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Read Xbla review here

Take a look at any of the screenshots accompanying this review for Slide Colors and you’ll instantly begin reeling off tones of different arcade puzzle games you’ve played before and think this is impersonating. I wont blame you, as at the time before playing, my research led me to assume I was about to play Bejeweled or something of that nature. Whilst there are similarities, I was in for a bit of a shock.

Many of you would have played that of Bejeweled, or something similar. Join 3 of the same blocks together, ta da, you’re a winner. So you can imagine my surprise when I found myself a block to move into a trio to find that entire row shifted along with it. Yeah, I was treated with my glorious explosion and the need to find more of the same, but wha?! I’ve got full control of the board!

Posted Image

The games appearance is very smooth and has a bit of an old school arcade style to it.
Complete with sounds that just make you feel like you’re playing on a Game Boy again, only we can see the screen better, and Mario isn’t hiding on it somewhere. Sneaky plumbers…

The game has three game types with two difficulties. The Hard mode is unlocked after completing each mode on the normal mode, so if you find yourself hooked in Slide Colors, you’ll be there for a fair while. The game types include…

First type is the real puzzle game that were talking about, which involves usually a sparingly empty grid with a selection of different colored boxes and a square on the grid matching that color. Using your full control of both the rows and columns, you must make sure every box gets in the corresponding grid slot. On paper, this sounds insultingly easy. However once you get a couple of levels in. You’ll find yourself with more boxes, less time, and a lot more moving about when you start sliding those colors around, maximum brain power needed here folks. Time Attack is a little more familiar. In which players must make combinations of 3 or more of the same icon using all the moveable rows and columns. Doing so earns points, and you must earn a specific number of points to go to the next round. As you go, you’ll find more ways of helping like, clearing entire rows and columns for points and some boxes which prevent those rows with the boxes in from being moved at all. The last game type is basically just the normal game. However progressing to the next level requires you to have made at least one combo on every block in the grid. Whilst there are unlimited amounts of moves you can make. The clock ticking will keep you on your toes to make sure you get all the grids lights knocked out in time.

Posted Image

It’s a first for XboxLiveAddicts to be reviewing an Indie Developed game available off the Marketplace, and hopefully won’t be the last. The game sadly doesn’t scream out any form of replayablity, nor is it really that rewarding to play. On top of this, the website claims the game has achievements. However the achievements screen is only available as ‘awards’ in the menu and there’s no achievement score anywhere in the game. So whilst definitely worth a demo to see if it grabs you, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the developer, who hopefully has more to come.



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