Eurogamer ’11 – Battlefield 3

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A floor stealer for me this year was definitely Battlefield 3, partly because I enjoyed it a lot, and partly because they had a ton of the consoles running it. It literally stole the floor. Alongside Modern Warfare 3. These two games generated an insane amount of activity and the queues for both were incredibly long. The only other game generating THAT much attention would have been Skyrim.

Available at the show was both single player and the multiplayer. The single player was a short excerpt from level Operation Guillotine, a night time level set on storming a city complex. The level didn’t show off a great deal of what we can expect and even though the TV’s settings were ridiculously dark, it still boasted some incredibly good graphics for some vibrant and effective firefights. The city area didn’t show off the games immersive sound all that well, but with all the background noise of the show, it was sometimes hard to tell.


Dirt 3

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With the WRC game fully failing to get a rise out of true rally fans, we turn yet again to Codemasters, these days; Codemasters producing a stellar racing game is as expected as the sun rising. It’s comforting to know that one of the remaining UK development teams have such an impact in a genre so popular. GRiD, DiRT and F1 are all testaments to that.

Dirt has probably been the most challenged of the franchises however. Originally spawning from the Colin McRae Rally series back on the PSX, Dirt’s first outing on the Xbox was a serious Rally fixated mix between arcade and sim, introducing new cars and races like the Hill Climbs, Buggy and Trophy Truck events and even some Big Rig time trials.

Eurogamer ’10 Preview – Dead Space 2

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Iron Man 2

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Revenge Of The Wounded Dragon

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Eurogamer 09 Preview – Plain Sight

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Whilst lingering around the Avatar 3D showcase area waiting for people to meet us, I stumbled across one person setting up a small station to the side running on 4 PC’s after he finished, he caught my eye and invited me to play.

I had a few skeptical ideas about what the game was about by the posters above whilst he was setting up I couldn’t believe how fun what I’d just sat down to play became.

This great little game known as Plain Sight is a small deathmatch style game featuring little ‘ninja like robots’ and a crazy physics system. As I got people to join in the game we shortly learned about the little trick to the game.

When you start, your given a point. Your robot is small and gives off a blue trail of light, killing your enemies (easy as clicking and holding your mouse button to lock on) will earn you more points. The more points you have the larger your robot becomes and the colour of your trail grows to a more red colour (going through the spectrum). Now heres the twist.

In order to keep those points or to ‘bank’ them so to speak you must blow yourself up! This employs the tactics of will you go all out and try to horde your kills for bigger scores, or will you make each point count and play it safe? Obviously, the bigger your robot, the easier kills you make, but the bigger target you are.

The controls are simple and what make the game so easy to jump into, you have the ability to double jump and to attach to walls effectively and effortlessly to get around the map, which aren’t very big, which means fights of all four can get pretty crazy!

Coming from a new small developer based in London, Beatnik Games are onto a winner with this title, its fun, easy to get hold off, great fun to look at and an overall cracker of a multiplayer game and is making its way to PC (Steam) and PSN soon and hopefully in the near future Xbox Live Arcade.

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