Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack

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Click here for full review! (Written by me, was posted by fellow writer due to login errors!)

Now ill admit, I haven’t played Halo Reach since Black Ops was launched. I enjoyed Reach a lot, but once a new shooter came out, it quickly diverted my interest. Though two games into reviewing this map pack and I had found myself in a Big Slayer Match, which had quickly turned into me fighting for a team three players down due to connection issues. We then 3v6’d our way through five more minutes of game play resulting in me being killed quite often, being enthusiastically tea bagged each and every time. Oh Halo Community. How I’ve missed you.


XCN Halo 3 ODST Firefight Weekend

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Its time for another one of those times where XCN (Xbox Community Network) gets together with good ol’ Xboxliveaddicts to host a competition or two.

This time we’ve got some fancy ODST Xbox 360 Controllers to give away and some Bungie goodies for the winners.

How do you win? Grab your team of 4 and take the fight to the Covenant and see how long YOU can last against the hordes of enemies. The team with the most points once thier all out of lives is crowned the winner!

The comp is open to EU residents only and is over the weekend of the 9th, 10th and 11th of October. You must also have a registered account with Bungie.net, Xbox Live and of course Xboxliveaddicts.

Sign ups are now open!!!

Halo 3 Review

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Link to review
Halo 3

Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Bungie Software
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Number of Players: 1-16
Release Date:
US: September 25, 2007
Japan: Unreleased
Europe: September 25, 2007
Australia: September 25, 2007
MSRP: GBP �49.99
Features: 16:9 Support, 720p Support, Dolby Digital 5.1, Xbox Live, System Link / LAN, Memory Unit, Custom Soundtrack, Downloadable Content

Finish The Fight. But first…read about it.

-Overall: The Halo series is one of the most well known First Person Shooter franchises, in gaming history, not only that, it’s holds one of the most recognizable characters to date, and offers nothing short of a great quality video game, each time around.

-Storyline: You take control yet again of the infamous Master Chief, Spartan 117, as he crash lands into earth. The story picks up right from Halo 2, but this time, its closer to home, based completely in the continent of Africa until the later levels. Your mission? To catch Truth, and to Finish the fight the world has been dying to finish.

-Music/sound: As always with Halo, the music has been composed with great care into how they want the music to make the player feel during the game. Varying from the heat of battles, to the mournful outlook on war each of the tracks capture every feeling that the writers want, making the story that all more involving and a moving experience.

The bullets, explosions and atmosphere all sound very realistic, with nothing really sounding too out of place. There’s also the comical one-liners you can hear from the Covenant Grunts and sometimes your surrounding Marines to lighten the mood.

One problem with sound can only be when Guilty Spark is talking, the phaser in-out effect on his voice along with the background music which sometimes can be a little loud can often drown out what he is saying, making the later parts of the story difficult to hear and understand.

These brutes are almost as common as Grunts…

-Graphics: The guys at Bungie have put a lot into Halo for the visual experience. Even though being notably improved and reworked, it still keeps that ‘Halo’ style that has worked so well, throughout the series.

Detail in characters is greatly improved on, with facial expressions and in Master Chiefs armor also. Lights and reflections shine of weapon scopes, and background lighting sets the immediate mood for the level ahead making the game feel more rich in its life-like look on war

-Gameplay: The controls and the way the game is played is fairly simple and easy to get hold of for new players. Veterans map need to take a minute to adjust themselves to the new button layout for picking up and dropping items, but other than that, controls are easy to pick up.

One thing noticeable about the Campaign missions is that, Halo 1 and 2 were big, but Halo 3…is just massive. Not only are the maps more complex and on a larger scale, even the backgrounds on the level add such a massive depth to the area your in, it just makes you sit and think…’Whoa, this looks almost like it could be real’

Because of the sheer size of the maps, sometimes you are given a small arrow on the hud with a distance of you and the objective, which is only visible, if your looking in the correct direction, this can be a little frustrating as the marker isn’t always shown, or it could be very hard to notice.

Within each of the levels are the trademark skulls to be found, which unlock extra features to play through the Campaign with, there’s also a mode to play through where you get points for how well you perform in the game, the skulls add to the points as multipliers…but make the game a lot more difficult to progress through.

New weapons have been added to spice up the arsenal including the Spartan Laser, Spyker pistols and the revamped Assault Rifle. As well as these, there is also a new grenade and the ‘equipment’ which can be deployed by pressing X. These vary from the bubble shield to trip mines. Another feature is the ability to use Turrets and be able to pull them off their stands and move with them. One downside to this is your ammo is then limited after its detached.

Other additions include the new Mongoose. This is a smaller version of the Warthog, its basically an ATV with room for a second person to stand behind and shoot from. These make getting around a lot more fun.

The online is very easy to get into and extremely varied in selection of games. With there being at least 3 variants of each game mode

, and then also the ability to have big teams, small teams or Free for all matches makes sure there’s something for everyone here, whether its capturing flags or working in pairs to get the highest kill count.

Multiplayer, since the beta has been greatly improved. Being able to create a party and join rooms together makes playing with/against your friends so much easier, in these parties you can switch from different modes like Forge, Campaign and Online multiplayer very easy without losing your party.

You can also customize your Online character with a range of colours, logos, and armor types which can be unlocked over the course of playing the game, some cant only be unlocked if you go into depth with finding some of the extra things in the game, but whatever your fancy, there’s all sorts of things for you.

Something that’s most notable about what’s new is the new Theatre mode, where the game will save at least 25 ‘instant replays’ of your most recent games either online, or offline. You can then record short clips or take pictures of your favorite moments in the game and share them to the world with the file sharing option you can choose. This file share, allows you to send Videos and clips to other people which is a great way to rub it in after nailing a headshot, or a humiliating beat down. Any pictures taken can also be sent to bungie.net and reached to a lot like Forza 2’s photo mode works, and also gives you a good way of showing your off your skills. Like so…

Reduced: 46% of original size [ 1536 x 1152 ] – Click to view full image

Boom! Headshot…

Forge is any multiplayer game available with a twist. You have a certain amount of cash and the ability to edit the map mid-game and give yourself new weapons, vehicles and even certain parts of scenery. If used correctly, this game mode could become extremely popular.

-Replay value/play time: With 4 difficulties for you to play through, the ability to have 16 players in either Campaign or online match. The ‘meta game’ feature and all the hidden extras in the game, this will having you loading up your Battle Rifle for a long time. The Campaign itself is fairly easy to play through and wont take more than 8 hours play for most people.

Online parties with friends will make the multiplayer more enjoyable and more sociable, and all fans will want to find all the secrets and extras hidden in the game, or its bonus discs. Depending on which version you bought.

Achievements accumulate to 1000 points and vary from completing levels and difficulties, to getting triple kills on Ranked Free for alls. Most are easy to collect and the online ones are just a matter of being in the right time, with the right weaponry. Hopefully, an additional 250 points will come available soon.

In co-op, everyone but player 1, controls a coloured Arbiter…

-Conclusion: After gathering over $300 million in sales in just one week. Its no challenge to wonder why Halo 3 is such a good game. Even with-out its die hard community, Halo 3 is a game which is a must have for anyone’s collection. Halo is something that will keep giving back the same thing play after play. And that is…quality. Whether for its online popularity, or its climax to the story that had people wanting to finish since Bungie had first announced its predecessors.

Halo 3 brings us the final chapter of the story and is definitely a game that not just Halo fans shouldn’t miss out on. Buy it. Whichever of the Editions take your fancy.

Rating 9.4

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