Portal 2

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Click here to read the full review. (First review done with myself and another writer)

Wretchedness: The initial hype surrounding the release of Portal 2 has managed to die down quite a lot recently, so what better time to pick up a copy and have a go. That’s exactly what we did.

W: Considering the amount of time since release you have no doubt read countless reviews for this game. We thought we would do something different, a joint review. Two reviewers for the price of one, proof that you can have your cake and eat it too. No Lie.

MechanicalR: Following the massive response Portal 1 got after being added as a content filler to Valves Half Life 2 juggernaut The Orange Box. Portal based puzzles took the gaming world by storm and with it, a new type of gamer was born.

M: Portals puzzles got everyone involved, family members and loved ones watching from the sofa as you rake your brains for the solution would chip in and throw in their two cents or just mock you for your poor observation skills. Valve took notice of this and decided to take Portal 2 one step further.

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