Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Now, I had quite the bad experience with Operation Flashpoints previous adventure ‘Dragon Rising’ but the thing that got to me the most was that I really did want to get on with the game. It had a set-up to be a great tactical and most importantly co-op shooter, but it just failed to deliver to me in a lot of ways. So when Red River was announced I kept my ears and my heart open for Flashpoints second chance to win me over.

Like Dragon Rising, Red River is a brutal kick to the teeth to anyone who considers themselves as a hardcore FPS player. In some cases, you may actually be a hardcore FPS player who may find this statement moot. But Operation Flashpoint has been known to bring even the biggest players to tears. Its constant large scale combat mixed with realistic weapon accuracy and even more realistic damage hit points gives a more heavier approach to what most gamers may have expected to be yet another gun-ho approach to war. You’ll definitely feel the pressure when enemies are flowing over the hills and you’re blindly shooting whilst trying to not only save your own ass, but three other soldiers part of your fire team. Red River, whilst a little bit easier than Dragon Rising, still gives you quite a hard time and wont feel bad about bullying you, stealing your lunch money and fornicating with your mother after either.



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2011 has been a crazy year for video games. There’s been so many, it’s been almost impossible to keep track and November seems to only bring the accumulative force of all the biggest franchises releasing all at once. 2011 was also a showcase for a lot of new shooters. Crysis 2, Brink and Bulletstorm were main contenders of this year to possibly steal attention from the popular ‘you know who’ franchise, and the final addition to this collection of titles was Bodycount.

Dirt 3 Power and Glory DLC

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This was first time I added videos made within the game to show case the vehicles (better than me rambling on about it) I had good fun getting some good videos with the cars, unfortunately we werent given any more of the DLC so I could continue this trend!

Downloadable content is something fans have wanted for Codemasters games for a long time. Grid just about managed to deliver some cars at the last minute, but Dirt 1 and 2 fans were left in the lurch with bringing some more life into their favourite of games. Dirt 3 however is set to change this, it’s been announced that on a fortnightly basis content will be released for the Rally/Off road game.

So let’s start with what to expect from the Power and Glory pack. First car up is the Ford Focus, designed on the ST model, this Rallycross only gives you an easy middle man to get into the Rally spirit, its fast and easy to handle making it an easy choice for newcomers when you’re not quite ready to take on the more older series available. Its quite bulky so you can hold your ground when the race gets a little rowdy since lets face it. Rallycross gets a little collision friendly.



Dirt 3

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With the WRC game fully failing to get a rise out of true rally fans, we turn yet again to Codemasters, these days; Codemasters producing a stellar racing game is as expected as the sun rising. It’s comforting to know that one of the remaining UK development teams have such an impact in a genre so popular. GRiD, DiRT and F1 are all testaments to that.

Dirt has probably been the most challenged of the franchises however. Originally spawning from the Colin McRae Rally series back on the PSX, Dirt’s first outing on the Xbox was a serious Rally fixated mix between arcade and sim, introducing new cars and races like the Hill Climbs, Buggy and Trophy Truck events and even some Big Rig time trials.

March 2011 Update

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Is been a long time since I’d gotten round to updating a few things here, so I’m glad I’ve finally gotten round to it.

General site is still quite basic, and will do until anything major happens. The site is basic, but it shows off what you all want to see and links you back to the correct people without upsetting anyone.

Also ran a quick check with review Splatterhouse and the format seems to stay put, so Ill be able to continue posting more than just ‘Click here’ for each review now which is good. At the bottom of each post sits a few sharing tools for you to use freely including Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/StumbleUpon and Digg, please dont forget to use these.

Other news reguarding the site and myself, is that Ill be looking to write a lot more often, mainly just to improve my writing in general and also sharpen my proof reading skills, as annoyingly they seemed to have dulled down. Not good If im going to get anywhere. Not only that but Ill be working on sharpening my interviewing skills also as more and more bands line up from my EA Artwerk friends.

Im looking out for perculiar named games as Im X Y Z and Q from having a review on each letter of the alphabet and I’ve also been using the Xbox Xperts quite a lot to help out where I can.

Shout out to the guys at Codemasters for sending me a Operation Flashpoint Red River T shirt, ill put a post up of that soon!

See you all soon.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

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Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising was an anticipated shooter, with a lot to live up to with its famous predecessor, a lot was gambling on the new release of Dragon Rising, but would it deliver as good as it promised?

To give you a good idea on the game, imagine the seriousness of a COD game, the tactical squad control of Rainbow Six Vegas, and the free roam of Far Cry 2. 3 great games, but could a combination of the three be pulled off so well to make it the granddaddy of FPS video games?

Ok, so what makes the game such a combination of references to other First person shooters? Let’s start with the seriousness…

From the moment you put the game in and start the campaign your greeted with a rather strong tone of warfare, the popular tagline from the game is ‘as close to war as you’ll ever want to get’, the beginning sequence is a quick reel on the history of a small island off the coast of eastern Asia known as Skira which has been constantly fought over by surrounding counties, Russia, China and Japan. As the timeline progress’ into not so far away future the US are called in by Russia to maintain a stable assault against an attacking Chinese PLA force. So here’s our setting, and why were here.

Now let’s look at the free roam side, the island of Skira is completely open to you during each mission every inch of the 220KM2 bloody thing in fact. The missions have select objectives, mostly main objectives but some are hidden away on the main map as secondary objectives, completing these will reward with achievements for sacrificing your time, as the mission objectives, both main and secondary are VERY far away, the map is massive, and in cases like this involving very little checkpoints and horrendously badly handling vehicles which are few and far between…bigger, definitely isn’t always better.

Which then leaves us to the tactics. And more importantly…the A.I. Tactic’s, there’s a huge amount you can do which is all incredibly in depth and varied. You’re given rules of engagement options, squad formations, attack and defense options and that’s just the small of it. Its tactic options are second to none on the quality scale but our environments and A.I. are what let it slip.

A lot of the time, combat is long range…very…very long range. The game is notorious for being devilishly difficult and the main factor towards this is health. Usually, 1-2 hits depending on where and you are down and out. What causes the fights to be so long distance is the pain caused by the fact the enemies accuracy is 10 times better than your own and your team mates. Even at over 250 feet away you’ll be struggling to keep your enemies down where as a simple stray bullet from them will easily crack you square in the face and your painfully restarting the mission for another slug through such a massive environment.

Along with this, I found my A.I. was often a lot more useful dead. Mainly because that’s what they often ended up from just following me around. Whilst the actions and commands you have for your team are great, the way your team get around to doing it is sluggish and painful to watch, just as it was when I was telling one of my men to get into a car in which the rest of my team were in. Me, sitting in the drivers seat would then push another out. An agonizing cycle began which ended in myself running over one of my team in frustration to the next objective. Whilst it was a fun and stress relieving way to fix my problem, I later needed that extra squad mate to sponge up some of the bullets being fired in my direction later.

Whilst the small niggles are still only rather small, they soon snowball into this massive shadow which grudgingly lingers over the entire game, putting you off it completely. The unresponsive A.I., the 5 minute drive (usually a walk) each and every time you die to get to the next objective and then general lack of feeling behind each weapon you have to lug around with you just turns the game into a slow paced bore which quickly makes its way out of your disk tray for something more user friendly.

On paper, Dragon Rising sounds, looks and should be an absolutely hooking first person experience with tight knit combat and add the option of co-op with three other players and this game in theory is a benchmark for awesomeness. Yet in reality, what should be a titanic of a war game, being a real contender to Modern Warfare 2, instead, much more like the ship, it sinks with a massive game play iceberg bringing it to its knees. With such disappointment behind the game, and its release being so close to Modern Warfare 2, poor judgment on the launch means that Operation Flashpoint is definitely on the back list for most gamers. With the game being targeted to the Hardcore FPS community anyway, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is far from a game for shooter fans, and even the hardcore ones may want to give it a miss.


DLC…and Dirt 2

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A rant of mine, originally inspired by Dirt 2’s recent DLC releases, however, whilst the idea was there, it turned into a little bit based around Dirt 2!


With so many games coming out each month, its hard for developers to ensure that thier bestselling game stays in your disk tray, and it can be hard to do so, so after launch, what is the best way to keep us glued to these games? Downloadable Content.

Downloadable Content or (DLC) is the best way to update and add content and features to our games; it brings new life to your old games, more possibilities and sometimes more choices in gameplay. But is any of it really worth it?

Some games feature a great array of DLC waiting for you after your purchase of the game, an example would be Fallout 3, with 5 giant content additions, each is well thought out, and a great way to add onto your game, to not only improve its lifetime, but also your opinion on the game

However some batches of DLC just don’t quite fit the line-up of stellar additions to my games, one, which is mainly built the inspiration for this article, would be the very newly released ‘Access All Areas’ pack for Codemasters Dirt 2.

For those unfamiliar, Dirt 2 is a fantastic racing game, both online and offline, with a massive single player experience and again more fun to take to the online side of it, there’s plenty to do, but the only way to expand on that and keep things going, is more content.

Access All Areas and Trust Fund DLC, is a ‘key to the city’ so to speak of the game itself. When purchased you unlock everything the game had to offer you from playing it normally, that’s right, so the 40+ hours of gameplay you COULD have got and been rewarded for actually getting your £40 pounds worth of enjoyment from the game is now taken away by adding an tenner on it.

My disappointment behind this dlc is mainly because of a fear Codies may fall down EA’s way of thinking, again if you’re unfamiliar. EA’s Need For Speed Franchise, from Carbon to Undercover, the option on the day of launch was there on the Marketplace, allowing you to unlock the entire games content or even upgrade and get the Collectors edition stuff for just a little bit more money, money which could be saved buy just playing the damn thing.

Anyway, along with that, i fear Dirt 2 will suffer that of its racing compadre GRID, which, was also a fantastic game, but lacked longetivity because of the DLC. Dlc for GRID was a mere car pack, which is great for fans of those cars, but once you’ve finished the game anyway when the DLC was released, there was little to no real enticement to use any cars, let alone the new ones.

Ideally, Dirt 2 could be expanded in many ways, more single player races/tracks/tournaments/world tours which would add more to the actual lifetime of the game, as well as more achievements, unlockable features (cars/liveries/dash and accessories) and even the bumping up the mission’s to earn more XP for your Player rank. Whilst I’m hoping Codemasters will have more in store (preferably something along what i suggested, maybe all!) What HAS been just released on the Marketplace/Network is very disappointing, after all, you wouldn’t pay for a book just to pay an extra fiver to be told how it ends, would you?

Either way, without making this to based around Dirt 2, a lot of DLC a year or two back were quite large and definitely game content worth adding, Crackdowns both Free and Paid DLC was a brilliant piece, yet with a more recent DLC pack being L4D’s additional campaign for 540MS points only to have a 2 piece campaign level, seems to leave a few gamers with less than what they admittedly paid for, not to mention the Resident Evil 5 Versus hoo haa, not long after RE5’s launch, we remain skeptical on whether Resident Evil 5 will redeem itself with its new announcement of more DLC.

But what it boils down to is whether some DLC is really worth it? Some add more guns, some add more race tracks or cars, but wouldn’t you rather something that really ADDS to the game, not just stick ons that have no real affect?

Damnation Review

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There comes from time to time games which lay low in the flurry of big game media and promotions. Some slip through the medias radar until release, and some like Damnation reveal very little about the game, but what they do give out is promising and leading. Damnation was exactly the kind of game which fed us small but impressive shots and videos, but upon release was it as good as we were hoping?

Damnation follows the story of Hamilton Rouke, in his mission to bring down a military complex, Prescott Standard Industries that plans to restore order to a Civil War torn America by crushing anyone who stands in their way, the tyrannous company have no real means of bringing true order, but something of their own…

There alone, is as about as much of the story as you’ll follow as sadly, not only is it predictable and done before, but poorly told as you’re instantly thrown into the middle of it, as if you’re expected to know what’s really going on. Sometimes, this technique works, however when done in ways as such as you only just know what the deal is and not much about anything else, you instantly don’t care for the characters issues or what as a group their trying to achieve. What IS interesting is the setting the game is put in. Rather than a WW2 or futuristic setting, were ‘Steampunk’ is the general era, where steam powered machines are a major source of power yet there’s still a hint of advanced power behind a lot of the creations in the game.

When first playing, you’ll instantly recognise a familiar sight that is Gears of War. The game does use the Unreal engine and perhaps does lean from the Gears tree a little too much, mainly in visuals, weapon selection screens and other things including HUD screens and the way the screen would pan out and around a new area which you’d have to sit through every time.

The game, whilst closely resembling that of Gears is one of the first few Third person shooters I’ve played which doesn’t include a cover system, which in its own way is good, it’s not a complete Gears rip, and it makes a change.

What IS good about the gameplay is that gun-play can be seamlessly entwined with running around and throwing yourself like a lunatic, at one time I can be sniping my enemies from a rooftop, then throw myself through a window, grab hold of a flag pole and hang off the side of it whilst shooting the remaining enemies. Its this kind of run and jump off things and shoot people which makes the game fun and playable, not to mention creative in how you kill your enemies.

The climbing and usage of the environment isn’t far from that of Assassins Creed, yet more implemented in the game. It would be wrong to say that Damnation is JUST a shooter. As gunfights are just a third of what this game is split into. Whilst gunning your way through the crowds is a big part, the adventure side is also a key point, where gunfights are often broken up by the use of adventurous areas in which you must use your acrobatic skills to find your way out or through a certain area.

Bikes also play a large role in the game as bridging the gap between areas further away than normal. Whilst it’s rather strange there would be such kind of vehicle lying around just when you need it, the bike sections are very tacky and not really necessary as each section usually consists of drive, boost, run over a few enemies, jump with your boost and then ride along a wall. The whole driving feels plastic and rather unpolished. Thankfully these sections are over quickly, and your soon back to running and jumping around, like the nutter you are.

The game does come complete with Co-op. If you can find a friend to play through it with you, then brilliant. If not, your really not that hard done by with the game due to the fact the game isn’t terribly difficult. Enemies can be overwhelming at times but never outsmarting. The enemies are quick to move but like you cannot take obvious cover and will often stop to shoot or just stop to…actually I’m not that 100% why they do stop at certain times, but its great if you’re a rookie sniper or are trying to catch that last guy. The larger robot enemies are also a pain but for the wrong reasons. Due to some of the designs of the indoors areas, I often found my running and jumping around almost confused the enemies causing them to get stuck on the environment whilst trying to get to me. Whilst this is an easy win to progress to the next area, it’s still a bit of a hollow victory.

As mentioned before, here are where a lot of Gears resemblances are made, the game in no way is the best of looking games such as Gears 2 or even Gears 1, but its still in no way the worst of lookers. The game is still happily playable even if you may find yourself cringing at the repetitive skinned enemies and those driving sequences.

The games story isn’t the longest of games, yet there is a online multiplayer, a co-op for the campaign and of course, whilst the game isn’t the greatest, its still a little bit of fun if you can buy it on the cheap, its great in small doses, the story requires little to no effort attention wise, depending on if the game catches you in the first level.

Sadly, with the games lack of promotion to begin with, my curiosity got the best of me here, and whilst I was hoping for a fantastic game to enjoy, I still got something I’d come to every so often and have a blast with the free running shooter. Even if it’s only till the next new Third person shooter comes out, if you see it on the cheap and you’re waiting out for your next favourite release, give it a go.


Fuel Review

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Racing games have been a little scarce lately, and with Playstations more than popular Motorstorm it was about time the Xbox 360 got its own share of multi vehicle off-road mayhem which is loved by so many, but has FUEL rocketed ahead of the racing genre, or just running on empty?

For a change we have a racing title with a story. Well, it’s not really a progressive story, but more of a history to excuse the setting. Here, Global Warming has taken full affect in the US. Whilst populations have moved together in large central cities using clean and renewable energy, a select group of people have decided to use the abandoned landscapes as a playground for a series of no holds barred competitive off road racing. Only it’s not the other racers you’ll have to worry about. Mother Nature will also be around the corner waiting to catch you out.

Unlike most racing games, FUEL takes a leaf from games such as TDU and decides to give us a free roam option to keep you interested and going. However, this map is a little bigger than you may think. With 14,000km2 worth of free roaming terrain to cover, the game ensures you’ll probably not get bored of all the scenery. You may, however, get a little bored of driving there.

From the beginning you have complete roam around the entire game. The map is split into areas, each has its own camp like HQ and from there you can take part in specific races or challenges, the more races you complete the more stars you get to unlock the other areas and take part in more races. There are also collectables hidden all over each area varying from new designs for your vehicles to vista points where you can soak up some of the scenery. If you keep your eyes out, you’ll also catch some of the bonus cars hidden around.

Races vary from simple circuit tracks, to checkpoint style runs where you can take your own route. Your own GPS is there if you need it but sometimes it pays off to go a little lone wolf and make your own way. Although…sometimes, it doesn’t.

The vehicles are the main attraction in this game, whilst not licensed cars, there’s realistic and creative takes on modified vehicles varying from Muscle cars and ATV’s to Monster trucks and Buggy’s. The full roster of off-road and asphalt based cars are here. Most races are limited to certain vehicle type. Within that type your limited to the cars you own which run best on either Asphalt or Off-road, depending on how much the race your about to compete in will cover. This gives you the opportunity to use more than just your favourite vehicle. You will get to look into trying new ones, and will learn which ones are better for what terrains and what cars just aren’t good for anything.

The racers difficulty curve is a little unforgiving. With each race having 3 difficulty types, once you start the second or third difficulty your going to need a little more quicker vehicles and some a good sense of direction to get yourself around, the A.I. can be a little stupid in the sense of they don’t really pay much attention to your where abouts and whilst the game isn’t based on aggressive driving such as Motorstorm or Burnout there can be some nasty collisions leaving you worse for wear.

It happens rarely, but on occasion usually after you’ve been leading the race for a fair time, but opponents will suddenly seem to earn an engine upgrade somewhere through the race, and normally on the last checkpoint you’ll find yourself maxing your vehicle out like you have been all race only to have half the pack tear straight past you leaving you unable to do nothing as your already at your peak, this often left me felt a bit cheated and since the races are quite long, a little bit like I’d wasted a hell of a lot of my time.

The game looks really great. When you first realise how big everything is in comparison you will be taken back by it all. The day night cycle is fairly short but is pretty fun to drive around during it. The dusk and dawn settings and lightings are beautiful and once the moon is up its just you and your headlights guiding your way, which is really fun considering a lot of games don’t use the headlights to much effect, FUEL does and even in online free-roam/races each players headlights are all in real-time.

Along with that, the game features some nice weather effects including rain, snow and thunderstorms. Mid-race you’ll also come across Tornados and dust storms, whilst the tornados are cool, they have a very scripted feel to them which often ruins the fun, not to mention there only in races which have the word ‘Tornado’ or ‘Twister’ in them. Yawn.

I recently came across a race in which we were racing inside giant dust storms, the graphics were great and I couldn’t see a thing in front of me yet when we cleared the dust storm I saw the giant wall of another storm and it definitely gave you one of those ‘Woah!’ moments.

With all these, it would be even better if they randomly appeared during free-roam either offline or even when you’re driving around with friends the hazardous weather could be fun; however the worst you’ll get is a bit of drizzle and some shock treatment if you’re lucky.

Whilst the annoying struggle of your first vehicles gearbox to find second gear will possibly put you off, the sounds of each vehicle get louder, better and more realistic from the roars and purrs of your open hooded muscle cars to your motocross bikes scrabbling for grip across a gravelled turn. It’s all here and all adds to the atmosphere. Sadly the soundtrack doesn’t follow suit. With an expected soundtrack similar to that of Motorstorm and Pure, I was greeted to the same tone of music, but unlicensed and made in house, even worse was there wasn’t enough of it, so hearing the same songs became boring leading to a nice heavy dosage of my own music to join.

The game itself will keep you going for a very long time, and that’s just driving from one camp to a neighbouring camp. Whilst you have all the races to complete on the hardest difficulty alone, there’s also all the liveries, Vista points, hidden cars and challenges which must be completed to get the full 100%. It will be interesting to see if the game will get any DLC in the future.

FUEL is a great racing game. However the races can be too up and down in case of difficulty and variation, the large scale of the game is almost a little too much making just a simple drive to unlock a new livery a 15 minute trek. The games chaotic weather only happens during scripted races and the most you’ll get as a random event is a storm, which gives a bit of a slap to the face of most of us expecting our long cruise through the countryside to turn into a Tornado dodging speed fest. A creative idea, which sadly takes a hit from its lack of variety and its freedom.


Rise Of The Argonauts Review

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This is Sparta! Wait…no…

It’s been a while since a game has gone back to settings as far as ancient Greece. Maybe Im just a little behind the times and have overlooked a few recently, but there’s very few games which go back to that setting and even dabble in the Greek Mythology and pull it off well enough to warrant a full play through with a lot of time devoted into it. Rise of the Argonauts is one of its first.

Our game starts with our hero King Jason wedding, which is rudely interrupted by someone from a clan known as the Blacktongues, his interruption leads to the death of Jason’s bride. Jason unable to let go and hell bent on revenge devotes himself to the gods to embark on a journey in any way he can to bring back his beloved Alceme. This at first love story however turns into something much more sinister. Jason’s journey will bring him to many people, some who will befriend him and join him on his quest, some to halt him.

The game plays out over a series of levels in which you must travel around the island and areas gathering information and ultimately leading to contacting the bloodlines to aid you in your quest for the Golden Fleece.

Whilst the game primarily focus’ on combat the game also plays well on some of the other features needed to get everything out of the game.

Conversations with characters are one way the game will also progress as you will have control of what Jason says at certain points in your chit chat, each reply having some form of impact on how the other person will react, what they may tell you or in some cases what you may get out of it.

Other parts in the game can require you to be inspective, to search areas high and low for certain characters and other things which can either influence your main quest or aid your character in short side quests.

Weapons and armour can be collected on your journeys each with their own pros and cons in battle. Jason can carry three weapons, a sword, mace and spear each which have their own combat styles and special attacks. Chaining combos is easy to get hold of and even possible to master combos stringing over different weapons.

Utilising all the deeds to get more God powers is a very hard thing and may even take a couple of play throughs to get all of them down.

You can also unlock power ups to use in game. Power ups known as God Powers are purchasable from shrines dedicated to the four gods, when you fulfil deeds in your star sign lists you can use these deeds to dedicate to a certain god, these are in a way experience points, enough of these points will earn you an aspect point which can be used to purchase a power up to use in battle.

The games combat mechanics play similar to that of say Viking, whilst there’s not as much fighting in it as Viking (which is a shame to say the least) you won’t be fighting alone. From the start, Jason’s good friend Hercules will join in and come times when its time to lock heads Hercules will always have your back and be entertaining some of the enemies you’re currently not hacking at. As your story progress’ you’ll meet more people who will want to join your group of Argonauts, some for quest purposes and some to take along for battle, you can take 2 other Argonauts along with you at a time.

Yet again we have a game which doesn’t push boundaries of the console, yet shows what the console is capable of doing with each, the game doesn’t suffer in any sense visually and looks brilliant from the water reflected caves to the gardens and forest areas of which you’ll explore.

All voice acting here fits relatively well to the game, whilst dragging on a fair bit at times the game manages to tell a lot about the story and just the typical goings on of Ancient Greece including some of its mythology and the story of the Golden Fleece.

The main game itself can be quite long or quiet short, depending on your patience and interest. For example a player can easily complete all the main quest lines and ignore any side quest or unneeded conversation easily by not getting tangled up in it, whilst each island will last awhile, by going through finding all there is to find and getting the most out of your exploration by filling in requirements on your stars, this can easily add hours of extra game play to your mix.

The games difficulties also allow for multiple playthroughs, not forgetting some of the tricky achievements.

Rise of the Argonauts is a great game with a good story, even if a little incorrect and game play, whilst sometimes getting a little to talkative rather than fighting can be a little frustrating in some points this title still manages to rise above some of the role playing fighting games out there.


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