Mini Ninjas

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Long has it been since an original idea has come across for a younger audience. Hopefully Mini Ninja’s might be the first of many? Why? Cos grown ups love kiddie games just as much as they do.

Long ago, in a galaxy far…wait not quite. Once upon a time…that’s better. A Samurai Warlords castle was destroyed, bringing peace across the land. Years later, terrible storms begun taking hold of the land and animals began being seen mysteriously captured, A Ninja Master fears the evil Samurais return, he sends his best ninjas out to investigate, and he hears nothing. More and more ninjas are sent out, all are not heard of. The Master is then worried as his last hope, Hiro (someone pat the writer on the back for that one) a small ninja, who is last sent to find out what’s going on, and where all his fellow ninja’s are at.

Now that’s as kiddie as it gets. Which is good, as this is where us grown ups can get into it. The game play is pretty simple. With large maps to climb and wonder through, the game has plenty of hidden things that you need to collect. Collecting items is quite a key thing in this game, so OCD’s rejoice. Whilst there are hidden items and flowers to collect, there’s also the idea of finding your fellow ninjas and kicking some evil samurai butt.

The enemies are quite well spread. With a fair amount of diverse enemies with specific weapons, it instantly eliminates your ‘Halo gene’ to go running in shooting first. Or in this case, chopping. Now I mention Halo, if you enjoyed the Grunts little conversations, some of what the samurais come out with is also quite funny too!

The combat system is very simple and easy to gather, basically, hit X to chop everything up, hold Y for a special charge attack, and if you want to get a little tactical, pull your right trigger to use some Ninja magic spells to aid yourself.

Now, the reason the evil samurai is stealing animals, is by some force of ninja ability, he’s turning the animals into the evil samurais you encounter and fight. Which will solve your puzzle look when you’ve taken out a fleet of enemies and then sit in awe as to why you’ve gone from Ninja Assassin to Dr Doolittle surrounded by wild animals. These animals, with your ninja magic can also be controlled. The animals can sometimes move a little faster, but more importantly highlight all collectable items like statues and flowers with purple smog. This will aid you in finding all those pesky items.

As you save your ninja friends this also unlocks them for playable use. Which they cant use magic like Hiro, there all have their own perks and quirks that may become useful against particular enemies or certain situations where a more tactical approach may suffice.

The games visuals take a lean towards cartoon-like, but then take a large step back to still keep it in a computerised sense, this gives the game a bit of a relaxed pace, its still a good looking game, firmly trying to look like a fun game, rather than an ‘immersive’ experience we get with so many other titles.

The games entirely single player, which in most ways is a good thing, but, once the games finished, its relying on you to 100% the game to get the fullest you can out of it. That and there’s some of the tricky achievements.

The bad sides towards this game are that, it doesn’t really take itself seriously as a game, so whilst there’s plenty to do, once its 100% completed, that’s really all there is. On top of that, the time of the games launch is in such a high season of big killer titles that really pushes the game down into obscurity. Which on a plus side may mean a price drop. But either way, those in for a bit of a fun little side game may be interested, whilst the game is primarily aimed at kids, you’ll probably find yourself nabbing a go at this as the game plays well and is quite relaxing compared to others. Should definitely be looked into perhaps on a rainy day and you fancy something a little more slower paced and fun.



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