally expected either. You start the game and you make and name your character, you can chose 4 different races and how your guy looks, though it doesn�t make much difference as it only appears in story sequences.

The game itself consists of a world where you complete quests by fighting enemies and other creatures in the quests and on your travels to them. These �battles� are carried out with the puzzle games.

To battle it out, you must piece together 3 or more of the same colored ring in order to collect Mana. This is more for your spells, which can be used to help your way through. But the main item both you and the computer are looking for are the skulls. Match up three or more and this applies damage to your opponent and he will lose HP. The first one to drain their opponents HP wins. As mentioned before, spells can be learned and used in the battle to sway the game in your favour, these vary from physical attacks to removing Mana rings from the grid. Each spell uses a certain amount of Mana to perform, which you must have by matching them up on the grid.

Reduced: 56% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] – Click to view full image

Better use those skulls before the AI gets them first…

Other icons in on the grid are Purple stars, which if matches up give you more experience, this will aid in the leveling up of your character which earns you more health, better spells and more abilities on the way. The other icon on the grid is stacks of coins. This is matched up will give you money which you can later use to buy extra items or purchase other things you may need.

There is in fact a story to the game, but unfortunately it falls on deaf ears for me. I bought myself a puzzle game, and I want to play puzzles and games, I don�t want to have to read the text in the cut scenes just for me to end up playing another puzzle. I�m happy with the puzzles and then reading the general overviews of the quest at hand. Other�s with more time on their hands and patience may be more interested, sadly the plot is quite weak but for me its an arcade game, and story wasn�t really on my agenda.

The look of the game is very basic. Visually it doesn�t boast anything new or special, with the rare cut scenes, images of places or enemies being drawn pictures stuck in place, and the world map being a rather 2D map. The only part of the game which looks nice and shiny is the grid in which the puzzles take place on. But still, there nothing spectacular compared to other Puzzle games on the market.

Reduced: 56% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] – Click to view full image

This world map doesnt boast much, but its pretty big, and gets you from A to B.

The game itself can be strangely addictive. The addition of having to do quests to play the puzzles give some sort of reason to doing it, and it makes it feel like less of an endless drone of matching colours in groups. The point you even get XP and gold mid game for matching those groups makes it less boring to play for long periods of time.

One problem with the way the game plays however is that a lot of the time, it feels like the games are based on luck. Sometimes you can get lots of combos which will defeat your enemy in no time, and at other times, you can sit and watch as all these things happen on the screen, and your handed your turn, with little to no health, and no decent combos to use at your advantage. Something else that can make the game a little tedious is the mid-travel battles. Sometimes when you�re on your way to an area an enemy will attack you and your forced to fight it, regardless of how powerful it may be. If you fail, you have to either find an alternate route (which isn�t always possible) which if you really just want to get on and finish the quest, can be very annoying, especially if the creature defeats you, because yep. You guessed it, you have to fight it again. Now, that doesn�t seem so bad, but if you spent the past 10 minutes seeing combo after combo go straight to the AI�s hands and own you, you really just don�t wanna give it another go. Very seldom however are you about to avoid these. Something that becomes slightly annoying mid battle is the sensitiveness of the moving of the gems. Usually, holding the A button would select your item and moving the Left stick in the direction you want it to move performs the act. With Puzzle Quest, A selects the item, but if you change your mind suddenly, you have to press A again to de-select it. Forgetting this often causes you to make an �illegal move� this takes up your turn and takes 5 hp from your health bar. At times, this really just adds to the pain whilst the AI will often steal the combo you were originally going for and turning it into a 5 string long combo which can sometimes put you out of the battle.

Sound wise, the music is old, repetitive, medieval and highly snore worthy, thankfully, the custom soundtracks let me bring a bit more Metal to those bronze ages. Or whatever you prefer. Other than that, the clinks, clanks and crumbles of your grid mid-puzzle all fit and aren�t out of time or place.

Reduced: 56% of original size [ 1280 x 800 ] – Click to view full image

These are the cutscenes, nothing major. But easy to skip.

The life of this game depends purely on the gamer. As it is an RPG, I find with RPG�s is that once you�ve maxed out your levels and done the quests, there really is no replayability in it unless you want to play it again through as some one else, though I highly doubt it would make a difference. The achievements are relatively easy to collect as most are �first time� awards, where you�re given the points for doing something for the first time e.g. capturing a town, researching a spell. The rest are milestone achievements for getting through the main story and your character reaching a high skill level.

The multiplayer side of the game probably wouldn�t bring much more life to it as most of it is exactly like the main game, which isn�t bad, but it soon becomes just like the main story and may not interest people enough to use the Xbox Live feature.

If you�re the kind of gamer who enjoys quite a good challenge at times, and your related to lady luck at other times, then by all means I recommend you Puzzle Quest, for the rest of you, it�s a very good arcade game, but it might be best to take a look at what else is on the market before spending 1,200 MS points. Trial it, and then make your decision.

Overall � 6.5

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