Joe Danger Special Edition

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Joe Danger is here! After serving his time alone on just the Playstation Network, Hello Games have finally brought the fun and crazy title to the Xbox Live Arcade stuffed with extras!

Joe Danger originally found home on the Playstation Network, after the production of Joe Danger’s sequel ‘Joe Danger: The Movie’. Hello Games have decided to present us with the original Joe Danger Special Edition, but what does the SE tag mean? And, who the hell is Joe bloody Danger?


Eurogamer ’11 – Joe Danger The Movie

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Joe Danger was the answer to the Playstation Networks lack of Trials HD. Whilst in no way as serious or as hard, Joe Danger, everyones favourite comic bike riding stunt man managed to give Playstation 3 owners a good taste at some fun and addictive stunt bike gaming. Now, Joe Danger has returned, with a movie!

Obviously, it’s pretty easy to assume Joe Danger is now the stuntman for a series of scenes/movies. What this instantly does is allow Joe Danger to try his hand at different means of transport. Available at the show was Mine Cart Joe, Snowmobile Joe, Police Bike Joe, Ski Joe and Jetpack Joe. Those aren’t his official names, but I made them up for easy reference. What’s cool about all these new ‘vehicles’ is that the game play, and in most cases the controls don’t change and still remain such a breeze to play.

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