Eurogamer ’11 – Ridge Racer Unbounded

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Ridge Racer Unbounded definitely made a lasting impression on me at Eurogamer, sadly they weren’t impressions of good things, or fun for that matter. The build was clearly an early alpha build, instantly meaning that a lot of the bugs or issues should be taken on the chin. A lot of people at the show probably aren’t aware of the state of the build, which has probably done more damage than good, but I continued to play through the demo at hand.

Old Ridge Racer fans will be sad to know that Unbounded has definitely left its roots behind in the smoke. Fans of such games like Split/Second and Burnout Paradise should probably prepare to be impressed…and then let down again.


Eurogamer ’11 – Ace Combat Assault Horizon

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There’s really not enough flight combat simulation games these days. Well, in fairness, there never really has. But Ace Combat has always been at the forefront of it since day one. The series has been innovative and ever improving. Yet it’s been a little while since we last got our hands on the AC series…what’s changed?

In some areas, a lot. Yet in others, not much. It’s strange to say but they’ve added plenty to the game play. With new ‘dog fighting mode’ the game will take over control of the craft for you to allow you to zone in and take the enemy down with deadly precision. Additions like these are welcome, even if it does make the game a tad bit easier than normal.

Eurogamer ’11 – Forza Motorsport 4

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Probably one of the most impressive things from Forza Motorsport 4 to date now is that is looks absolutely gorgeous throughout. Yeah, we all know is does serious simulator racing to a tee (without sounding too Forza fanboyish there), but something that is almost impeccable even to the loading screens, Forza 4 just never seems to takes a break, showing off the best looking cars you’ll see probably till Forza 5 or when you next go outside. But with that said, we can only wait and see what extras the game will actually come along with.

Eurogamer ’11 – Assassins Creed Revelations Multiplayer

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Hands up who here enjoys Assassins Creed multiplayer mode? Hell, I do. But only for a few matches at a time, unless with a group of friends. Personally, I’d rather Ubisoft focused more of their time and disc space in more of the story arcs. But the multiplayer is solid enough and keeps us happy and more importantly, keeps the disc in our Xboxes.

Sitting down with the Revelations multiplayer, I instantly learnt one thing. Nothing has changed. Whilst obviously, the faces and names have been changed, the majority of the feel and way the multiplayer works has been left unaltered. Whilst some may feel the need of the ol’ ‘Don’t fix what isn’t broken’ saying round about now. It still doesn’t ease the thought of that whilst they’ve been working incredibly hard on delivering us a great new Assassins Creed title, the multiplayer is only really consisting of new locations and characters. Meaning, was it really necessary? Or could it have just been added into Brotherhoods multiplayer through downloadable content to allow Revelations to have a deeper and more rewarding Single Player experience?

Eurogamer ’11 – Sonic Generations

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I never did grow up around Sonic when it came to gaming; I was more of a Mario guy back in the day. However it’s definitely safe to say, If I was going to finally get into the series (we’re talking proper Sonic games, not all the constant spin offs and peripheral based games) Sonic Generations would probably be the one to pull me in. Its advanced yet clearly Sonic visuals are enjoyable to look at as they are get involved in. The game managed to re-create classic levels like Green Hill Zone yet still feel like the original, it’s really well done and still fun to play, even for those hardcore fans that still know the levels like the back of their hands.

Eurogamer ’11 – Binary Domain

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A game on the showcase floor you probably haven’t heard of is Binary Domain. This title caught my eye on the shop floor purely through chance of having a free console going as I was passing by, however this chance setting managed to put the game on my radar for future investigation.

Eurogamer ’11 – Silent Hill Downpour

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Silent Hill returns again, bringing the messed up and disturbed by the bucket load once again. Who’s ready for the spooks?

This time around we take control of an escaped convict given a ‘second chance’ when his prison transport vehicle comes off the road, leaving our character stranded inside the town of Silent Hill. The game will focus around the southern part of the town, previously unvisited by any of the previous titles.

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