Mass Effect 3 Demo

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I am genuinely sure that I’m probably alone in this statement but I am finding it hard to get excited for Mass Effect 3. No doubt the games are great and ME2 was a fantastic sequel but with Mass Effect 3 I just can’t seem to get overly excited.

Perhaps I don’t have the Mass Effect bug, or maybe it’s because I play a lot of other games in between which fails to keep the Effect fires burning, but for me, this demo was mainly to try and help kindle the embers and get me back in the mass mood.




Eurogamer ’11 – Metal Gear Solid HD Collection MGS2/MGS3/Peace Walker

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With all the HD remakes coming out at the end of this year, it was surprising to see only a handful of HD remakes playable at Eurogamer. With only the Shadow of Colossus/Ico collection and Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater/Peace Walker, it was a little empty on the re-release side.

If anything that definitely made me want to get in on the HD remake action, having not played Ico and Shadows of Colossus before, I turned to more familiar ground, the Metal Gear Solid series.

That said, I never actually got to play Snake Eater when it originally came out. Nor Peace Walker. But I used to play Metal Gear back in the day, so that definitely counts. Right?

Eurogamer ’11 – Battlefield 3

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A floor stealer for me this year was definitely Battlefield 3, partly because I enjoyed it a lot, and partly because they had a ton of the consoles running it. It literally stole the floor. Alongside Modern Warfare 3. These two games generated an insane amount of activity and the queues for both were incredibly long. The only other game generating THAT much attention would have been Skyrim.

Available at the show was both single player and the multiplayer. The single player was a short excerpt from level Operation Guillotine, a night time level set on storming a city complex. The level didn’t show off a great deal of what we can expect and even though the TV’s settings were ridiculously dark, it still boasted some incredibly good graphics for some vibrant and effective firefights. The city area didn’t show off the games immersive sound all that well, but with all the background noise of the show, it was sometimes hard to tell.

Eurogamer ’11 – Ghost Recon Future Solider

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Finally, Ghost Recon Future Solider in a playable form. I don’t know about any of you guys, but as good of a game as Splinter Cell Conviction was, I’m only really holding onto it because of the promise of the beta for this game. It’s a little saddening to say we probably wont ever get round to that beta, but it’s about damn time we got to get our hands on this title.

Eurogamer ’11 – SSX

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My time with SSX hit two things home for sure. First, SSX definitely does look good. It’s got some great visual effects which really resonate throughout the mountain scope, from dark and treacherous mountain faces, to more upbeat light hearted early dawn runs down a playful freestyle section, not to mention everything in between. SSX does well in creating some nice scenes. What it didn’t do so well, is handle. At all.

There’s something a little not quite right with the handling of our rider. Turning became quite sporadic and when hurtling down a mountain at high speeds, it’s not that all easy. Its possibly the speed that created the issue, there seemed to be this hidden gruelling force of gravity forcing you to go down the mountain as quickly as possible. Granted, gravity IS what’s usually causing you to go down a mountain, but it seemed that someone had pushed the gravity button on full, so rather than a gentle slide down the mountain, you’re being viciously pulled. There was almost no time to really stop or slow down and you just seemed to go in the general direction you were being made to rather than chose. I often found myself fighting the pad to get my rider to turn where I wanted them to go, and if they didn’t, it was usually off a cliff, or into something which got me stuck, which was also something very easy to do.

Gears Of War 3 Multiplayer Beta

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Two weeks in and the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta is booming with customers. With the VIP’s and Bulletstorm code owners having chainsaw’d, shotgunned and executed their evenings away for the past two weeks, those of you who pre-ordered a copy of Gears 3 will now be allowed to join in the masses and try out the beta for yourself, so what’s new in the world of Sera and what can you guys expect from one of the Xbox 360’s biggest trilogies ever?

Gears of War 3 was originally planned to hit us this month however due to the dates being pushed back to September, this gave Epic the perfect chance to try out the new additions to the gears competitive multiplayer to make it as balanced and iron out any bugs ready for day one. The beta has been going for a few weeks already but as the beta progresses, more and more game types and maps will become available, currently only Team Deathmatch, this standard game type is familiar to all, however the Gears take on it gives teams a pool of lives, once those lives are depleted, its one life left for each on that team, bringing back those tense moments of being the last man standing from Gears 1 we all knew and desperately wanted to avoid. The other game types are Capture the Leader, a game type similar to Assassination and King of the Hill, a territories based favourite from Gears 2 fandom.

Eurogamer ’11 – Joe Danger The Movie

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Joe Danger was the answer to the Playstation Networks lack of Trials HD. Whilst in no way as serious or as hard, Joe Danger, everyones favourite comic bike riding stunt man managed to give Playstation 3 owners a good taste at some fun and addictive stunt bike gaming. Now, Joe Danger has returned, with a movie!

Obviously, it’s pretty easy to assume Joe Danger is now the stuntman for a series of scenes/movies. What this instantly does is allow Joe Danger to try his hand at different means of transport. Available at the show was Mine Cart Joe, Snowmobile Joe, Police Bike Joe, Ski Joe and Jetpack Joe. Those aren’t his official names, but I made them up for easy reference. What’s cool about all these new ‘vehicles’ is that the game play, and in most cases the controls don’t change and still remain such a breeze to play.

Eurogamer ’11 – Ninja Gaiden 3

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I was weary when deciding to play Ninja Gaiden 3. Having not actually finished #2 and also having broken a laptop in a fit of rage because of it. You can begin to see why I was a little nervous to pick up the pad. For mine and electrical goods safety.

Though something wasn’t entirely right with NG3, whilst it still remained quite hard, it seemed to be slipping a little in both visuals and the combat. Visuals wise, the game appeared to be very fuzzy around edges and blurry around fast moving characters, which in our case was Hayabusa. Perhaps the developers are taking a little less gory route this time as we’d cut through 10 people and they still kept all their limbs. Blood a plenty however someone at the design office seemed to have toned things down a little this time. The almost crazy sense of style and comic approach to casual dismemberment and gore has almost gone.

Eurogamer ’11 – Rage

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Rage has been a hard one these past few months. It’s tried so hard but just hasn’t brought it the audience it needs. Its major issue is that of being classed as too generic.

That may sound a little bit harsh but this was my general opinion regarding Rage before I even picked it up. After playing it, the game didn’t grab me and give me a memorable enjoyable experience. Sure the game does well in looking good. It’s presentable and gives a nice variety in weapons and settings but it just doesn’t scream out for players to try it.

Eurogamer ’11 – Lord of the Rings: War in the North

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It’s been a long time since a Lord of The Rings title has done well. I remember back when the RPG style action combat games, Two Towers and Return of the King were at the top of their game, drawing in big crowds of not just LOTR fans, but fans of good fighting games with a comfortable sense of RPG elements to them. So what happened?

We had a fair few new attempts at the franchise, but none really stepped it up on the winning combination that the previous titles had, so here we have War in the North. LOTR’s new actions combat role playing game. Wayhey???

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