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It’s that time of the year again and the Xbox 360’s biggest excuse to not go outside is back, bring on the Xbox House Party.

Week one kicked off the promotional season with the stealth puzzle adventure Warp. Warp takes the everyday traditional 3D puzzle game and puts a new spin on it with the ability to warp your character a short distance through or into objects. Immediately this will open up a whole new world of puzzle mind-buggery so thinking caps at the ready chaps.

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Mass Effect 3 Demo

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I am genuinely sure that I’m probably alone in this statement but I am finding it hard to get excited for Mass Effect 3. No doubt the games are great and ME2 was a fantastic sequel but with Mass Effect 3 I just can’t seem to get overly excited.

Perhaps I don’t have the Mass Effect bug, or maybe it’s because I play a lot of other games in between which fails to keep the Effect fires burning, but for me, this demo was mainly to try and help kindle the embers and get me back in the mass mood.



Battlefield 3 Vs Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

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The big battle has finally come. After a couple of months since both the games release, the rivalry still burns strong through fans of the games. So let’s take both games and compare them up against each other. What’s the worst that could happen? Oh…that.

So let’s kick this Godzilla Vs King Kong battle with a part of both games that possibly 30% of the gamers haven’t even touched. The campaign.

NHL 12

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Mechanical R: Another year, another season of appropriately named sport titles. NHL 12 is the next in line for me and fellow writer Wretchedness to join in on the double team review. One of us loves it, the other loathes it, but can you guess which one?

Wretchedness: Don’t be fooled by the 12 in the title, this isn’t the 12th game in the series; it’s an EA sports game so you know there are way more than that. My count makes this the 21st. After 20 previous games they must have perfected the game play and looks of this beloved series and this is exactly what we are going to find out.

Eurogamer ’11 – Battlefield 3

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A floor stealer for me this year was definitely Battlefield 3, partly because I enjoyed it a lot, and partly because they had a ton of the consoles running it. It literally stole the floor. Alongside Modern Warfare 3. These two games generated an insane amount of activity and the queues for both were incredibly long. The only other game generating THAT much attention would have been Skyrim.

Available at the show was both single player and the multiplayer. The single player was a short excerpt from level Operation Guillotine, a night time level set on storming a city complex. The level didn’t show off a great deal of what we can expect and even though the TV’s settings were ridiculously dark, it still boasted some incredibly good graphics for some vibrant and effective firefights. The city area didn’t show off the games immersive sound all that well, but with all the background noise of the show, it was sometimes hard to tell.

Eurogamer ’11 – SSX

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My time with SSX hit two things home for sure. First, SSX definitely does look good. It’s got some great visual effects which really resonate throughout the mountain scope, from dark and treacherous mountain faces, to more upbeat light hearted early dawn runs down a playful freestyle section, not to mention everything in between. SSX does well in creating some nice scenes. What it didn’t do so well, is handle. At all.

There’s something a little not quite right with the handling of our rider. Turning became quite sporadic and when hurtling down a mountain at high speeds, it’s not that all easy. Its possibly the speed that created the issue, there seemed to be this hidden gruelling force of gravity forcing you to go down the mountain as quickly as possible. Granted, gravity IS what’s usually causing you to go down a mountain, but it seemed that someone had pushed the gravity button on full, so rather than a gentle slide down the mountain, you’re being viciously pulled. There was almost no time to really stop or slow down and you just seemed to go in the general direction you were being made to rather than chose. I often found myself fighting the pad to get my rider to turn where I wanted them to go, and if they didn’t, it was usually off a cliff, or into something which got me stuck, which was also something very easy to do.

Eurogamer ’11 Preview – Need For Speed The Run

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It’s hard to say it, but Need For Speed is almost as bad as Fifa games these days, before ones come out, there’s another one in the pipeline. Hot Pursuit hadn’t been out a week before Shift 2 was announced and the same happened for Shift 2 with the announcement of The Run. Annoyingly though. The Run is kind of fun.

Well at least the demo was. It’s no big news that NFS games have been looking great, especially after Criterions attempt with their fantastic looking addition, Hot Pursuit. So The Run takes the HP engine right off the bat. The game plays, looks and just feels a lot like Hot Pursuit did. That’s no bad thing remember.


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This week I got the chance to speak with Liverpool based four piece, Ladytron to see what their plans are for the upcoming year of 2011.

Mechanical R: How did Ladytron come together as a band?
We all met in Liverpool in 1999 through mutual friends and hanging out at the same bars and liking some of the same music, we just wanted to make music we all liked and no one was really making it.

MR: How far through the recording process of Ladytron 00-10 are you now?
It’s all finished. There are 2 new tracks on there, including Ace of Hz. We’ve only just finished the 5th studio album as well

MR: Will this album differ from your previous work?
I think so. The core of the music remains the same but it is a different sounding collection of songs. I think it sounds more expansive but understated, and there is more fragility to these songs. It’s definitely less ‘electro’.

MR: You have quite a unique sound as a band, how would you describe Ladytron to new listeners.
Well we’ve been doing this for 10 years now we keep on reminding ourselves. When we first started, not many people listened to electronic music apart from dance music and since then, electronic sounds have crossed over in such a huge way, it seems like it was never any different. We were never pioneers or anything, but I think we were part of a new wave of interest in using synthesized sounds in independent music.

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Young Dre

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Ramin Djawadi Medal of Honor Composer

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