Assassins Creed II Battle of Forli DLC

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See the xbla review here

So, we’ve all played the spectacular Assassins Creed II by now, and it’s safe to say we all want more right? Well last month the first batch of DLC was released. The Battle of Forli.

The content follows the true story of the Battle of Forli and how Ezio comes into the possession of the apple. One of the first pieces of Eden.

Now, those of you looking for something of a relatively long story to keep our assassinating needs at bay look away now. Those who may have checked out the DNA thread (even back when the game launched) will already know that this DLC is only 6 missions long. Six missions are fair enough, if only there was a little more on the rewards side of thing right?

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The content starts up right away from your game save (unless your not past Memory 11) via Rebecca’s patch on the Animus 2.0 and starts with Di Vinci’ discussing the Apple and what powers it can hold, the apple is then taken to Catarina Sforza’s castle. Shortly after, Sforza, our female friend Ezio made early on in the game discovers that Forli is under attack and that the invaders are after her children in her castle. Ezio believes they may be after other things in now located at the castle.

Because I knew there were only 6 missions, I decided to take things slowly. I’d even keep my eyes out for the treasure chests and any more Feathers I may have missed whilst playing the game. Unfortunately, after completing the first mission, I was greeted with the ‘Accept’/’Decline’ screen for the next mission, only…there wasn’t a decline mission.

2 missions later, I was given the freedom to take a break from the main story and examine what else the DLC held, after noticing a ‘Special mission’ icon but in the north of Romagna. I made my way there.

When playing the main game, the parts with Da Vinci’s flying machine personally were the low lights of the game. Its inclusion just felt like a mere set piece and I was glad to see the back of it. With the special mission, we are granted with the flying machine to…well…fly over the rooftops of Romagna. Bonfires are lit around the entire city to keep you in flight if you wish to be, but there’s actually no ‘mission’ to it and nothing to actually gain from it. Unless you like the flying machine.

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After another 20 minutes of game play, unfortunately the DLC was over.

Whilst the DLC here is good for filling in the gap and only being 320 Microsoft Points, I was hoping for a little bit more on the rewards side or more things to do. Whilst the later missions include you using a bit more of the Romagna area and is also a good excuse to catch any hidden items you missed before its still just filling gaps so lets hope for more from the second piece (despite the DNA bridge being smaller for that memory!), the Bonfires of the Vanities. Out tomorrow.



Site update 14/11

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Completely forgot my Eurogamer coverage was sitting in my drafts sections, whilst it was up on XboxLiveaddicts it was sat gathering dust here!

Anyway, Eurogamer coverage of Split/Second, Avatar, Assassins Creed II and many more is up for your reading pleasure.

As well as that, the reviews of Wet, Sam and Max Season 2 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are live and ready for you.

Much more to come before Christmas including reviews of Operation Flashpoint, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, COD 1 and GTA’s Ballad of Gay Tony.

As well as that, expect photos from Eurogamer 09 to appear including the Inside Xbox video featured on the event, details on the Xtival competitions Im hosting near the end of this month and of course our Borderlands competition.

Eurogamer 09 Preview – Assassins Creed II

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Saturday morning I managed to plonk myself down and get a good bit of time in on Ubisofts Assassins Creed II. The game immediately shows promise with things like a much more speedier ability to ascend and manage obstacles and even the ability to swim! Raaay! After getting a little back into the rhythm of how the controls worked with changing from combat to free roam I was quickly back into assassinating rooftop guardians and take the fight to the streets with an insane amount of guards. With that, I discovered a the new disarm ability in which I’d take their weapon and be able to use it against them, and also a quick look at a new health item which can be used to knock up your health after a nasty fight or a bit of a dodgy ‘leap of faith’ whilst giving all that free running a go!

I also learned by a little slip that things as Desmond may get a little hairy as he has the ability to attack now, which means you wont be spending much time in that same old room anymore, woohoo!

Hopefully, as long as the game steers clear from the repetitive game play ACII will do even better than its predecessor.

Post Eurogamer 09

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What a weekend!

After attending both days of the London leg of Eurogamer Expo 09 Im A. Totally knackered. and B. Looking forward to tons of new games on thier way very shortly!

I got my hands on tons of new games to come soon and even replayed a few old ones, but the events been great fun. Met new people. Had a good laugh with some of the staff, and even met the boss in the flesh. Got to speak to a few devs and Im also aware of the effects of Sambuca on an empty stomach. (Nothing gross dont worry!)

Ill be using this post as a link hub to all the features I write up for Eurogamer, as well as a link to the video featuring me on Inside Xbox! Thats right, myself and Corporal Kitty had a bit of a chin wag with SuperKaylo on the Friday, so keep an eye out for more stuff to come!


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