Eurogamer ’11 – SSX

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My time with SSX hit two things home for sure. First, SSX definitely does look good. It’s got some great visual effects which really resonate throughout the mountain scope, from dark and treacherous mountain faces, to more upbeat light hearted early dawn runs down a playful freestyle section, not to mention everything in between. SSX does well in creating some nice scenes. What it didn’t do so well, is handle. At all.

There’s something a little not quite right with the handling of our rider. Turning became quite sporadic and when hurtling down a mountain at high speeds, it’s not that all easy. Its possibly the speed that created the issue, there seemed to be this hidden gruelling force of gravity forcing you to go down the mountain as quickly as possible. Granted, gravity IS what’s usually causing you to go down a mountain, but it seemed that someone had pushed the gravity button on full, so rather than a gentle slide down the mountain, you’re being viciously pulled. There was almost no time to really stop or slow down and you just seemed to go in the general direction you were being made to rather than chose. I often found myself fighting the pad to get my rider to turn where I wanted them to go, and if they didn’t, it was usually off a cliff, or into something which got me stuck, which was also something very easy to do.


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