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Unfortunately, I’ve not been lucky enough so far in my writing to be able to attend E3 in person to be able to cover and write how I’d like to for the event so until then, Ill keep using Eurogamer Expos as practise runs.

Still, this year I’ve been covering the Xbox 360 side of it as well as I can for both twitter and the site xboxliveaddicts.co.uk via posting videos of trailers, interviews, demonstrations and such as they come (courtesy of Gametrailers) as well as a collection of screenshots for select titles from the Xbox press site.

Its hard work doing it alone, not to mention with limited resources being only a forum site AND a fansite so if your on the hunt for all things Xbox 360 and E3 related, please check it out, have a search through the forum threads, find the games you like and feel free to have a bit of a chin wag about it. Because theres still plenty of it to go in the next couple of days.



Reviews and such to resume shortly. Thanks.




Thats one hell of an update.

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So back in September I said I’d update. I forgot again. So here we are. 3 months down the line and 44 articles later. That covers reviews and the Eurogamer 2011 Expo coverage too. Phew.

Much more to come before the year is up mind and hopefully much more new and interesting things coming in the year. Cant say just yet!!

Also, if your here from facebook, I do apologise for all the wordpress spam. I forgot about it!

Eurogamer N Stuffs

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Got some big updates to come. Ive been saying I’d do it for awhile now and since Eurogamer has now finished and the articles I’ve been writing have been going up all week, I figured I’d stick em up here asap too. Expect them shortly. Until then, check them out here. http://www.xboxliveaddicts.co.uk/forums/forum/374-reviews-features/

March 2011 Update

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Is been a long time since I’d gotten round to updating a few things here, so I’m glad I’ve finally gotten round to it.

General site is still quite basic, and will do until anything major happens. The site is basic, but it shows off what you all want to see and links you back to the correct people without upsetting anyone.

Also ran a quick check with review Splatterhouse and the format seems to stay put, so Ill be able to continue posting more than just ‘Click here’ for each review now which is good. At the bottom of each post sits a few sharing tools for you to use freely including Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/StumbleUpon and Digg, please dont forget to use these.

Other news reguarding the site and myself, is that Ill be looking to write a lot more often, mainly just to improve my writing in general and also sharpen my proof reading skills, as annoyingly they seemed to have dulled down. Not good If im going to get anywhere. Not only that but Ill be working on sharpening my interviewing skills also as more and more bands line up from my EA Artwerk friends.

Im looking out for perculiar named games as Im X Y Z and Q from having a review on each letter of the alphabet and I’ve also been using the Xbox Xperts quite a lot to help out where I can.

Shout out to the guys at Codemasters for sending me a Operation Flashpoint Red River T shirt, ill put a post up of that soon!

See you all soon.

All messed up

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Seems updating the blog to feature my most recent interviews and reviews has borked the hell out of the layout of my site.

Will sort out when I have time soon.

Hadouken Competition

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Check out the competition here

Hadouken Competition!

In conjunction with our interview with the UK sensations Hadouken who are the newest addition to EA Artwerks ever expanding talent roster. We have an exclusive giveaway for one lucky winner!

You could come walking away with both Hadouken albums, the newly released ‘For The Masses’ and their groundbreaking debut ‘Music For An Accellerated Culture’ along with a Hadouken T-shirt!

Two other runners up with make away with a shirt each! And it’s all by just answering a simple question!

Which drum and bass/dubstep artists helped produce Hadoukens newest album ‘For The Masses’?

Send your answers along with your Xboxliveaddicts account name in an email to mechrxbla(at)live(dot)co(dot)uk

Competition ends on 12th May. Any entries after this date will be void. UK residents and Xboxliveaddicts members are only eligible in this competition. Winners will be selected at random.

Xbox Live Party: Scrap Metal

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For this week, Xboxliveaddicts.co.uk are the proud hosts working with XCN to present the arcade title Scrap Metal to the work during the Xbox Live Party’s promotion of Games Room later this month. Last week was Toy Soldiers, Next will be Perfect Dark. And this week, starting March 10th until March 17th. Xbla is the place to be for all the arcade action and chances to win some of the awesome prizes we have (we’ve got tons of Scrap Metal codes to give away!)

We will have a series of competitions running over the week, our first one is up. Follow this link for a chance to win!

Check out the review of Scrap Metal.

Updated for 2010

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Well thats the site updated and ready for the start of 2010, heres to more bigger and better things for both myself and video games.

Still got a few reviews to start the year off with and an interview with Airbourne, so keep checking back, hopefully 2010 might see more music from me!

Follow me at @Mechanicalr and xboxliveaddicts.co.uk

Winter Xtival Day 1

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As I’ve been apart of Xtival since the very beginning back in 07, the response has definately snowballed into something quite popular.

The steward program was put in system to help people out during the Xtival event when the second Xtival was launched in 08. Back then, the Stewards had it relatively easy as Xtival was still a new thing. The Summer Xtival in mid 09 however was a sign of things too come. This one, the Winter event is even more relentless with the onslaught of gamers and questions, which is great, its what we signed up for. We’re here to help.

Strangely enough the entire UK team of Stewards are…XBLA staff, which makes things easier in a way, cos we all know that everyones working hard, and its better than last time when i was just working with one other person who wasnt really pulling thier weight.

So, this seasons Steward team consists of Myself (Mechanical R), Kristian2008, BDRDaz, NBKRooney and xXR4GT4GXx.

So feel free to ask us a message, you can get hold of us either through our Gamertags, Xboxliveaddicts.co.uk or Xbox.com, where theres a help thread that I and Kris work through.

Either way, theres plenty more to do for the weekend, more comps and tournaments to host and take part in, and obviously more questions to answer!

Previous Xtival Involvement: (For my relcolection more than anyone elses :D)

Xtival 07 – Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FFA Tournament

Xtival 08 – Steward (First started)

Xtival 08 – Burnout Paradise Tournament

Xtival 08 –  Rock Band 2 Battle of the Bands

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Lips Battle of the Vox Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Winter) -Tekken 6 Knockout Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Beatles Rock Band Competition

Site update 14/11

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Completely forgot my Eurogamer coverage was sitting in my drafts sections, whilst it was up on XboxLiveaddicts it was sat gathering dust here!

Anyway, Eurogamer coverage of Split/Second, Avatar, Assassins Creed II and many more is up for your reading pleasure.

As well as that, the reviews of Wet, Sam and Max Season 2 and Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are live and ready for you.

Much more to come before Christmas including reviews of Operation Flashpoint, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits, COD 1 and GTA’s Ballad of Gay Tony.

As well as that, expect photos from Eurogamer 09 to appear including the Inside Xbox video featured on the event, details on the Xtival competitions Im hosting near the end of this month and of course our Borderlands competition.

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