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Click here for full interview.

This week I got the chance to speak with Liverpool based four piece, Ladytron to see what their plans are for the upcoming year of 2011.

Mechanical R: How did Ladytron come together as a band?
We all met in Liverpool in 1999 through mutual friends and hanging out at the same bars and liking some of the same music, we just wanted to make music we all liked and no one was really making it.

MR: How far through the recording process of Ladytron 00-10 are you now?
It’s all finished. There are 2 new tracks on there, including Ace of Hz. We’ve only just finished the 5th studio album as well

MR: Will this album differ from your previous work?
I think so. The core of the music remains the same but it is a different sounding collection of songs. I think it sounds more expansive but understated, and there is more fragility to these songs. It’s definitely less ‘electro’.

MR: You have quite a unique sound as a band, how would you describe Ladytron to new listeners.
Well we’ve been doing this for 10 years now we keep on reminding ourselves. When we first started, not many people listened to electronic music apart from dance music and since then, electronic sounds have crossed over in such a huge way, it seems like it was never any different. We were never pioneers or anything, but I think we were part of a new wave of interest in using synthesized sounds in independent music.

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Click here for full interview.


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