Eurogamer ’11 – Counter Strike Global Offensive

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When talking about games and especially reviewing them, I hate comparing them. The phrase ‘It’s like ‘this’ but…’ makes me cringe, since when can a game not just take inspiration from another without it being a copy or clone of another, bigger title. With that said, Counter Strike Global Offensive, or more commonly known as CS:GO, could well be the love child of Left 4 Dead and Half Life 2. A legitimate one of course.

It makes sense to use those comparisons due to both titles being created by Valve, which is also the creative mind behind the original PC first person shooter classic Counter Strike, but is a new addition to the CS family going to be a welcome one? With the current state of shooters, most notably current warfare ones, we can only wait and see.


Eurogamer ’10 Preview – Fallout New Vegas

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Eurogamer ’10 Preview – SOCOM 4 Special Forces

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Dante’s Inferno Animated Film

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to catch a special viewing of the animated film for Dante’s Inferno in London.

In partnership with Sci-Fi London, Manga and EA Games, a large number of us gathered inside a London cinema to catch the viewing and a bit of a play of the game. I’d already played the demo, so I felt my gaming needs was satisfied and on with the film.

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‘There’s a film?’ Cries Inferno fans, why yes there is. And if you’re not all gored out from the visceral torturous fighting in the game, then perhaps this film might be up your street. That and if your into anime.

The film follows roughly the main story, following more closely to the actual story ‘The Divine Comedy’ and shows in more…detail of Dante’s travels and tribulations as he descends the 9 circles of hell to save his beloved Beatrice. But hold up there…seems like Dante’s not been a very good boy on his trips. And we soon learn that his travels downwards aren’t so much a test to save the spirit of his love. But to rather save himself.

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The film cuts out a lot of the jargon and gets right to the points. Keeps most of the playtime either learning more of the story as it unfolds or on the rather gruesome combat. The creative team behind the film, most well known for films like Samurai Champloo, and Ghost In The Shell portray the circles and the sins in fantastic style and give an eerie look into what possibly might be waiting for those who are damned enough to go there. The combat is very detailed sticking with the games takes on blood guts and…well more blood and guts. During the film there’s plenty of limbs, brains and other…bits flying around the screen at times. In some cases, some of the creatures are a little bit over the top, in Japanese animated film tradition. Especially when we get to the babies with scythes and the incubus’ to just name a few uncomfortable moments. (Ask Kris!)

All in all the film was enjoyable but probably something you’d have to be really into. Either the story of Dante’s Inferno/The Divine Comedy or that sort of Anime to really take everything you can out of it. But for those who just like the game it makes for good watching.

Dante’s Inferno is available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray now.

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