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It’s fair to say Bayonetta will get mixed responses from different people. Some will completely love it. Some will find it difficult to really understand or some will just find it mind blowingly too much to really handle at one time. When really, it’s probably a mixture of all three.

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Given the way Bayonetta decides to tell us players the story, I can’t really give away much without spoiling anything. The general jist that we learn in the first few chapters is Bayonetta, a witch and only one of her kind suddenly awoke from sleep 20 odd years ago with no recollection of her past, since then, she’s been bouncing between the living plane and Purgatory fighting off angels n such coming to collect her, until she’s led on a path to find the ‘Eyes of the world’ which induces small flashbacks along the way.

Now if you’ve ever played Devil May Cry (more notably the first one) you’ll immediately find similarities between the two. That would be as its directed by the same fellow who directed and created DMC, so for you ‘I’m still waiting for a true sequel to Devil May Cry’ gamers out there, Bayonetta might be for you.

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The reason I say that is because there’s tons of things that are right from the original DMC. Sights, sounds even to the little information you get regarding each new enemy you encounter. Personally, it’s what caused me to grow to like it more.

Typical with your usual hack and slash game, you’ll soon be chopping and shooting your way through hordes of unplesantries with ease. Different to that of most hackers the combos and difficulty of pulling off impressive feats on your foes is relatively easy and simple to orchestrate.

My one gripe with the controls is the evade button being the right trigger. This puts your hand out of balance as you’ll have one finger hovering over that button, another holding the right bumper to lock onto your enemies and another mashing away at the X/Y/B buttons to unleash hell. You sort of get used to it after awhile, but its pretty irritating and something that could have been corrected should they have allowed the ability to change the control scheme.

Combat wise, it’s pretty crazy at times. At points, there can be so much going on at one time, it’s almost impossible to really collect your thoughts and have a battle plan, making dodging and countering attacks very difficult. The ‘Torture attacks’ are fun, but very much ‘Japanese Over the top’ which makes it interesting, but the over the top tones also bleed into other areas.

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That’s right; it’s not a proper Japanese originated game unless there’s some unnecessary sexual reference or moments within the game. This could be the fact your character is actually covered in hair and gets nude during large combos or massive Torture attacks, or this could be the focus of certain enemies exposed areas. All in all. It’s just a little too much at times. Sometimes, it’s just a little embarrassing to play, and definitely not something you could really sit down and play with the parents watching. ‘What mum? Oh yeah, that was just an enemy I killed. She was naked you say? Ahem, oh no, definitely not. No, no you couldn’t see any of that. Honest.’

A counter argument for that, also is the ott side of it also sees some comical anime like actions in some of the cut scenes, worth a bit of a chuckle. So it’s a double edged sword in that sense.

As always with these games, that and being Japanese you’ll instantly find yourself fighting through a flurry of imaginative and creative settings making the areas all feel a lot more different and diverse.

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There’s a lot of music to Bayonetta, like usual there’s your main key fight music and it doesn’t really suit the mood. It kind of flutters on in the background, and is only really a good indication of when there’s any enemies around that you haven’t yet defeated.

The main game is relatively long. A good 12-14 hours will get you through on Normal difficulty. With no Multiplayer, you’ll have to play through a few more times to unlock all the extra items and achievements in the game. And there is never anything wrong with that.

Overall Bayonetta is a great game. But there’s still a small side of the game that people may not buy into. The sheer over the top ness of it, or even some of the possibly seen perverted ‘Japanese girly’ moments might just be a little bit too much. That’s if you can handle all that’s going on the screen at the time. It gets pretty crazy.



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