Call Of Duty 1 Arcade

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Having never really played it back when it was released, I wasn’t sure what to expect, from experience however I was aware that remakes not only make the game a little more HD friendly but sometimes a little more controller helpful too.

As always Call of Duty follows the stories during the World War, this installment focuses on the World War II and around D-Day and we see the British, American and Russian sides of the war throughout the game.

Here is where things start to get a little bit disappointing. If you’re not already driven mad by the World War themed games and a remake of all things is the last thing you want. Then steer clear. In fact, if you’re a massive COD fan and want to see how things all started off, it’s probably best to steer clear aswell. As the game really shows its age in this coming, with rather unimpressive HD visuals and quite large and empty maps at some times.

I’d hate to feel like I’m basing these opinions on the fact that First Person Shooters and Call of Duty has come such a long way from where it began, but unless your after the quick and easy 200 Gamer points, the games not really that worth it.

With rather sticky and slow controls, movement and full movement around looking seems quite restrictive. Back with COD1, there was also no regenerative health, meaning you’ll have to keep an eye out for health items. For you Veteran fans, regenerative health, or lack of so to speak is one hell of a hindrance in pushing through.

Again, its quite hard to really judge this remake after being so used to the newest of COD’s but it doesn’t feel like the remake does itself an favors. It would have been nice for certain things to have been changed perhaps. Including the slow and rather messy weapon selection cycle, and missing grenade indicator (life saver that it…no literally)

Noted back in the launch of the original, the campaign is quite short, and the Xbox Live supported multiplayer isn’t that well populated. This is fair…considering most are on Modern Warfare 2.

For those who loved the game back in the day, I can imagine it being a great return to roots. As the game, in its time was a classic and was what soon began to change the face of the First Person Shooter. However for me, this remake doesn’t really make the cut. The empty settings, struggling movement and overall dullness of the game are a big put off. The price of 1200 Microsoft Points isn’t too hot either.



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  1. which call of duty do u play
    i play modern warfare2

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