Lost Planet 2

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Eurogamer 09 Preview – Lost Planet 2

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With the short time I had with Lost Planet 2, the controls and multiplayer has kept the same kind of feel. The Post Grab game we played was set in a jungle area with building ruins laid about the place.

The controls were still fluid like the first and the only main difference I felt was the aiming reticule (which has a little more freedom being a Third person shooter) moved around the screen (kind of like a light gun game House of the dead, etc) a little more before the camera began to move. As well as that, I also kept finding the button which spins your character 90 degrees when I wanted to shoot. Not so much a control scheme flaw, just me trying to get to grips with LP2 on a Playstation 3 controller!

The mech fans will be happy to know those giant robots of destruction are back in multiplayer with new designs and more weapons, as well as the addition of fixed weapons about the levels. The playable characters are also new, sticking with the pirate theme from LP1 but better looking and a little more suitable for combat.

Sadly I’d have really liked to have played the single player as I really want to get hold of some of the cool monsters to fight and a bit of the story in too! Other than that, Lost Planet 2 is looking to be a great looking sequel to Capcoms Third person shooter!

Eurogamer Multiplayer LP2 Footage

Post Eurogamer 09

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What a weekend!

After attending both days of the London leg of Eurogamer Expo 09 Im A. Totally knackered. and B. Looking forward to tons of new games on thier way very shortly!

I got my hands on tons of new games to come soon and even replayed a few old ones, but the events been great fun. Met new people. Had a good laugh with some of the staff, and even met the boss in the flesh. Got to speak to a few devs and Im also aware of the effects of Sambuca on an empty stomach. (Nothing gross dont worry!)

Ill be using this post as a link hub to all the features I write up for Eurogamer, as well as a link to the video featuring me on Inside Xbox! Thats right, myself and Corporal Kitty had a bit of a chin wag with SuperKaylo on the Friday, so keep an eye out for more stuff to come!


Army of Two: The 40th Day

Assassins Creed II

Avatar/3D Games

Lost Planet 2

Plain Sight



Tekken 6


Pictures/Vids and more to come!

Resident Evil 5 Versus DLC Review

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Now, Ill be the first to step up and defend Resident Evil 5 for its pace in game play, whilst seeming slow, the game isn’t gears of war, its not Halo, and it stays true to its game play style that truly put it on the mainstream map with Resident Evil 4. But in putting the same great Single player experience into a multiplayer mode, is where we start to go downhill, and where Ill happily sit step down from the comments.

Online multiplayer is quite simple here, there are just 2 game types which are doubled by FFA styles and team based. The first game type is Slayer, which is a point based game in which the players have to kill Maijini to score points, of course, the highest points by the end of the match wins.

The second game type called Survivor is more the opposite way around, in which you must fight other enemies in order to score points and win.

Now whilst this doesn’t immediately sound bad, the slow themed shooting ultimately adds frustration to the game. Whilst characters are the same to Mercenaries and come complete with their own weapon selections certain weapons are way over powered in which you wouldn’t expect. I.E. Pistols can overcome an AK47; this is a mix of both power and accuracy. But when players literally have to align themselves, stop and then shoot at each other until one falls down, the multiplayer novelty of the game soon falls and you’re sat facing a part of the game you wish you hadn’t forked out for.

The pack comes with its own painful collection of achievements and extra characters can be unlocked by purchasing them with the points you earn from both getting ranks in single player and finishing an online game.

One itchingly annoying comment would be the way lobbies are set up also. When bringing up a list of rooms to join a lot of the time, rooms can be cancelled or started before you’ve picked it, now this happens in any online scenario where lobby lists don’t automatically update, its just how things go, but seriously Capcom, do we need to be taken back to the Versus Press Start screen EVERY TIME WE DON’T GET INTO A ROOM? Whilst it may seem something rather bleak to pick up on, after having to go through 3 menus worth of choices just to be brought to a lobby list which has probably closed before it was put on the list it really does begin to grate, especially once you do get into a room and realize ‘Is this all really worth it?’ After all, they did a brilliant job with Lost Planets lobbies.

Overall Whilst its at a cheap 400 Microsoft Points, the small addition to the game is something probably best for just with friends so the low price tag MAY just make it worth it. Whilst I hope that Capcom continue to bring additional content to this game, I really hope they take a longer look at what’s going into it.

Resident Evil 5 Review

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Capcoms zombie survival turn Action Adventure finally takes on the number 5.

Welcome back an old friend Chris Redfield, last seen in the Antarctic labs of CVX (Or Russia for any Wii Chronicle owners) Chris has continued his endeavour to halt Umbrella’s secrets, but now with Umbrella supposedly gone, the BSAA (which Chris and Jill are now apart of) travel the world in aid to halt all bio-logical weapons which have now fallen into the hands of terrorists, a smuggling deal down in Africa, brings Chris to a small town of Kijuju in search of chasing some leads on his age old nemesis Wesker, a new BSAA agent, Sheva Alomar joins him on his journey and soon realises Chris is here for more than she knows.

Most familiar with Resident Evil 4, the game play from RE4 is basically the same this time round, much of the control schemes are the same as is the way the game works. Changes in inventory slots and the more obvious addition of the co-op factor are what RE 5 really plays on this time around.

The majority of co-op features is allowing character to reach higher areas and more importantly, just having someone to have your back when you need it, or even just someone to throw you a spare clip of ammo when your guns run dry it makes some of the hurdles you encounter in RE5 a lot more tactical and more manageable than just with a lone ranger. The ability to swap items around with your partner easily with the inventory windows make sharing and lending out to each other a lot more easier than imagined.

Having Sheva around will be both a great addition to your team and also a giant curse. Whilst for a majority of the game she will be quite often your saviour the later chapters will soon start to show Sheva’s A.I for what it really is. Terrible.

To begin with, Sheva is really helpful, she’ll have your back, she’ll hand out ammo happily and basically carry anything you can’t. However once we reach around the half way point in the game, Sheva seems to turn on you.

She’s not a bad person, we all know that but you cant help but realise poor Sheva will be the brunt of much abuse from many players who experience her ‘low moments’ In the later parts of the game some of the boss battles are a lot more co-op orientated, often involving one character having to restrain or perform one action to an enemy whilst the other (almost always your AI) will have to perform an attack. Whilst this isn’t something hard to grasp, whilst your struggling to keep your enemy restrained waiting for Sheva to take that all important attack it will often be in vain, only to find Sheva not even looking in the right direction, wasting some health herbs or even just not running to the right spot, this flaw in her ability to really be a team player when it really counts on even just progressing through the game is what really damages the game as worth playing through on your own. Your first venture into wondering whether you’re AI partner can even tie her shoe laces will be in an early level including a dark mine and a lantern, when you get there, you’ll know what I mean.

As the game draws closer to its end the combat becomes more shooter based, which also complicate things for our AI friends as on certain occasions the mixture of weapon based enemies and biological melee based creatures was too much for Sheva to handle, ending with Sheva face down in her own body parts and me face down on the floor after having shouting abuse at Sheva. My progression past this stage ultimately ended in me taking all her weapons off her and doing it all myself. First times a charm and I let her have her guns back shortly after.

Having said those past 2 paragraphs of how useless Sheva is, its good for the most part, she’s relatively good to have on your side come the early missions and when you have your bearings around the game, its time to bring in a friend online to make the game a little more fun and interesting.

So one thing the game has received a lot of flak for since the demo is the controls, many shun the game for being slow, which baffles me personally considering Dead Space a game with the same game play elements did so well? Whilst most people see not being able to shoot and run at the same time as rubbish, should be seen as something which requires more tactics and finesse. This isn’t Gears of War. Resi 5 isn’t all about running and gunning the hell out of everything, you need to work together, keep your distance and take your shots carefully to ensure you AND your partner get out alive, having to stop to take shots is not only more realistic, but also really gets your heart pumping during shoot outs. Nothing gets pushes the panic buttons more than a half empty handgun carefully aiming to get those crucial headshots on a crazed lunatic running towards you screaming and swinging a chainsaw above his head.

Following from RE4 style of weaponry there’s a vast amount of weapons available in RE5, each weapon again like RE4 is customisable (not visually) and other weapons are unlocked via purchasing and fully upgrading your previously purchased guns. These are a lot more expensive this time around, meaning you’re going to have to find a lot more treasures and gold laying about the place if you’re to afford all those pricy but great extras.

RE5 is an impressive game throughout, with a game which pulls off both explosions/fire and water effects sometimes even in the same area, RE5 is a beautiful game to push your television to its HD limits.

Unfortunately the game can suffer greatly from screen tearing, for those of you who live in the world of 1080i/p you may find yourself having to tone down to 720p to rid yourself of the pain of broken lines scaling your screen occasionally.

The games sound as always perfectly accommodates for all settings and moods the game wishes to create, though as a RE fan who spent many an evening on the 4th instalment, a lot of sounds from there have been almost completely imported straight over, which, in some cases isn’t bad, but surely its not too much trouble just to enhance them? At least to make some of the pistols a bit of an oomph when you’re firing away at some ‘zombie’ attackers.

Voice acting isn’t bad either which is good given Resident Evils history, one little nag would be Sheva’s voice, as her accent seems to shift from English, Australian and American during sentences, she just doesn’t seem to decide on one throughout.

The game is only 6 chapters long, shorter than RE 4 in fact and wont take you very long to get through, something which I personally find shortens lifespan even more is the addition of things like Unlimited ammo to any difficulty once you’ve finished the game just once. As well as this, the fact that your weapons carry over upgrades included regardless of difficulty. (RE4 had separate weapon stuff for each difficulty meaning you’d have to start from scratch making it both more difficult and challenging from the beginning.

Upon completing the game you’ll unlock the popular mini timed mini game Mercenaries complete with characters and levels to unlock as well as the rest of all the figurines to collect with the BSAA emblems hidden around the Campaign levels to unlock more cool rewards.

Coming soon in a PDLC pack will be a 4 player online multiplayer Versus mode, so keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

A fantastic instalment for the Resident Evil series, whilst not pushing out to new things the game delivers something of that on the same level of Resi Evil 4 without the drastic impact RE4 had on its game play change. Still a great story to continue the ever giant franchise complete with enough surprises in the game to keep you playing through. The co-op and soon to come online multiplayer will aid in making RE 5 a must have for 360 gamers.


Resident Evil 5 Capcom First To Play Event

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Link to coverage

Resident Evil 5 Capcom First to Play Event

Friday 13th this month may have brought some rather unlucky things to many of you, however this Fri 13th was extra lucky and a day to remember thanks to Capcom inviting us to a special First to Play event for 5th instalment (numerically wise at least) of Capcoms zombie horror giant, Resident Evil.

Train after train, myself and a friend (Chris) soon found ourselves in Hammersmith, after a few hours of time killing and ‘sight seeing’ we took a walk down to Capcom’s UK Headquarters and got ourselves in at the desk.

Once we got to Capcoms floor, myself, my friend and a few others who had joined us on the way had been ushered into a meeting room filled with HD TV’s and Xbox’s all running Resident Evil 5, all co-op system linked in twos. So enough of that, more onto the playing, that’s what you’re here for.

Most of you are familiar with the demo, our game started right at the beginning, we were playing the full title, meaning we could go through as fast or as slow as we liked, eventually encountering the two demo levels. Myself and my friend decided to see how far we could get through to unveil any extra special stuff storyline or game play wise, we were one of the furthest in the room, though secrets, we came across none. Sorry.

Ben did his rounds making sure we got to have a chat…

What we did find however is how much more impressive the game is beyond the demo, a majority of people are unhappy with the controls, now I cant say that you can run and shoot, because that’s just not Resident Evil, though there are around 4 different control settings including that of one which closer resembles Resi 4, so you can experiment, see which one that suits.

On our travels we experience a vast majority of different settings, whilst most were centred around the town, we were soon exploring a docks area right on the edge of the town just before taking things underground through a labyrinth of tunnels and mine shafts.

Here we got to experience one of the ways the co-op plays really well. As most people know the game features sections usually doors or unreachable areas which require your friends aid to complete, in the tunnels it was so dark and filled with enemies one of us would have to hold a lantern and light our way through whilst the other took shots and protected us from anyone attacking, whilst combat can be quite intense and active as it is, there’s moment like this where you really need to work together in order to make it through alive, and definitely somewhere were we need to stick close. Me and Chris got to show XCN’s Acey Bongos teamwork at its finest through this section. wink.gif

The room before we managed to get our hands on Resi 5…

We came across new weapons in the game unfortunately though we weren’t supplied with as much ammo around the levels as we’d have liked, each bullet really does count, other weapons aside from the demo included the Scorpion (hidden in the demo) and a Drakunov sniper rifle. Aside from your standard Majini enemies we also came across dogs, similar to those in RE4 and a few boss characters you wouldn’t want to meet down a dark alley any time soon.

The ‘merchant’ system as its more commonly known from RE4 is now gone, sadly (We miss that cockney lad even if he dressed like an Aladdin stunt double) In his place, after each chapter, the money and items you earn now give you cash to spend on weapons, gear and upgrades. From there you can add these to your character before you start the next chapter or leave things in an ‘Inventory’ space which you can take stuff out and put in freely between chapters, but not during. Kind of like the big Inventory chests from the original RE series except only usable after each level.

A certain Xbla member showing Acey Bongo’s how its really done biggrin.gif

Unfortunately our time with Ben wasn’t long and questions like DLC/Extra game modes were left unanswered but we’re sure they’ll be something to keep our copies of the game firmly kept in our 360’s for a long time.

Resident Evil 5 is out March 13th 09, and the demo is available via Xbox Live Marketplace and PS Network.

Devil May Cry 4 Review

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Battle Impossible Odds in the Devil Hunter’s newest adventure!

So, as the Xbox 360 manages to lure yet another PS3 exclusive over, we gladly embrace the return of Dante, the most badass video games character in the history of games, and all us 360 fans couldn’t wait to try out Dante in next gen form! But wait…what’s up with his arm?… Why’s he wearing blue and where’s his other gun gone? And why is he fighting with our beloved Dante? Something’s surely up here, its time to sharpen your swords and stock up on cool. Because Devil May Cry 4 is here and ready for you.

Welcome to Fortuna, a city of people who all worship the legendary Sparda. But is something more sinister going on within the Order of Sword, the group who idolise this famous legend? You begin the game as Nero, with the close abilities of Dante and his brother Vergil, but with less experience, scarred with his arm which posses demonic powers.

Whilst being the witness to the assassination of his orders leader, he is ordered as a Holy Guard to hunt down the ‘man in red’. Though his travels reveal dark secrets which may cause him to form alliances with whom he last expected.

If you’re a stranger to the unique style that is Devil May Cry, then you may find the game to start with, quite a daunting and challenging game. The series has been renowned for its lack of sympathy for newcomers and easy difficulties and you may need a few minutes to practice and work your way around with all the combos and effective moves to use on each enemy.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

The order didnt think much of Nero’s book report…

You’ll find yourself facing impossible odds against some of the most evil and grotesque creatures from the underworld, with combo attacks to chain, unlike most games like this, the main idea is to look the coolest you can whilst fighting. Upping your stylish ranking will get you more Red Orbs and work towards your overall mission ranking.

In DMC 1-3, Red orbs we’re your currency to getting your upgrades, items and extras to aid you in your adventures, however now, red orbs are only currency to health items, and cannot be used for upgrades. Instead, you gain ‘Proud Souls’ from your rankings at the end of each mission, and instead these act as your currency. These are considerably harder to come by as they rely more on your ability to play rather than hounding as many Orbs as you can find. Making affording those last few upgrades you really need a hell of a lot harder.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Its raining lead. Hallelu-…

Progressing through the missions usually consists of a hail of enemies and a hell of a lot of awesomeness in the form of fighting, followed by possibly a puzzle which may need your full un divided attention if you want to get through. And waiting for you on the other side? Just a selection of boss’ waiting to shut that devilish mouth of yours…permanently. If you succeed in making it out alive, you’re often granted with a new ability or even a new weapon tp unleash.

For the hardcore fans of Dante fear not, despite a majority of the game being Nero based, you’ll also spend a short time playing as Dante, his controls are similar to how they played in DMC3 featuring all the styles and extra features.

As with the DMC series, the original score cast have returned, including Shawn Mcpherson, who has been again brought back to create yet more adrenaline pumping fight music to rip through your opponents to. The music he creates, accompanied with the rather deep lyrics

almost woven into the music as to not divert you from the main sound works well to create the effective fight song to add even more style to those combos.

With Devil May Cry 1, originally a Resident Evil write off, graphically, like the RE series, it boasts some of the finest Capcom has to offer us at the time. The depth into the game is a gives you a massive feel of the world your in. However, in certain points, details like the Shadows can be a little bit disappointing. Especially in a segment of the game where you need to be aware of the shadows of your surroundings, the blocky, jagged areas really put you off. Whilst this wont put you right off the game, the scenery does continue to look very nice, its just a shame, there’s not enough of it.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Dancing with the devil isnt as good for you as you’d think…

When saying that, the levels themselves are a mass of life and energy, though the storyline causes you to do a lot of back tracking through what you already worked through and sometimes feels like this part could be in a beautiful new area with more things to explore, rather than going in reverse.

The main game, consisting of 20 missions features hours of games play each time round. The continuous increase of difficulty and number of game modes, character upgrades and extras will keep you going through this game for a long time. As well as this, the unlockable DMC2 favorite ‘Bloody Palace’ makes a humble return. Though considerably toned down, its still a hell of a lot of fun, and an easy way to get those extra orbs for the main story. Though being a Single Player game, your scores will be posted on Xbox Live in the leader boards so you can see amongst your friends who really is the true devil hunter out of you all.

A welcome game to the 360 catalogue, which continues to grow the franchise into even more of a compelling story which asks even more questions and for some, answers none. Despite the lack of content the game has compared to its predecessors. Its enough to not only keep the true DMC fans happy, but to bring many more into the family and enjoy the experience.

Rating: 9.1

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom Production Studio 1
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1
Features: 1080p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Xbox Live

Lost Planet Review

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Lost Planet

Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action
Number of Players: 1-16
Release Date:
US: January 12, 2007
Japan: December 21, 2006
Europe: December 12, 2007
Australia: January 12, 2007
Features: Xbox Live, Memory Unit, Downloadable Content

Narnias White Witch ain’t got anything on these guys…

-Overall: Honestly, I can’t believe I’ve taken time out from playing to write this. Its something that draws you in. Back in Oct-Nov I distinctly remember downloading the demo, playing it and thinking. ‘Wow, this game has got some potential’ I saw the Akrid enemies as something from a Starship trooper’s film, but still original and very daunting. I also remember talking about the game before its release to a friend and calling it ‘Gears Of War on Ice’. But no. How dare I say something like that? This game deserves its name. Someone slap me for saying that before. Really hard.

Anyways, I get to the counter, purchase the Limited Edition version of the game and the girl at the counter says ‘Hold on one sec, you get something else for free.’ So I wait, interested, till she comes out with one of these…

The PTX-4OA, Wayne’s father, Gale’s custom Vital Suit. Not bad. But I don’t get why they do that kind of thing. Nice thing to have anyway!

Also with the Limited Edition comes a Concept Art book. A bonus CD with Wallpapers, Trailers, Soundtracks and more including a Windows Media Player Skin. And a bonus multiplayer map which will be available for everyone on the Xbox live marketplace soon.

-Music/sound: The music in the game is…well its nothing overly special. On the menu it’s something you hear, and as the track loops. It just fades from your ears and you forget about it. The music in the game isn’t anything special either, but it tends to be drowned out by gunfire, explosions and the floor rumbling violently. So you don’t hear the music that much. So I’d recommend some good alien busting tracks on your hard drive, or you listen to the glory of your Machine gun mowing down those Akrid punks.

-Graphics: Well. It doesn’t take a smart person to know they made this game with the greatest intentions. Smoke mushrooms and expands with the explosions, gears turn and twist on the arm joints of VS’s, snow crumbles under your feet and the sun pierces through the clouds in an array of different colours and reflects off icy rivers and mountain sides. The guys at Capcom always have had a way of getting things good. This time, they’ve done it almost perfectly. This game has some of the best water, snow and ice effects I’ve seen for awhile. Explosions are a common thing on this game and the way the clouds move and how light is affected, it really is just ‘Holy crap it looks almost real’

The detail in the Akrid is just as good. The way they come tearing through the ground beneath you, sending snow and rocks flying, and you stumbling forwards really does send you into a panic as you franticly get your footing back and await the snow to settle to see what the hell just tore through the ground. The small detail in the bodies, are missed first time round, but most things you’ll notice and just smile to your self or think ha that’s cool. One example is of the rather timid enemy which flies through the air, but the way their bodies move, its like a Sting ray, where each of its little ‘wings’ move separately and in their own way. Kudos to the guy who sat and programmed all that. Seriously.

-Gameplay: The levels are linear, but still quite large so there’s no confusion as to where to go next. They are set out where you progress through the level and end the mission on a boss. I found with some boss’s some were quite easy, where as some weren’t as much hard, but more just damn annoying, one battle I played through was against someone in a Vital Suit. I managed to escape from the warehouse into a snowy valley where she chased me. I was hit by a rocket and was sent tumbling backwards, I got up, yet before I could fire back; another rocket came rebounding off my face. Now, I’m all for a challenge. But when the same thing goes on for a good minute of being thrown down from a rocket and getting back up to receive the same thing, you can imagine my happiness after she changed her pattern ever so slightly and I got a rocket off before she hit me back down again.

Certain levels have really open areas. And little cylinder canisters called Data posts dotted across the map can be activated giving you a way point in the right direction if you really get lost. You also have a grapple which can be used to get you to higher areas, cross gaps you can’t jump and is automatically used when you fall off a cliff, you can rappel up and down the cliff edge using this (you can also shoot whilst in this position which looks pretty cool online)

The controls are quite different to some other games in my opinion. All of the buttons have a use. But after you get halfway through the first level, you find yourself getting the hang on them really fast. Experienced gamers will catch on almost instantly.

The VS’s (Vital Suits) are also easy to use and work. You can only hold two weapons at a time but it’s simple to switch with one you find on the floor. And also goes with the VS’s as they also have the capacity to hold two weapons but at the same time.

There are a very large array of weapons available in this game. They vary from Machine Guns, to sniper rifles, shotguns and Energy rifles. There are also standard hand grenades, sticky grenades, the clever ‘Disc grenades’ which are thrown like a discus and often stick to the target. Plasma (pretty much stun) grenades and dummy explosives. The vital suits have separate weapons also, you can vary the weapons you can carry on them, and you can also carry them on foot, but they are very heavy and you have to be stationary whilst firing, having said that, they are really, really powerful, some of the weapons are Gatling Guns, Shotguns, Rocket Launchers, and Laser Rifles. Even after this short list, there’s still more weapons I haven’t mentioned to you.

Still on weapons, there are a range of different Vital Suits available around. You cannot choose which ones to use, but you often find them lying around, some of them can be transformed into some sort of vehicle, as most of them are legged suits. One turns into a snow bike like vehicle and another into a rather scary looking tank. Most of the other suits have a hover, or double jump ability which helps you overcome nasty looking terrain, Wayne’s fathers VS is a lot faster than most of the other suits and it also has a custom chainsaw like weapon on its hand for melee combat.

You often encounter these vital suits during the campaign and almost always online. Don’t be fooled by this review though, there not something you could just shot and blow up. There huge, there nasty. And if in the right hands. There firing all sorts of weaponry at you. A few nicely placed rockets will take them down, but no way do you have a chance if he can see you. Campaign, its a little easier. But you all know how hard online can get.

By killing Akrid they drop something called ‘Thermal Energy’ in the top left hand side of your HUD; you have your health and a counter that is always dropping. This is the amount of your thermal energy you have. Kill enemies and destroy certain objects to gain thermal energy. You need this energy to obviously keep you warm and alive. Once the counter drops to zero, your health slowly depletes. And when your injured, thermal energy is used up faster by a device on your arm which converts the energy to health, which in return fills up your life bar. Once your health is full again, the counter begins to drop back to the steady rate it normally does. Because of this, I could call it almost a timer. You can’t just sit in awe at your surroundings too much. Which is a shame in itself because the levels are just beautiful to travel and fight through.

Online play is really good, but for me, often frustrating. When being attacked there is no signal that you are either losing life or where your being attacked, so you often find yourself laying face down in the snow thinking. WHAT THE HELL? It’s also annoying when someone climbs into a VS and blows everyone to hell. He can walk whilst firing rockets at you. You can’t. There are four match types available.
Elimination – Your standard deathmatch.
Team Elimination – Deathmatch in teams.
Fugitive – The host becomes the Fugitive and the other players have to hunt down the fugitive, the game ends when he is killed, or the timer runs out.
And Post Grab – Where players must capture all the Data posts on the map.

There is also a level system to the online play where points that you earn from matches go to your level xp. As far as I know, there’s no limit to the levels but you need to be getting some heavy points to go up levels once you hit double figures. All the weapons found in the game are available; they can be hard to find though, especially on the Team Elimination maps which are quite large. Which is good because a full match can be up to 16 people. And 16 people all running around and blasting rockets everywhere can get pretty hectic. You’re also given the chance to choose your character on online before you start playing; your choices are of different Snow Pirates (other human enemies in the single player campaign). You also have the option to have a voice mask. Which honestly are a bit crap. Anyone who uses them, just sound like they are mumbling and you can’t understand it and are more than worth the mute option.

-Storyline: You are Wayne Holden, a VS pilot who fights alongside infantry and your father another VS pilot. You are apart of a Colonization team who have come from Earth to the habitable planet of E.D.N.III. Whilst construction of homes and facilities to make the planet livable, they stumble across the Akrid, the Akrid have what is known as Thermal Energy inside them. The humans need this precious energy source to keep warm and basically, alive. The humans were driven from E.D.N.III from so many attacks and came back with one main plan. To eliminate the Akrid and make the planet livable with all the Thermal Energy they can get. Whilst fighting. Your platoon is attacked by a monster named ‘Green Eye’. The creature kills your men and your father and leaves you trapped in your Vital Suit. Sometime later, you are recovered frozen in your VS by people working for the same agenda and you work with them to achieve your goals. However Wayne only remembers his name, how to pilot a VS and is haunted by memories of his father in his last moments battling the Green Eye. You join the people who saved you into fighting the Green Eye, but something more is on the agenda for one of your saviors.

-Replay value/play time: The game is 10 chapters long. The levels are roughly around 20-30 minutes long, depending on the difficulties. There are 3 difficulties which will keep you going. And also there are 5 or more coins to find hidden around each level, they all have letters on them and spell out words at the end. If you find all of them in a level, an achievement is heading your way, but they are hard to find. A lot of them are obscured by snow blowing across the screen or you simply walk past it whilst fighting. But if the campaign isn’t enough to keep you going. The online will, purely because it’s just different to what other games have too offer at the moment.

-Conclusion: The game is really good. I’d recommend it to all of you. The fact it was made by the producers of both Devil May Cry and Onimusha really show in the game visually and gameplay wise. It’s something I’m glad to have paid full price for and will always come back to it. Online will keep me going, as I’m sure there will be some patches for it soon like always. I hope for maybe a second one. Or maybe something else on the snow, because that’s really a terrain that isn’t really explored much with games. (Except for Snowboarding games of course)

My Rating – 8.9

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