Battlefield 3 Vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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The big battle has finally come. After a couple of months since both the games release, the rivalry still burns strong through fans of the games. So let’s take both games and compare them up against each other. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh…that.

So let’s kick this Godzilla Vs King Kong battle with a part of both games that possibly 30% of the gamers haven’t even touched. The campaign.


Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Quite possibly one of the most eagerly awaited video games to date is finally here, thousands of people queued up to get their hands on a copy around the world and here’s Xboxliveaddicts official review on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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Taking place 5 years after COD4, Modern Warfare 2 puts us through a mixture of environments, including Afghanistan, Siberia and later, US home soil. Like most Call of Duty’s we follow the steps of a majority of soldiers taking part in the war. After Makarov, one of Zakhaev former lieutenants, tricked Russia into thinking the U.S. performed a horrific terrorist attack against them, the Russians invade the US, with ruthless force. Through one story, we follow some of the U.S. Military when the war finally hits home. Meanwhile, we also follow our SAS favourite, Soap MacTavish who is now part of ‘Task Force 141’ a select military group made from the best of the best from all sides of the worlds military, we follow Soap’s side of the story trying to ensure the U.S. have a way of stopping the Russians with their brutal attack, friends are lost and new enemies are made in Call Of Duty’s grittiest campaign yet.

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A lot of the usual Call of Duty traits are present in MW2, the general game play hasn’t changed, but were still delivered a heart felt campaign seen from multiple angles of the war. This instalment’s bluntness towards some of the more offensive or harder sights of modern combat are portrayed in this title including that all famous ‘Airport level’ everyone’s heard so much about. In this day and age, for some, it’s a little too much. Personally, the level is a keynote for the entire story, which could only be delivered properly by having you at the helm, a cut scene just wouldn’t work.

As mentioned the campaign includes a vast amount of rich and in depth settings to really get you as a player involved with snow storms, woodland areas and even a war torn Washington D.C. suffering from an EMP blast, meaning you’ve really got to get back to old school when it comes to the lack of electronics.

Theres tons of new guns and equipment including riot shield’s and the ability to duel wield small weapons, more grenade types and just a lot more varied weaponry liven up the campaigns levels, the weapons feel a lot more heavy duty to run around with and definitely pack the punch they live up to in the real world. You’ll feel and hear every round. But overall it will give you a good chance to grow towards certain weapons you wouldn’t normally give a chance for both campaign and multiplayer.

Once you’ve nailed the campaign and had a wonder around the ‘museum’ in true COD fashion there’s the traditional love/hate relationship with that which is Veteran difficulty. As always Veteran doesn’t let up on the pressure, however the games A.I. (friendly side) seems to have improved to the point where after a long stint through Vet, there still just as good after a couple of respawns as ever. This may be because your usually in teams rather than fronting an entire platoon like the good ol’ days.

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Now, when it comes to multiplayer, could Infinity Ward better themselves with what they had created with COD4? Turns out they did.

The general core which makes the multiplayer the juggernaut of internet play what it is today hasn’t changed. This time round, the emphasis is around customisation of your weapons rather than your perks which will have the deciding factor in who dominates the match. Whilst the perks are still there and there’s plenty of new ones making an appearance you’ll be focusing much more on your hardware before you suit up and take on the world. With more weapons, and more importantly, more attachments, there’s tons of ways to customise your load out. Equip your rifle with a new Holographic site, maybe an under slung shotgun or with a heartbeat sensor amongst plenty of other choices. Grab the ‘Bling’ perk and mix and match 2 of these attachments to create the ultimate weapon.

Along with these new upgrades and weapons, comes a new overall rank. Get ready for a long haul with the max level at 70! Whilst the targets high there’s plenty to aim for, with more challenges for your player, your perks AND each attachment for each and every weapon there’s plenty to keep you going and keeping that EXP flowing.

Once your through with the campaign and can tear yourself away from the multiplayer you can have a crack at the Special Ops, you can bare them alone or stick them out with a friend.

The Ops objectives vary from elimination games to races to intense timed fire fights. Stars will be rewarded for your bravery depending on what difficulty you chose. What’s cool about this Co-op mode is that it uses parts from the campaign AND Call of Duty 4, you’ll see some familiar areas that you’ll have to navigate around including Farmyards and Chernobyl. With 5 sections of Special Ops, it will keep you, and a buddy, occupied for a long time, as some will be easy, and some will be killer hard! In the future, this is a perfect area to supplement with DLC.

With that, the gruelling Veteran campaign and of course, the compelling multiplayer that just hooks

Infinity Ward have definitely succeeded in bringing a brilliant sequel to what they had created back in 2007 which is no easy feat to do. Modern Warfare has stolen our hearts and our disc tray space’s once again. Its going to be hard to top it next year. Here’s to a supportive DLC campaign after launch and much more Modern Warfare fun!



Call of Duty 4 Review

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Call Of Duty 4
Published by: Activision
Developed by: Infinity Ward
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Number of Players: 1-18
Release Date:
US: November 5, 2007
Europe: November 9, 2007
Australia: November 7, 2007
Also Available On: PlayStation 3, PC, DS
Features: 16:9 Support, 480p Support, 720p Support, 1080i Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Xbox Live, System Link / LAN, Memory Unit, Custom Soundtrack, Downloadable Content, Vibration, Mic/Headset Voice Support

Since Call Of Duty 2 release, Infinity Ward have been hard at work making Call Of Duty 4, and from the start, they�d already planned to take a new direction.

With number 3 (Treyarch) making a big impact and bringing back the old COD fans and attracting many more fans, the revelation that its successor to the fan base was an unsure one, mixed feelings of loving the idea and hating the idea speculated. Infinity Ward would break the traditional mould of Call of Duty and take the wars closer to home. Breaking away from the World War themes, this started a new age in COD. This was Modern Warfare.

Everyone�s thoughts and ideas were put aside as the Multiplayer beta was released Mid-way through this past year, and the reception to it was nothing less than impressive. Clocking thousands and thousands of users on the beta, COD4 was going to be a sure fire hit on release. Turns out�it sure was.

Fast forwarding to present day, terrorists in the Middle Eastern countries are causing global issues with possible rumors of a nuclear threat. U.S. Marines, S.A.S. British Sec Ops and Russian Forces come together to bring down the terrorist forces to ultimately bring a gradual end to terrorism.

As always the guys behind Call Of Duty have always tried to put one point across. No war is won by one man alone. Countless video games are out there portraying you one soldier being able to bring the war to an end yourself. Truth is, war isn�t like that. To win, teamwork is required. Which is why in these games, your never the captain. Your never in control of your team, you follow orders given to you by higher powers and work with your team to accomplish the objectives.

Following with tradition, you play as multiple characters from different sides. However with COD4 you only control a Sgt Soap Mactavish. Of an S.A.S. group. Or Sgt Paul Jackson, of the U.S Marines. Later in the game, both the S.A.S. and Marines come together and work with Russian forces, but the game is more focused around the character Soap and your S.A.S. team more than anything.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

As the story progress�s and surprising events happen to your American character. I myself grew an attachment to the S.A.S. team and my character (Perhaps because me bring British myself or whatever) but you start the game with Soap, and you end the game as Soap, with the ending leaving you to questioning the survival of you, your captain and fellow soldier Gaz. Making the experience all more worth while

With sound and Call of Duty its always had its way to add to throwing you into the depths of war, and this one doesn�t fall short of that either each weapons and explosion look and sound the part along with the voice acting and background sounds.

Visually, this game is stunning. COD3 vastly improved on its successor COD2 and the fourth installment does exactly the same. Some of the most notable effects are in the environment. Lightening strikes through the grey clouds and pierces downwards lighting up the scenery for little bursts of time. Explosions and the elements like rain have really been taken account for here making each level look the part, making the feeling of the game all that much more life-like. Its often small things you see like being able to see the heat coming off the back of a friendly tank, its those small details, that can really wow you, and show you how impressive this game really is.

The main campaign lasts up to 21 missions, some lasting longer than others and some being rather short. This goes over an Prologue, 3 Acts and an Epilogue, to see you through these grueling missions your equipped with some of the finest and newest weapons in current circulation with gadgets attached too including Infar red laser sights and �Fire and Forget� missile launchers� some very cool stuff.

Along with these advancements, there�s also new ways of fighting your enemies introduced. The main one being the fact you can shot through thin walls making hiding all that harder for both them and you. This can make shooting cowering enemies down a lot easier and works especially well if they�re fleeing from you and you a good judge of where they�d be.

One big part of COD4 is the multiplayer, originally released as a beta shortly after the Halo 3 beta test; this was the next demo on highest demand to play and was a massive popular game played in the month it was around.

As with most new games with multiplayer, you�re given the choice to customize your players to suit your needs. However with COD4, they take it up a level than just your appearance with what�s known as �Perks�

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

These �perks� give your player an extra ability when out in the arena, theres many different types to chose from Varying from being able to sprint faster, to shooting through thicker walls and even being able to pull out a pistol and reek revenge with your last dying breaths. These extra abilities can be randomly selected or put together with which every type of weapon your planning on carrying. If well thought out, your perks can be very beneficial to how you plan to play the level, whether its gun ho assault or sitting back in the bushes with your sniper rifle.

Your also given the chance to save 5 of your preferred Classes with weapons, perks and grenade types, you can even name this class of your own to whatever you like.

Another thing which I like a lot is the challenges involved with multiplayer, these which can be unlocked through your rank (gaining xp whilst playing/winning/finishing challenges) vary from managing to Blow up your enemies with grenades to Killing over 150 enemies with each weapon. This gives the player the chance to explore every weapon to experiment with what works better, unlocking the weapon challenges also unlocks extras for that weapon, like silencers, scopes and paint jobs making the level of customization if more better for the player and what the like to use for the game at hand.

There are tons of game types to chose from including your usual Free for alls and Team DM�s, there are a lot of tactical and team based objective games to keep people going and trying different game modes.

Any cod fan will tell you about veteran. This is a difficulty setting trademark to the call of duty series, its slogan �You will not survive� means both in the game and in real life. With only being allowed to take a minimum of 3 shots in succession before you die, and enemy marksman ship highly increased, playing the game can become less entertaining, more heart-attack enduing, to even the calmest of gamers. Because your respawning more times than you�ve had cooked dinners, you also begin to see flaws in save points and how your Friendly A.I. become more and more unhelpful and glitchy as your having to go through it so many times. This, throughout my experience playing not only 4, but 2 and 3 also, has been the key point which puts me off playing the game for a long period of time due to Veteran

Now, I�m a gamer who is always up for a challenge, more enemies, less ammo, less health. Bring it on I say, but the problem I have with veteran, is it just doesn�t make the game fun to play.

With most games, harder difficulties often force the player to use varied tactics, and more of what the game has to offer to progress more easily. Taking cover, using weapons or abilities in the game that you wouldn�t or didn�t use on your easier play through. But with Veteran, no matter how much you try, what you do or how you go to it, the best never is really good enough. And most of your progression through the game is spent hiding, or relying on you�re A.I. friendlies to do most of the work for you.

In all, I�d rather have Veteran as DLC for those FPS kings who feel they can manage it, as for casual players or just normal FPS fans, I feel this is wasted space for extras or fun features the game could�ve had, and is unfair on those people achievements wise.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 600 ] – Click to view full image

The story, though a little short, can keep you going for 15 hours or so. Playing though on Veteran, depending on your patience levels varies from a week till the next Call of Duty.

Multiplayer, despite not having any achievements, achieving all the equipment, the strangely addictive challenges and the fact you can take parties of your mates along to rank up with you will keep this in your top multiplayer games for quite some time. However something which is a little confusing is to once you reach your maximum rank (55) you start back at the beginning, just with a different logo by your rank. All your weapons unlocked and challenges are taken away, ready for you to do it all again, this can be repeated 10 times. Im not quite sure what to make of it really�but what the heck did come to mind at first.

Achievement wise, the majority focus around Veteran sadly, which take up most room for making more easier or varied ones, I did originally expect some online achievements, but surprisingly there was a lack in that department, which baffled me when I played their great multiplayer.

In all, this game is a brilliant piece of work, making the sudden time skip from the usual World Wars to Modern a well working smooth transition to what Call of Duty fans really needed to spice things up. Though the Campaign may not last people long, the Arcade (point�s version) and Multiplayer is what will bring you back to this game, again and again.

My Rating: 9.1

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