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The world of Peggle has finally hit Playstation, after being available on Xbox 360 for quite awhile, our Peggle pressures are relieved finally with the full game available for download on the Playstation Network. Pop Cap Games, developers of the crazy time sapping Bejewelled 2 have done it again. Prepare to get addicted.

If your unfamiliar to that of Peggle, the game plays simplicity is what will often keep you glued to the screen. Each level has a certain amount of small coloured pegs on the screen. You must launch your pinball at these pegs to hit them. Hitting them will score points and then remove them come the next ball. There are blue pegs which give you points, but the orange pegs are what you’re really after. Clearing a stage of orange pegs is basically the aim of the game. Grabbing as many blue ones on your way is what will sweeten your deal and let you rack in the points, so it’s perfectly reasonable to get tactical with your shots.

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With each character comes special skill shots. Amongst the mass of blue and orange pegs lie 2-3 green pegs. Hitting these will bring your skill shot into play. This can range between multiple balls, pinball like flippers or even Zen shots where the computer will gauge the best possible outcome from what shot you make.

You can also increase the amount of balls in your play by earning over 25k points with one shot, or even landing your ball in the moving hole at the bottom of the screen, grabbing more balls to play with will increase your massive scores, and increase your chances of getting all the pegs.

That’s enough about playing with balls. Ahem.

The game has a very calm take to it and it’s quite relaxing to play; this is notable through the gentle breezy music and just the visuals on a whole. Though personally, I’m not to keen on the unicorn, but hey, Unicorns aren’t my sorta thing, perhaps they’re yours? Even so, whether there are unicorns, beavers or aliens on the screen, it’s all glazed over by just being glued to those pegs. Must. Get. All of them.

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The games adventure mode is of a fairly short length, where the later levels will consume the most of your time. This however is more of a tutorial for all the individual power-ups, as your real challenge will lay in the quite suitably named challenge mode. Here is where you’ll really be tested, and there are plenty of them to keep you going.

With the launch of Peggle on the PSN, it was also accompanied with the DLC launch of Peggle Nights which further continues the challenges; this is available for purchase on the Network.

If its trophies you’re after, you’ll also be in quite a tricky situation as majority of them are quite hard to the Peggle amateur. It could take a little longer than you’d think to get some of these in your trophy collection.

Peggle is a crazy addictive arcade title with plenty of challenge to keep the game a common appearance on your XMB. Definitely worth the cash if you enjoy a good puzzle game.



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