Operation Flashpoint: Red River

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Now, I had quite the bad experience with Operation Flashpoints previous adventure ‘Dragon Rising’ but the thing that got to me the most was that I really did want to get on with the game. It had a set-up to be a great tactical and most importantly co-op shooter, but it just failed to deliver to me in a lot of ways. So when Red River was announced I kept my ears and my heart open for Flashpoints second chance to win me over.

Like Dragon Rising, Red River is a brutal kick to the teeth to anyone who considers themselves as a hardcore FPS player. In some cases, you may actually be a hardcore FPS player who may find this statement moot. But Operation Flashpoint has been known to bring even the biggest players to tears. Its constant large scale combat mixed with realistic weapon accuracy and even more realistic damage hit points gives a more heavier approach to what most gamers may have expected to be yet another gun-ho approach to war. You’ll definitely feel the pressure when enemies are flowing over the hills and you’re blindly shooting whilst trying to not only save your own ass, but three other soldiers part of your fire team. Red River, whilst a little bit easier than Dragon Rising, still gives you quite a hard time and wont feel bad about bullying you, stealing your lunch money and fornicating with your mother after either.


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