Daytona USA

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Roooooooolllllllling Staaaaaaaart! Yeah that’s right Arcade racer fans, Daytona USA has returned. Not in a new fancy flame of glory, but in its old classic but cleaned up HD self. Start your engines for a cruise down memory lane.

Let’s face it, if you were ever at an arcade, which, most of us gamers have been at some point in our childhood there was a select few games to play. Well, there was plenty to play, but only really a few actually worth repeatedly playing. If you felt like bringing out the lead, it was Time Crisis, for the later years it was also House of the Dead, or even a personal favourite Crisis Zone (The sub machine gun peripheral was absolutely huge!) But was satisfying nonetheless.

However if you wanted to quench a need for speed, it was one of two games. Many may have jumped for Sega Rally, but just as many people would have preferred their hard earned pocket money to Daytona USA, the first in the arcade series of NASCAR racing.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

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Castlevania, it’s not the worlds most well known franchise, but it’s been with us since the beginning. Late last year saw the release of its first proper venture in to 3D and the next generation platforms; sadly, the title went a little unnoticed in the slurry of massive titles we saw last year. With two additional story based content downloads for Lords of Shadow, we take a quick look at whether an apparent underdog of last year should be worth your time, or should it just be left in the kennel? With my less than impressed opinion towards the HD remake of Harmony of Despair, Will Lords of Shadow prove to me that there’s love for the old beast yet?

Similar to that of Dantes Inferno Lords Of Shadow takes you through a massive story full of different and rich settings, putting you against a mass of Goblins, Lycans and any other mythical creatures. The hack and slash game play is here in its floods. Gabriel, our hero is sent to defeat the ‘Lords of Shadow’, take their power and bring back the woman he once lost. It’s quite clear that Gabriel is a distant relative of Xbox 360 icon Marcus Fenix and Resident Evil star Chris Redfield, suffering from the same terrible condition they do of having an enormous body and such a tiny head. With even smaller facial features. Gabriel is then given an unfavourable 80’s mop and thrown into the heat of battle. Appearances aside, if story isn’t your strong point of interest for this game, it’s easy to overlook and just jump right in for some creature carving. However if you love a bit of deeper story with your slashing, we’re given it in bite size chunks during loading screens by the ever popular video game voice smoothie, Patrick Stewart.

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Rez HD Review

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Drum and Bass rail shooter gets a healthy Rezurrection…

To prevent a supercomputer from collapsing within itself you, an unnamed hacker take on the system Eden to make your way through the programs to save it and take out any firewalls and virus’s on your way.

The game has received a major enhancement in graphics and really makes having a HD TV to flaunt its full potential an enjoyment to experience. The graphics really add to the feel the game creates with its visual style and connections with the music.

To those unfamiliar with Rez’s style of gameplay here’s a quick intro to it. The game style is a simple rail shooter progressing through levels of enemies with a boss at the end. Each level is split into 10 sections where you must eliminate all enemies and shoot at an item to progress to the next section. Now, here is where we take your usual expectations and jumble it up a bit.

The games main focus is around the music featured in it. These tracks are drum and bass/trance tracks which start off rather simple but as you progress to the next levels the sounds become more complex and interesting. Along with this, the sounds of shooting and eliminating enemies is also timed with the music, the destruction of an enemy results in sounds like drum beats and other trance sounds ultimately building up on the song.

Your avatar and background also pulsate to the beat of the music along with the vibration of the pad in time as well. This though in words may not sound like much of an effect but whilst in play can really give a feel of involvement in the game even in a sub conscious kind of level. The songs are all different for each level and are really well made as well as good to listen to, even on a casual level.

The game has 4 official levels with extra levels and game types to unlock. Those who really enjoy the game and play it a lot get rewarded with extra features that the game doesn’t boast about. If a lot of people knew more about these extras people would know to play it for longer.

It’s good to see the games making a comeback and ultimately a brilliant visual feast for your HD TV to lap up. Even those without a HD TV will enjoy its visual style. And even if you’re a d’n’b/trance fan you’ll probably like this game more than you’d think. However with bringing it to the Xbox Live Arcade something like a multiplayer or online would have been nice.

Rating: 7.5

Published by: Q Entertainment
Developed by: HexaDrive / Q Entertainment
Genre: Shooter
Number of Players: 1
Features: 16:9 Support, 720p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1

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