Alien Breed Evolution Ep 1

December 18, 2009 at 2:47 am | Posted in Reviews, Xbox 360 Reviews | 1 Comment
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When a space craft collides with an even bigger unknown force, the brown stuff hits the fan as one Chief Engineer soon discovers in the first Episodic content of Alien Breed Evolution.

If you’ve played the insanely popular Xbox Live Arcade titles Assault Heroes and its sequel, or even the more recent Zombie Apocalypse you’ll know exactly how this game plays.

But, before you pigeon hole it just yet, it’s not a scrolling crazy shooter on wheels, or with zombies. It’s actually a story driven shooter with a lot more point to it.

Unlike a majority of top down style shooting games, Alien Breed not only has a story, but a nice healthy campaign to it. The 5 levels will have you going through areas of your space ship completing objectives and finding a safe exit from what’s becoming a grizzly nightmare.

Whilst most puzzles in the game require you to hunt around the available areas for keys and door locks, you’ll be kept at bay by healthy amounts of Aliens, varying from small, to actually quite large.

There’s a healthy amount of weapons to keep your Alien killing needs happy, along with items like sentry guns and your obvious health packs to help out when you’re in need of it.

The controls are very well thought out. With most games your right analogue pointed in any direction will fire a hail of bullets in that direction on screen, not with Alien Breed. Because there’s no time limit and the game is less of an arcadey quick game and more of a focused game, pushing the right analogue will point your gun and torch in that direction and the right trigger will do the firing.

This is to allow you to spend a little bit of time searching the areas for items and key plot areas. It’ll also bring a bit of suspense in those dark corridors when you’re waiting for something to just pop out.

And what is a healthy arcade game without a bit of co-op? The Co-op assault gives you and a friend, either online or locally, the opportunity to run through the main campaign levels and take on the onslaught of aliens. Whilst the levels are the same as the campaign ones, you’ll be finding new routes through them to reach your objectives, with twice the fire power, your going to need to work together in the darkness if you’re going to make it out alive.

With fantastic visuals from the Unreal engine, the levels are large and each new area poses a daunting threat meaning you’ll need to be on your toes ready to be attacked at anytime, and just wait till you meet the charger.

The levels on the single player campaign will last you about 30-40 minutes each on Veteran (the medium difficulty) if you were to take it to the hardest level and then be sure to keep your eyes out for weaponry, items and health packs on to of those pesky logs to find you’ll be finding yourself with a bit more time on the clock. Sadly, the co-op only has 3 main levels and the prologue, but there’s always free play if you don’t want to worry about all the story jargon. Just a tip for game play however, when you reach save points. Use them! No auto saves and the often occasion of an unexpected swarm of enemies or even a meeting with a charger can leave you starting the level right from the start. Trust me; I’ve been there a few times already!

The game is great fun, and is a really good revamp of the old classic. At 800 Microsoft Points a pop, Episode 1 will be enough to keep you entertained for long enough until Episode 2 reaches our marketplace. Happy hunting.



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