Renegade Ops

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When a mysterious villain known as Inferno threatens the world with global destruction of the fiery hot kind, the only option for the government is to fold to his dastardly plans. However one man in charge of the armed forces, Major Bryant believes there is a better, more direct way to deal with this threat and so his team of renegades are gathered to save the world from this flaming threat.

It’s strange how addictive these top down shooters actually are. Those familiar with arcade titles such as Assault Heroes will be instantly accustomed to how the game plays. With that said, it’s not hard at all to get used to it. Left Stick drives and moves right stick shoots. Simple. Extra controls include a simple boost button along with the two triggers. Left activating the characters special ability/weapon and right using any secondary weapon you may stumble upon amidst your travels. The vehicles simple one stick drive makes them such a breeze to manoeuvre around. It also means you won’t get stuck in corners of the map either, and if you DO manage to get yourself wedged, it’s almost always a simple push of the stick to get yourself out of it.


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