Eurogamer ’11 Preview – Need For Speed The Run

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It’s hard to say it, but Need For Speed is almost as bad as Fifa games these days, before ones come out, there’s another one in the pipeline. Hot Pursuit hadn’t been out a week before Shift 2 was announced and the same happened for Shift 2 with the announcement of The Run. Annoyingly though. The Run is kind of fun.

Well at least the demo was. It’s no big news that NFS games have been looking great, especially after Criterions attempt with their fantastic looking addition, Hot Pursuit. So The Run takes the HP engine right off the bat. The game plays, looks and just feels a lot like Hot Pursuit did. That’s no bad thing remember.


Young Dre

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Ramin Djawadi Medal of Honor Composer

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Medal Of Honor Beta

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Datarock Interview

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Datarock are next EA Artwerk’s endevour to bring great music to the games that you cant put down. Datarock’s Fredrik tells us more what its like for the band…

Mechanical R: Can we have some history on Datarock?
Fredrik: The band was started back in 2000 by me, Ketil Mosnes, Tom Mæland and a guy from Boston called Kevin O’Brien. Kevin moved back to the states even before we even had a name, Tom left after a few years on the road, so me and Ketil kept going as a duo with Stig The Mystical Casio Operator on MT-64 until a few years ago. Nine years down the line we’re now a full on collective with around 50 associated members, close to 600 shows under our belt, two albums and a bunch of EP out, songs in tons of games, tv series, films and adds, we’ve got a top of the line management, label and publisher, and we’re laughing all the way to the bank.

Mech: Who are your main influences when it comes to writing and performing?
Fredrik: DEVO, Talking Heads, Laurie Anderson, Happy Mondays and Daft Punk. In that order.

Mech: For Datarock, what’s in store for 2009?
Fredrik: An insane international tour hitting 25 cities in the US alone and twice as many in Europe and Australia. We’ve already released videos for “Give It Up” and “True Stories” but next month you’ll get to see the video for our third single, “The Pretender”. It’s directed by the same guys that shot the classic “Revenge Of The Nerds”-inspired “Computer Camp Love” video. This time The Parallax Corporation took inspiration from the insane John Carpenter movie “They Live” from 10988. As with “Computer Camp Love” we shot it in Paris, and again it turn out pretty damn awasome. Check it out!

Mech: Can you tell us more about the new album Red, which was released earlier this month?
Fredrik: It’s the best thing to happen madkind since the release of the C64. No doubt about it! Which other album has songs in two FIFA games? Besides our debut, of course.

Mech: How long had you be recording/writing for this new album, was the process easy this time round?
Fredrik: These songs were actually written over 17 years and recorded over 4. Most of the tracks are brand new though. Writing them came pretty easy when we finally had time off from touring. We simply decided not to think about any kind of preassure and rather just make another album for us and our friend. And of course to make sure we’d have fun performing it live over the next couple of years. The positive feedback is still overwhelming, don’t get me wrong, but we didn’t really strive to please anyone but ourselves to be honest. That took a lot of stress out of the process…

Mech: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band?
Fredrik: Well, it certainly helps reaching out to wast masses of people, and hey, it helps getting our songs plugged into some absolutely insane games. I’m really happy we were picked up, man, cause doing what we do, getting picked up by such a powerful force in this industry truly made a big impact on our career.

Mech: How did you get involved with EA and getting your songs into the games?
Fredrik: A guy working for EA in Norway sent Steve Schnur a few of our tracks, he dug it and sought us out at SXSW back in 2007. We sat down talking for hours and got to know the whole music team. We totally clicked and been friend ever since.

Mech: Were you interested in branching music and gaming together before you joined Artwerk?
Fredrik: We actually wrote our own game back in 2003 and we’ve always been joking about reaching out to the gaming indutry. We didn’t think anyone would care to work with us though, and never took it serious anyways, so it cought us by total surprise when Steve called us. I’m extreemely happy he did. Steve’s progressive you know. I guess he and his team has a special eye and ear for potential.

Mech: What’s it like to be able to play a video game and to have one of your own songs pop up in game?
Fredrik: Mindblowing and very, very weird.

Mech: Beyond just having songs in EA Games, what other benefits do you get being apart of Artwerks label?
Fredrik: Getting to be part of an exeptionally progressive group of highly talented people. It’s inspirational, educational, and very beneficial for all sides of what we do, working with innovative professionals such as these. Keep in mind, DATAROCK run a lable called YAP Records where we produce, release, distribute and partly manage 10 bands in addition to ourselves. Getting this kind of inside know-how gives us the upper hand in finding ways to deal with the ups and downs of the current state of the music indutry. Sounds boring, but we have a responsibility for all these artists and I’m happy to say we now have a fairly good understanding of how to survive in a world where most music consumers seam absurdly unwilling to pay for music – physical formats and digital files alike. Under these circumstances one has to focus on the positive aspects of the current situation and try look for a positiv and pregressiv approach. The guys at Artwerk has not only opened the worlds eyes to us, but aslo our eyes to lots of new world of opportunities. A grand but honest answer.

Mech: Do you guys play a lot of video games?
Fredrik: One more than the others, but there’s always one of us glued to some kind of console.

Mech: If so which are you all finding yourselves glued to currently?
Fredrik: Still FIFA’09, but soon to be swapped with FIFA’10.

Mech: Who’s the biggest gamer out of you both?
Fredrik: I’s have to say the K-man.

Mech: Are any of you looking forward to any releases coming soon?
Fredrik: The upcoming expansion pack for Sims™ 3, simply called DATAROCK. Nobody seams to know when though.

Datarocks latest album ‘Red’ release on ‘Young Aspiring Professionals’ (YAP) records.

Catch some of Datarock tracks in games including Need For Speed: Prostreet, Fifa 09 and the upcoming Fifa 10.

Pint Shot Riot Interview

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Link to interview

With EA Artwerk still preservering to bring the new and best music to video games, it was about time they got a UK band on the label right? Our Interview gets into the heads of Pint Shot Riot, an upcoming band who you’ll have no escape come the next few EA releases, so I get the chance to get some PSR love and Baby Dave held all the answers…


Mechanical R: How did you get involved with Artwerk and EA?
Baby Dave:
Artwerk were looking for new music in the U.K when they found us. Basically they sent a scout to check us out, liked what they found and the rest is history.

MR: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band now?
It gives us an outlet for our music which is very important to us as musicians. Also it gives us the chance to be part of some exiting projects with a group of talented people, which is amazing.

MR: Do you feel that video games is now one of the best ways to get your music heard now that gaming is becoming much more open to other groups of people and becoming more casual?
I’d agree it gives us a chance to be heard by groups of people we might not necessarily have reached, and of course it gives gamers a chance to check out something they might not have thought of. I guess that is the beauty of putting new music and games together.

MR: Do you guys feel that Artwerk is a good move for bands especially with getting out there and generating more interest for PSR?
It has to be an excellent move for any establishing band.

MR: What’s to date the best part about being with Artwerk, besides having songs on video games?
Having songs on video games! I’ve been a massive gamer since forever so the thought of putting a really good game into your console, firing it up and then hearing your own music is a dream! That, and they gave us our own body weight in Xboxes each for signing the deal.


MR: What games are you all playing the most recently?
I just put down NHL 09 to do this, loads of Fifa 09, Street fighter 4 and a bit of Mortal Kombat versus D.C universe. Anything 2 player with a bit of violence seems to work well for us generally. Me and mini are into guitar hero world tour at the moment too, perfect for a rhythm section returning from the pub!

MR: Out of the band, who is the most addicted gamer?
Its probably me. I live with a mate who is also a keen gamer and this has proved a slightly dangerous relationship in terms of gamer addiction!

Baby Dave, second from left

MR: What games can we expect to see some of your tracks making an appearance on?
Well, there is Sims 3 which is going to be amazing. We are also supplying the entrance music for a fighter on ‘Fight night round 4’ and we’re due to be supplying a song for Fifa 10. Fifa has been in my life for many years now so to become a part of it is a serious thrill, and it feels like an honour to be part of one of the all-time great games series.

MR: There’s still plenty of great games coming in the rest of 09, which ones are you most looking forward to?
I still have a few to catch up on, including the DLC for GTA4 but the one I’m waiting for is ‘UFC-undisputed. As I said, 2 player versus action plus violence equals a good gamer session for us usually! Also the Metallica guitar hero, and I’ve heard there could be a Beatles rock band, which would be ace.


MR: How did you come across the band name Pint Shot Riot?
Rocket came up with the name. He discovered that, using pre-emptive text on your mobile, if you text Pint, Shot and Riot comes up! We thought this was a stroke of genius as everyone in the country will have our name on their phone provided they text Pint!

MR: So far your still in the process of recording your debut album, could you tell us what to expect from your first LP?
We see our first album as the most precious thing we have ever made and we have been working as hard as we possibly can to make sure it is an amazing collection of songs. Its just an honest account of our lives and how it makes us feel, and people will take it as they will.

MR: Will we see any tours coming in line of your album launch?
We’re working on a few ideas for that at the moment so we will definitely be spreading the word when the time comes.

MR: 3 of you have nicknames, how did these come to become your stage names and why doesn’t Rob have one!
He does have one! His real name is Thelonius Monk but there was already an artist who was called that.

MR: Finally, will 2009 be the year for Pint Shot Riot?
100% certainty.

MR: Thanks a lot for your time guys!

Thanks for your time too – Baby Dave

Be sure to check out for more information and music by PSR, keep your ears at the ready in the next few EA games to come.

Bang Camaro Interview

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Link to interview

The juggernaut group that is Bang Camaro are EA’s newest to the Artwerk label, I get some time with them to see what’s happening for them in the world of rock, and what they have in store for 2009.

Answers by- Alex & Bryn, lead guitars and Morgan Brown, lead vocals.

Mechanical R: What was the inspiration behind the name of your band, and what led to you having almost 20 people in your band?
BRYN: We were inspired by bands from our childhood that seemed larger than life. The sound of Skid Row and Def Leppard had that huge gang vocal sound that I’ve never heard a band make live. We wanted to sound like 300 crazed Spartans with cool guitars.

ALEX: Let me answer your question with a question: Have you ever wanted to grow a shaggy mustache, travel the world in a van, and record rock songs? Well, we did. The words BANG CAMARO conjure exactly that type of human adventure where grown men drive from to town to town leaving crying boyfriends and hot bartenders behind in their wake. Why 20 people? Why not?

Mech: Does having that many people make it easier for song writing and PR events?
ALEX: No. It makes it harder. Moving people from one place to another costs money. So, the financial obligations to make things happen are more demanding for us than most bands. That and most of the songwriting and PR events we attend serve alcohol. When you put 20 guys in a room with a case of beer and a bottle of vodka… well, let’s just say the wheels are going to fly off and that never makes anything easier for anyone.

BRYN: In some ways it makes PR a little easier for us though. It’s difficult not to notice 20+ rock guys wander into a Best Buy for an appearance.

Rock party. Alex far right, Bryn far left…

Mech: Any problems with having that many? I.E. Touring?
We own a 15 person van, so we do most of our national touring with 15 people. That includes 4 instrumentalists, a sound guy, and a bunch of singers. Think about how tough family trips were when you and your little sister were crammed in the back of your dad’s station wagon. Now multiply that times 100.

Mech: Your latest album, Bang Camaro II came out this year, the third to be exact, are there any major influences behind this album or any directions you’re trying to take?

ALEX: Actually, it is our second album. We called the collection BANG CAMARO II to remind us just in case we lost track. Our first record was recorded in a few bursts over a period of a year. We made our second record in a much shorter period of time. The things I wanted to emphasize were sound quality and better songwriting. Our songs are a little shorter and feature the choir in a more engaging way than our first record. Our vocalists had a hand in that. That’s probably why there are more lyrics this time around.

Mech: What’s in store for 2009 for Bang Camaro?
A lot of touring. The best way to experience BANG CAMARO is to see us live. You put 12 guys on a stage and turn everything up to unsafe listening volume, you’re going to have a good time.

BRYN: In addition, we have a track called “Revolution” that’s going to be in the upcoming Sims 3 game. We are working with Artwerk and EA on placing some more songs in games. Obviously, video games are a big reason that people know about us and we love it!

Mech: Any other bands to watch out for this year?
Jupiter One are pretty sweet. They also have had a few songs placed in video games too. Check them out on youtube. They have some great videos that they have made themselves. We just played a show with That Handsome Devil, who kick ass.

ALEX: I like Leslie. They’re a 3 piece rock band from Charleston, SC. They do a southern rock thing that reminds me of Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin. They’re ok. I’m watching out for them mostly because I probably owe them money.

Mech: What does being under Artwerk label mean for the band?

ALEX: Working with Artwerk, which is a publishing arm for EA Games, has helped us promote the band on the internet and video games. For instance, our track “Revolution” was just remixed by Chris Lord-Alge and will be featured in the upcoming The Sims 3 game.

BRYN: Video games are turning out to be a viable new option for bands getting their music out to people. We are proud that we are on the cutting edge of this new change in the music/gaming industry.

Mech: Has frequenting on some of the most popular music video games had a large effect in the direction of your Bang Camaro?
Absolutely. Having the exposure from being included in games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero 2 has helped us get on the road and play in front of audiences all around the country. Until recently, we were a band that didn’t have a record available in major record stores but we were still able to tour. We owe that, in part, to being featured in video games.

BRYN: You have to understand that we are not on a major label. Alex, Dave, and I run the record label out of our living room. The fact that you can go to a Best Buy in Minnesota, and find our CDs is mindblowing. I’m very proud that we have made it to this point doing everything ourselves, exactly how we wanted.

Mech: Its one thing to have your song appear in games whilst your playing but what’s it like to actually be able to play your own songs on games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero?
It’s fun until some fan at a ROCKBAND event totally destroys you at your own song. Some people out there are amazing at the game.

ALEX: It usually ends in heartbreak for me. I barely have the coordination to play our songs on a real guitar. The Rock Band controller baffles me. I’m more of a “SIMON” kind of guy.

Mech: Any plans to appear in any new games or ones you’d like to see your tracks in?

ALEX: Sure. We’ll be featured in The Sims 3 this year. There are some others but I’m probably not allowed to talk about them. I’m actually kidding. I just made that up.

BRYN: I’ve always been a fan of the FIFA line of games. HEY EA, YOU READING?!

Mech: Do you guys play a lot of video games or is it just a select few of you?

ALEX: Yeah, some of us play a lot of video games. Bryn likes Puzzle Quest. Bryn?

BRYN: We get some really heated Mario Kart games going on in the van. Other people will be trying to sleep, and then everyone will start screaming at each other. I also won the Superbowl as the Buffalo Bills in Madden 2008 on the last tour.

Bang Camaros gaming king, Morgan, bottom left…

Mech: There are a lot of you, which one of you claims the gaming crown?
Morgan is our resident video game maniac. That guys lives, sleeps, and breathes gaming. Justin Buckley, our sometimes-singer from Charleston is probably our best ROCKBAND player. Then again, he did fail out of a song while we were on the Lynyrd Skynyrd cruise, causing a lot of embarrassment. I always think Glen would be better than he is, because he doesn’t do much else… but he still gets destroyed in our Mario Kart battles.

MORGAN: Hey, guys! Yeah, I would count games among my many vices. If only I could make a game about my vices…

Mech: Are there any games out there currently than you can stop playing?
I am really excited by the success of Braid and indie gaming in general. I’ve been following Braid for years now, and I’m so excited for Jonathan Blow that it worked out well for him. I think it will give many closet game developers a lot more confidence.

MORGAN: I have to agree here. Competition for any industry is healthy, but the game industry really needs it right now. Fresh blood and underdogs will keep the money moving around; inject new ideas and possibilities, and light fires under the butts of the big-time developers who are skating on brand recognition and/or massive budgets. The indie developers and homebrew support will keep the gaming industry from cannibalizing itself. Plus, I fancy myself a designer, I work on my own projects, and I want to get back into developing games. Wait, what was the question? Oh, yes. I’m a pretty avid DotA (Warcraft 3 mod) player and I can never turn down a game of Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) or Carcassonne (X-Box/Live).

Mech: Any games you’re looking forward coming out soon?
I would have to say that I’m excited about Harmonix’s Beatles game, because I work on it when I’m not touring. (I’m so self important!) Also, Dante’s Inferno! A while ago I worked on a game called “The Lost” at Irrational Games. It never came out, but it was loosely based on Dante’s Inferno, so I’m interested in seeing what they do with it. In addition, I can’t wait to see what new Xbox Live games come out. It’s a great platform that I’m very excited about.

MORGAN: GHOSTBUSTERS! I just saw the WonderCon footage of Resident Evil 5 and it looks pretty rad. I’m also looking forward to the next EA NHL game so I can lead the Red Wings to beat the snot out of the Avalanche all day, and–with any luck, land blow after blow to their domes with a Bang Camaro song blaring in the background. I used to like wrestling when I was little, so seeing a video of in-game Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBiase got me fired-up about WWE: Legends of Wrestling. And, of course, Punch-Out!!

Hear Bang Camaro in EA games including Guitar Hero II, Rock Band 1+2 and the upcoming Sims 3.

Bang Camaro II is available through Black Sword Records now.

From First To Last Interview

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Link to interview

Continuing with our exclusives with EA’s Artwerk label, I got to interview post hardcore band From First to Last, featuring on some of EA’s hottest titles new and old, the group are sure to bring some awesome tracks to future games.

I got hold of their bassist Matt Mannings to have a quick catch up on the band and what’s in store for EA games to come.

Mechanical R: Most people are probably more aware of From First To Last back with the Heroine album and Sonny on the vocals, since that’s changed, your music has taken a massive turn. The music itself and lyrics are a lot more positive and approachable by more music fans than before. Do you feel this change is a large reflection of the changes within your band and have your ideas and directions for FFTL evolved?
Matt Mannings:
Yes I think so, we are pretty happy where things are and where we are going I think that reflects in our music.

MR: Can you tell us more about the new album?
That record is mostly us just being bare bones about everything. We got to work with some heroes of ours like Ryan Williams and Josh Abraham and Brendan Obrien so we just stripped everything down and created music from the ground up.

MR: As a personal fan of Wes Borland’s guitar work, what was it like to play along side him during the live shows? Did he write any parts for Heroine or contribute anything to the new album?
WES IS A WIZARD. He definitely wrote a lot and it shines through he has
such a distinct style its hard to miss.

MR: 2008 has seen the release of the new self titled album, what’s in store for 2009?
A lot of different things going on along side the band. Travis and Derek have a band called the Color of Violence with a new record coming out in the spring and I have a clothing line called Get Free rolling out this year so we are trying to do as much as we can in 09

Far Right – Matt Mannings

Artwerk/EA Trax

MR: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band?
FREE VIDEO GAMES!! And working with amazing people who know how to put your band in places other people don’t.

MR: How did you get involved with EA and getting your songs into the games?
we did a pub deal with them and have just worked side by side with those guys at EA and Artwerk. They have done more cool stuff for us than I would have ever imagined could be possible. I will forever love EA!

MR: Would you say getting your material heard through games is a suitable way of promotion?
I think it’s a badass way to promote. Video games

are huge and only getting more popular. Its almost as good as getting coke a cola to put your band name on their cans!

MR: What’s it like to be able to play a video game and to have one of your own songs pop up in game?
hahah that’s the reaction, just a giggle. It’s funny to me. It’s kinda awkward if you’re playing games with your friends though.

MR: What does it mean to you as a band to have your tracks heard by thousands of FFTL fans and new people?
that’s the most important part all we want to do is get our tunes to more and more people. Growing is the best part of being in band.


MR: Do you guys play a lot of video games?
MM: non stop always! Literally… always

MR: If so which are you all finding yourselves glued to currently?
Call of duty world at war online. I’ve logged in days on that game. I’m waiting on skate 2 to get here cause I’m prolly going to shred that game like there is no tomorrow.

MR: Who’s the biggest gamer out of you all?
our drummer Derek. i haven’t actually ever seen him not playing video games.

MR: Are any of you looking forward to any releases coming soon?
resident evil! The previews look so amazing I can’t wait to play that game.

MR: Are there any games you feel one of your tracks would suit perfectly?
I would like to have a tune in a badass motocross game or something. That would be sick.

Catch From First To Last’s tracks in EA titles including Facebreaker, Need For Speed Undercover, NHL 09, NASCAR 09 and Madden NFL 09.

From First To Lasts latest Self Titled album including ‘Two as One’ and ‘Worlds Away’ is available via Suretone Records.

Jupiter One Interview

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Link to interview

To bring our EA Artwerk exclusives off the ground, I was given the oppertunity to interview a band on thier roster who you may have heard of. With tracks appearing in EA titles such as Burnout Paradise and Fifa 08/09, Jupiter One delivers an indie rock force which cant be helped but to be liked, giving them a signature sound no matter which game they appear in.

I managed to get an interview of the New York 5 piece whilst they had some free time during thier current US tour

Artwerk and the Industry…

Mechanical R: What does being under Artwerks label mean for the band?
Zac Colwell: It means a lot of things, but most obviously it means that there are people who like our music who are actively trying to expose that music to new people, which we value in the people we work with above all else.

MR: What does it mean to you all on a personal level?
ZC: I guess we may feel slightly more validated that we’re on the right track to what’s probably our main goal- to play music that turns all kinds of people on and not just ourselves or one group of listeners.

MR: Do you believe that with the help of Artwerk and EA that more bands will be able to make the next step up to getting there break in music world?
ZC: I hope so. The people at Artwerk and EA are actually cool people who love music. They get excited the way any music-lover would. They are also really at the forefront of what’s always been the most exciting art forms anyway, which is mixing media.

MR: For other budding artists out there, would you say getting heard via video gaming is possibly a good way of getting your name out there, and how did you get involved with EA?
ZC: Yeah, I’m sure it is. At this point- a chilly November night in Connecticut where we’ve just begun recording our second album- when we tour it’s bars and small clubs in towns we may not have been before. But there are almost always at least a few folks who have heard a song in a game. They also usually get a cd and say “hey” after the show too, which is great.

Second from Right – Zac Colwell…

Music and Games…

MR: Apart from yourselves, are there any up and coming bands that we should keep our eyes and ears out for in 2009?
ZC: I’m really looking forward to Grizzly Bear’s new album. Oh, and I think Jupiter One are working on a new one too! I don’t know. I can’t ever think of bands when I have to. Luke Temple is rad. We have a lot of friends who are musicians. Just click on our myspace and see who each of us in the band has in their friends… they’re probably mostly musicians.

MR: I hear you’re all gamers, what games are you currently playing? Do you guys game online or together whilst touring?
ZC: No, unfortunately we don’t have a lot of time right now.

MR: Out of you all, who’s the biggest gamer?
ZC: K (Ishibashi). He likes Call of Duty.

MR: What games are you all looking forward to being released the most?
ZC: I like the new developments of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I suck though.

MR: What kind of feeling do you all get when you’re playing a game and your own song suddenly comes on?
ZC: I’m not ashamed to say that I’m pretty proud. I also get texts from friends if they don’t know that we’re in a game and it surprises them.

MR: Are there any games out there you’d love for your tracks to appear on?
ZC: I’m glad we have one in Burnout Paradise. Racing games are my fav. Plus it’s nice to have songs in the FIFA games. They’re more popular abroad than here and I’d like to take Jupiter One to Europe.

MR: Following on from that question, is there a game already out that you’ve thought ‘Man, our song would fit perfectly to that!’?
ZC: Well, Guitar Hero, of course!

A little more on ‘Jupiter One’…

MR: Where did the name Jupiter One originate from?
ZC: K made it up while sleepwalking. He woke up from a trance and uttered something that we just interpreted as “Jupiter One”. It also happens to be the failed first ship in Lost in Space. We’re big fans of old sci-fi and the soundtracks of those ’70s films which utilize a lot of psychedelic sounds. Mix those with rock and it’s FUN music that seems to fit in well with GAMES…

MR: Besides gaming, what do you all do with spare time when you’re not performing or writing music?
ZC: I don’t remember. We haven’t not performed or written music for a while now. Mostly drink with our friends and try to earn money.

MR: Can you tell us more about your self titled album?
ZC: It’s our first attempt at mixing two of our loves: music that is danceable and mean and rocking, and the songwriting and feeling that we feel is at odds with a lot of that music sometimes.

MR: Without pigeonholing your sound too much, your music is a definite indie pop with a lot of new wave ideas, are there many key influential artists who helped you come to your own unique sound?
ZC: A lot of comparisons are surprises to us. We thought we were showing our clear ’70s inspirations by using lots of synths from that time and generally trying to be, like ELO and The Police and Bowie and especially early Talking Heads and Genesis, but the New Wave thing probably comes about since those bands influenced the New Wave bands. But all that’s over now and it’s the present and we’re also inspired by Of Montreal and The Rapture and MGMT and Ok Go and of course Radiohead and all the other fun stuff now.

MR: Songs like ‘Fire Away’ and ‘Countdown’ can you explain what there about or their influence?
ZC: There’s no telling what Fire Away is about. Countdown is supposedly about the effects of NYC on the young mind and spirit… But you know I’d rather lyrics be vague enough to be reinterpreted depending on the mood or whatever of a listener.

MR: And finally, 2008 is almost up, what else is in-store for Jupiter One come Christmas, early 09?
ZC: RECORDING RECORDING RECORDING!!! We have a bunch new songs and we’re making a brand new album. Then we’ll hit the road and hopefully get to tour with some of our favorite bands now.

MR: Thanks a lot for taking some time out between your tour guys!
ZC: Thanks to you!

Songs appear in games such as FIFA08, Madden 08, NHL08, Burnout Paradise and FIFA09 to date.

Jupiter Ones current Self Titled album featuring ‘Fire Away’ and ‘Countdown’ is available now via Cordless Recordings.

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