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Yet another awesome exclusive from EA Artwerk, this time. Australian hailing rockers Airbourne had some time between tours to sit down and have a chat about video games and their new album. Bassist Justin Street answers…


Mechanical R: When you first hit the scene, people very quickly related you to the sound of AC/DC has something like this had a good impact? Is it a sound you were going for? Or do you take it more as a compliment?
Justin Street: We definitely take it as a compliment, we love AC/DC they are one of the best bands of all time. We are influenced by them a lot but we just wanna make the best most hardest rocking music we can.

MR: How has the writing/recording process in your new album No Guts. No Glory. differed from Runnin’ Wild?
I think we had a much better idea of exactly what we wanted to do this time around. We knew how every thing should sound and how the songs should be put together so that they really rocked. We also did a lot of the writing on the road while touring over the last couple of years which made pre production a lot easier and when it was time to write the record we just had to put everything together.

MR: Have you actively seeked to produce an album with a different sound/style or has the fundamentals behind your music stayed the same for album #2?
The fundamentals and style have stayed the same, we never want to change that we always want to be a rock n roll band, we just wanted this album to sound bigger and better and be full of the best songs we could write.

MR: Do you have a favourite track from the new album? If so, why?
JS: My favorite track on the album is It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over because it is the fastest song we have ever written, and it’s so fun to play. I think it’s around 230 bpms

MR: What does 2010 have in store for Airbourne?
2010 will be a massive year of touring for us. We are going to tour every where, we are going to get back to all the places we have been and a lot of new places. We will probably go all through 2011 too.


MR: The list of video games featuring Airbourne tracks is getting quite long, how did you get involved in EA Artwerk to begin with?
We met the guys there and they really got what we were doing and really wanted to get behind us and help us achieve our goals.

MR: Are there any special benefits to being with Artwerk besides having your songs in video games?
We get loads of free games and stuff. You got to love free s**t.

MR: Do you feel having your songs featured on and (in Rock Bands case) playable, makes gaming a platform for music to get across to more and new fans?
Yeah it definitely helps get our music out to more people. It gets people into us and music in general that probably wouldn’t otherwise.

MR: Are there any EA titles you’d really like to feature in coming out soon?
The Medal Of Honor games are all awesome it would be cool blasting enemy soldiers to one of our own songs. Or Dantes Inferno smashing demons to a rock song. Rad.

Posted Image
Far right- Justin Street.


MR: Are you guy’s big gamers?
Yeah we love games, there are a lot of hours to waste away when on tour, video games make those hours fun.

MR: If so, which consoles and games are you currently playing?
We have got an X Box 360 and a Playstation 3 but I have been getting right in to Left For Dead 2 on X Box. It’s awesome love the gore.

MR: How does it feel to be playing a video game only to have one of your own tracks start playing?
We are on heaps I don’t even know how many i’ll be playing a random game and one of our songs will just come on it’s really cool.

MR: Are there any titles you’re looking forward to coming in 2010?
Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks awesome can’t wait to play that.

MR: Thanks for your time!

Find Airbournes tracks on EA Titles like Need For Speed: Undercover, Skate, Madden NFL 10 and downloadable tracks on Rock Band 1/2.

Airbournes new album ‘No Guts. No Glory.’ Is available via Roadrunner Records on March 8, 2010 and their latest single “No Way But the Hard Way” is available for download via iTunes now.


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