March 2011 Update

March 14, 2011 at 9:19 pm | Posted in Update posts | Leave a comment
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Is been a long time since I’d gotten round to updating a few things here, so I’m glad I’ve finally gotten round to it.

General site is still quite basic, and will do until anything major happens. The site is basic, but it shows off what you all want to see and links you back to the correct people without upsetting anyone.

Also ran a quick check with review Splatterhouse and the format seems to stay put, so Ill be able to continue posting more than just ‘Click here’ for each review now which is good. At the bottom of each post sits a few sharing tools for you to use freely including Twitter/Facebook/Reddit/StumbleUpon and Digg, please dont forget to use these.

Other news reguarding the site and myself, is that Ill be looking to write a lot more often, mainly just to improve my writing in general and also sharpen my proof reading skills, as annoyingly they seemed to have dulled down. Not good If im going to get anywhere. Not only that but Ill be working on sharpening my interviewing skills also as more and more bands line up from my EA Artwerk friends.

Im looking out for perculiar named games as Im X Y Z and Q from having a review on each letter of the alphabet and I’ve also been using the Xbox Xperts quite a lot to help out where I can.

Shout out to the guys at Codemasters for sending me a Operation Flashpoint Red River T shirt, ill put a post up of that soon!

See you all soon.


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