Winter Xtival Day 1

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As I’ve been apart of Xtival since the very beginning back in 07, the response has definately snowballed into something quite popular.

The steward program was put in system to help people out during the Xtival event when the second Xtival was launched in 08. Back then, the Stewards had it relatively easy as Xtival was still a new thing. The Summer Xtival in mid 09 however was a sign of things too come. This one, the Winter event is even more relentless with the onslaught of gamers and questions, which is great, its what we signed up for. We’re here to help.

Strangely enough the entire UK team of Stewards are…XBLA staff, which makes things easier in a way, cos we all know that everyones working hard, and its better than last time when i was just working with one other person who wasnt really pulling thier weight.

So, this seasons Steward team consists of Myself (Mechanical R), Kristian2008, BDRDaz, NBKRooney and xXR4GT4GXx.

So feel free to ask us a message, you can get hold of us either through our Gamertags, or, where theres a help thread that I and Kris work through.

Either way, theres plenty more to do for the weekend, more comps and tournaments to host and take part in, and obviously more questions to answer!

Previous Xtival Involvement: (For my relcolection more than anyone elses :D)

Xtival 07 – Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare FFA Tournament

Xtival 08 – Steward (First started)

Xtival 08 – Burnout Paradise Tournament

Xtival 08 –  Rock Band 2 Battle of the Bands

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Summer) – Lips Battle of the Vox Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Steward

Xtival 09 (Winter) -Tekken 6 Knockout Tournament

Xtival 09 (Winter) – Beatles Rock Band Competition


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