Ace Combat Assault Horizon

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Now, most readers will know that back at Eurogamer Expo 2011, Ace Combat Assault Horizon didn’t exactly leave a good taste in my mouth after. In honesty, the visuals didn’t look up to scratch and the game play itself didn’t seem to really mimic that of previous Ace Combat titles. So is there gold on the horizon? Or a flaming wreck of fighter jet bits?


Eurogamer ’11 – Ace Combat Assault Horizon

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There’s really not enough flight combat simulation games these days. Well, in fairness, there never really has. But Ace Combat has always been at the forefront of it since day one. The series has been innovative and ever improving. Yet it’s been a little while since we last got our hands on the AC series…what’s changed?

In some areas, a lot. Yet in others, not much. It’s strange to say but they’ve added plenty to the game play. With new ‘dog fighting mode’ the game will take over control of the craft for you to allow you to zone in and take the enemy down with deadly precision. Additions like these are welcome, even if it does make the game a tad bit easier than normal.

Ace Combat 6 Fires of Liberation

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Take flight and dance with the angels…

Pretty much the longest running flight game in the industry, and probably the most popular, the guys at Namco brings it to next gen with their latest installment, load up your weapons and take evasive action! Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation is blasting onto your 360 in an explosive blur of action!

After a shower of meteors falling from the sky, the land of Estovakia was left in ruin and soon fell into a nationwide civil war, after a few years, the nation was overtaken by a government group known as ‘The Generals’ shortly after this, they saw it fit to invade neighboring country Emmersia. At the beginning of these attacks, Melissa, a wife of an Emmersian Fighter pilot overlooks the attack from her home, fearing for her husband and child’s safety and sets out to find them.

You play as the fighter pilot known by the call sign Talisman, leader of the two man team Garuda, with your wingman Shamrock you make part of the Emmersia Air Force and alongside them all, you take on the fight to push the Estovakian forces back to take back your country.

With a large amount of aircraft at your disposal each unlock able as you progress through the game you wont feel out-gunned as you fight enemy aircraft, ground units and even building structures throughout your missions. The style of play is like its predecessors in where you set up before the mission, start and can refuel and fix up your craft by going off the allotted battlefield to land on an air strip, they’ve also added these inside the main battlefield, whether you chose to make the extra trip, or risk being shot down mid-landing is up to you.

The games difficulty can be a bit on and off at times. Some missions you’ll find extremely hard to do, and then the one after it will be really easy then the next will be even harder.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Chillin’ out, maxin’ out, coolin’ out…

The missions usually consist of a main mission which can be completed by finishing the objective(s) in each level. These vary from taking down Air targets, Ground targets or a mixture of both, some may rely on your skills as a pilot as you may need to navigate round objects or accomplish impossible feats with your aircraft including flying at high speeds through caves and tunnels underground.

Controlling your aircraft is fairly easy, with triggers controlling your speed and the A and B buttons firing navigating your aircraft can be quite easy, which helps as whilst flying you can feel the resistance and G’s in each heavy turn and barrel roll you take.

Unfortunately, unlike its previous releases they had a 2 player split screen mode, in AC6 this has been removed but replaced with the online features. These online games modes like Team Battle and Battle Royale are your standard type Death matches only with BR being a FFA version, both are capable of holding 16 players with rooms that can be started on un-even teams to allow people to join mid way. Other modes include Siege Battle, an attacking and defending game with teams, and Co-op battle where you can bring your friends in to take part in co-op objectives.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

Showing off the guns…

With this, your also able to mask your voice to sound like the air-craft communications radio. This is quite cool, adds no other feature other than just making you sound really cool. However a down side to the multiplayer is no ranked style of placing people in rooms. This is a problem due to the fact that people who have finished the game on higher difficulties have access to more advanced and secret aircraft which when unlocked are also available in online. This means that the more experience with have a drastically huge advantage over the new-comers to the game who are just starting with the game and playing online.

To be able to hear trailing missiles and bullets shoot past your aircraft really does make you think ‘Wow that one was close!’ Even if you watched it narrowly miss you, just the sound of it literally buzzing past your ear really takes you into the cockpit. Likewise when flying past enemies you’ve just shot down, flying past closely really shakes the sound up so not only did you narrowly avoid being blown up, but you almost took yourself out crashing into a wreckage.

The game isn’t accompanied by much music besides the cut-scenes though hearing your squadron break formation in surround sound does indeed sound just great.

Flying over countryside and urban areas alike never looked so good. The photo-realistic scenery makes a beautiful backdrop for your attacks with air and ground targets alike. Something that has been greatly improved on is your aircraft looks and weapons. In previous games, the skies would look very clean and empty except for your forces and enemies, however now, smoke from your missiles and air from your aircraft moving through the air all make an imprint in the sky, and will stay there for a long period of time, this makes the battles feel a lot more alive, and the idea of things constantly going on, you can also use this to track your missiles through the air easier.

As well as this, the bright sun flare, weather and the now added thickness in clouds and explosions really bring even just flying around the area to life and a lot more challenging to play through. Small detail in the aircrafts also shows out really well. Something new is that damage briefly shows by a small flame on your hull which doesn’t always last for long.

Reduced: 90% of original size [ 800 x 450 ] – Click to view full image

These guys aren’t your typical red arrows…

Though for those of you who enjoy aviation and how it works, whilst pulling the high G maneuvers you’ll see how each part of your plane moves, from rudders to the wings, each part is as accurate as real life.

The single player spans over 15 missions, each which can last a good 45 minutes to an hour. The difficulty in even the easier settings will keep you trying and trying on some of the harder levels, and if its too easy for you, there’s 5 difficulties for you to unlock, 2 which are unlock able.

Whilst playing through the single player, there’s also medals to collect, which are awarded for how you play, and you’re also able to spend the money you earn from missions on more aircraft and paint-jobs for them.

Online has a lot of modes to try out, and play around with as well as the online achievements to keep you going through them.

A great game

to move into Next gen grounds with the Ace Combat series. Though definitely one for the AC fans, and those who prefer a modern approach to the likes of Blazing Angels. Can this game with all the added new features and gameplay be to enough attract new fans to the genre?

Rating: 7.3

Published by: Namco
Developed by: Project Aces
Genre: Flight Action
Features: Xbox Live

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