Eurogamer ’11 – Metal Gear Solid HD Collection MGS2/MGS3/Peace Walker

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With all the HD remakes coming out at the end of this year, it was surprising to see only a handful of HD remakes playable at Eurogamer. With only the Shadow of Colossus/Ico collection and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater/Peace Walker, it was a little empty on the re-release side.

If anything that definitely made me want to get in on the HD remake action, having not played Ico and Shadows of Colossus before, I turned to more familiar ground, the Metal Gear Solid series.

That said, I never actually got to play Snake Eater when it originally came out. Nor Peace Walker. But I used to play Metal Gear back in the day, so that definitely counts. Right?


Tehra: Dark Warrior

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Post Eurogamer 09

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What a weekend!

After attending both days of the London leg of Eurogamer Expo 09 Im A. Totally knackered. and B. Looking forward to tons of new games on thier way very shortly!

I got my hands on tons of new games to come soon and even replayed a few old ones, but the events been great fun. Met new people. Had a good laugh with some of the staff, and even met the boss in the flesh. Got to speak to a few devs and Im also aware of the effects of Sambuca on an empty stomach. (Nothing gross dont worry!)

Ill be using this post as a link hub to all the features I write up for Eurogamer, as well as a link to the video featuring me on Inside Xbox! Thats right, myself and Corporal Kitty had a bit of a chin wag with SuperKaylo on the Friday, so keep an eye out for more stuff to come!


Army of Two: The 40th Day

Assassins Creed II

Avatar/3D Games

Lost Planet 2

Plain Sight



Tekken 6


Pictures/Vids and more to come!

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