Final Fantasy XIII

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With Final Fantasy 14 well on its way, its time to have a quick look at the JRPG of 2010 that has been rocking fans since the beginning of the year. Final Fantasy XIII.

Back in the day, I loved Final Fantasy 7, but I always used to think ‘damn, this game would be so much easier to play if I didn’t have to read all the dialogue’ Here, Final Fantasy 13 has full dialogue sequences, but they’re not exactly well written. 70% of the dialogue in the scenes are actually just your typical anime gasps or usually with females, rather orgasmic noises. Or then there’s the other noise people make, rather than saying ‘yes, your right there Terrance’, or ‘no I don’t think we should do that’ half of it is replaced with ‘Ugh’s or. ‘Mmm!’ this is a little troubling, especially since the dialogue is pretty much 100% of the storytelling, so a lot of the time, its pretty awkward to follow, and following the story is far from being easy.

Its as if the writer had already set the scene in about three previous books, so when characters start talking about the fal’ce the l’cie and this and that, its almost like we are expected to know what the hell they are on about from the get go. If you really care enough for the FF13 story, there’s an encyclopedia which is updated after ever cut scene so you can look up all the crap they talked about and might be in with a chance of understanding what on earth is happening.

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