DJ Hero – David Guetta DLC Pack

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DJ Hero is just beginning on its way with supporting DLC, to set the ball rolling the guys at Freestyle games hooked up with David Guetta in this 3 track pack of nightclub familiars to keep our DJ’ing days going fresh. But what if you’re not a Guetta fan? And hell, what songs are on the pack?

So, first track up is ‘When Love Takes Over’ Featuring Kelly Rowland. Whilst it was a popular one on the radio, the song on DJ Hero is a tad long and a little bit on the boring side. Before I continue, you may have noticed the track is just the one song. Which is correct, as all 3 of these songs aren’t ‘mixed’ in with any other song, rather remixed to be a little bit longer and to utilize some of the DJ Hero traits like scratching. You’ll have one track playing say the vocals. The opposite doing the tune, and obviously the middle red track playing any samples featured in the original song (or your own when you get the option to) but this isn’t really a problem. As the remixed versions all do sound pretty good. And let’s facing it, mixing these tracks with others would mean DLC would take a pretty long time!

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The second track is that of ‘On The Dancefloor’ featuring Will.I.Am & Apl.De.Ap…Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are, whilst the song is solid its by far the lesser interesting of songs, both to listen to and to play. Its involves more techniques like throwing that cross fader around like a loon even on Medium, but the song just doesn’t really get anything flowing for that matter, so whilst its good for a bit of technique practice, this ones probably just for the Guetta fans.

Finally on the pack we have the most popular of the three and if you haven’t heard this whilst at a nightclub, then your either too young to be at them, or your going to some rather mundane clubs. Either way, ‘Sexy Chick’ featuring Akon is the best of the three to play. It’s at the right sort of length to endure and has a good overall use of all the different techniques. Not only that but the remix of the song actually sounds pretty good and would be something that would probably get a crowd going if you were to be playing the game with friends, or just having it on in the background of a party. Dayum gurl!

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Installing the pack is easy. Whilst all the songs will get added to the song list when your picking your best tunes to play, there will also be a ‘David Guetta Pack’ set list amongst all the set-lists you’d play through the main ‘campaign’. The stars you earn will also go to your fancy unlockables. If you haven’t already unlocked them yet.

We’ve yet to hit the spot where DLC comes out for DJ Hero on a more regular basis but I’m sure we will be looking at something a little more constant very soon. So if you fancy starting to build the collection, start here with the David Guetta pack!


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