Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2011

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So, late last year Kinect finally happened. And whilst Microsoft and other developers figure out what the hell they’re actually going to do with it, we’ve been working hard on getting the flurry of dance, sports and fitness games that everyone’s had a go at for launch. There has been so many its insane. But can Ubisoft’s Fitness Evolved be the better of the fitness games out for Kinect? I jump around like a sweaty idiot, so you don’t have to.

From the Kinect titles I’ve played, Fitness Evolved definitely has one of the better menus. By using the cameras the game will scan you and project you into the screen, with just a few details, the camera will scan your height and length of your limbs to add a custom sized menu around your image in the screen. Reaching out to these bubbles will then open them. Using this format is such a breeze,


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