Mass Effect 3 Demo

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I am genuinely sure that I’m probably alone in this statement but I am finding it hard to get excited for Mass Effect 3. No doubt the games are great and ME2 was a fantastic sequel but with Mass Effect 3 I just can’t seem to get overly excited.

Perhaps I don’t have the Mass Effect bug, or maybe it’s because I play a lot of other games in between which fails to keep the Effect fires burning, but for me, this demo was mainly to try and help kindle the embers and get me back in the mass mood.




DLC…and Dirt 2

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A rant of mine, originally inspired by Dirt 2’s recent DLC releases, however, whilst the idea was there, it turned into a little bit based around Dirt 2!


With so many games coming out each month, its hard for developers to ensure that thier bestselling game stays in your disk tray, and it can be hard to do so, so after launch, what is the best way to keep us glued to these games? Downloadable Content.

Downloadable Content or (DLC) is the best way to update and add content and features to our games; it brings new life to your old games, more possibilities and sometimes more choices in gameplay. But is any of it really worth it?

Some games feature a great array of DLC waiting for you after your purchase of the game, an example would be Fallout 3, with 5 giant content additions, each is well thought out, and a great way to add onto your game, to not only improve its lifetime, but also your opinion on the game

However some batches of DLC just don’t quite fit the line-up of stellar additions to my games, one, which is mainly built the inspiration for this article, would be the very newly released ‘Access All Areas’ pack for Codemasters Dirt 2.

For those unfamiliar, Dirt 2 is a fantastic racing game, both online and offline, with a massive single player experience and again more fun to take to the online side of it, there’s plenty to do, but the only way to expand on that and keep things going, is more content.

Access All Areas and Trust Fund DLC, is a ‘key to the city’ so to speak of the game itself. When purchased you unlock everything the game had to offer you from playing it normally, that’s right, so the 40+ hours of gameplay you COULD have got and been rewarded for actually getting your £40 pounds worth of enjoyment from the game is now taken away by adding an tenner on it.

My disappointment behind this dlc is mainly because of a fear Codies may fall down EA’s way of thinking, again if you’re unfamiliar. EA’s Need For Speed Franchise, from Carbon to Undercover, the option on the day of launch was there on the Marketplace, allowing you to unlock the entire games content or even upgrade and get the Collectors edition stuff for just a little bit more money, money which could be saved buy just playing the damn thing.

Anyway, along with that, i fear Dirt 2 will suffer that of its racing compadre GRID, which, was also a fantastic game, but lacked longetivity because of the DLC. Dlc for GRID was a mere car pack, which is great for fans of those cars, but once you’ve finished the game anyway when the DLC was released, there was little to no real enticement to use any cars, let alone the new ones.

Ideally, Dirt 2 could be expanded in many ways, more single player races/tracks/tournaments/world tours which would add more to the actual lifetime of the game, as well as more achievements, unlockable features (cars/liveries/dash and accessories) and even the bumping up the mission’s to earn more XP for your Player rank. Whilst I’m hoping Codemasters will have more in store (preferably something along what i suggested, maybe all!) What HAS been just released on the Marketplace/Network is very disappointing, after all, you wouldn’t pay for a book just to pay an extra fiver to be told how it ends, would you?

Either way, without making this to based around Dirt 2, a lot of DLC a year or two back were quite large and definitely game content worth adding, Crackdowns both Free and Paid DLC was a brilliant piece, yet with a more recent DLC pack being L4D’s additional campaign for 540MS points only to have a 2 piece campaign level, seems to leave a few gamers with less than what they admittedly paid for, not to mention the Resident Evil 5 Versus hoo haa, not long after RE5’s launch, we remain skeptical on whether Resident Evil 5 will redeem itself with its new announcement of more DLC.

But what it boils down to is whether some DLC is really worth it? Some add more guns, some add more race tracks or cars, but wouldn’t you rather something that really ADDS to the game, not just stick ons that have no real affect?

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