Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits

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With the Guitar Hero franchise going strong, not everyone wanted to keep hold of every copy of GH they own, so what better way to relive those classics than with a Greatest Hits featuring the best tracks from the previous Guitar Hero’s?

The game features songs from 1, 2 and 3 predominantly and has some from 80’s and one from Aerosmith, the majority of the best ones were picked by the public through polls on Activision’s websites, so lets hope you all picked wisely!

In this day and age, everyone has a copy or has tried in some way or form a Guitar Hero now. With the franchises expanding to new horizons with Band and DJ Hero, some people, including myself may have taken the previous beginning titles back to a store for some quick cash. Greatest Hits is a great way to keep the best bits from those iconic first titles which skyrocketed the platform to the juggernaut game it now is.

The game play is up to date to the latest of GH’s including GHtunes, and its more in depth character creation mode, whilst the creation mode is still a little shy from Rock Bands creativity, GHGH has the new instrument creation tools which allow you to colour and design your own guitars and kit, this is pretty cool to say the least, as it means the clever designers can make their sweet designs and the casual kind of players can just have a guitar and colour they choose, rather than a big oversized chainsaw guitar, as much as some people do love those, which I don’t blame them, but its always nice to have something a lil’ more…normal for a change.

Along with that, there are always the Guitar Hero favorites you can play as, or just make your own rockstar and design him however you’d like!

What’s best about the Greatest Hits is that some people, like me may have taken more of a liking to the drums/vocal side of things with the launch of GH4/Rock Band. What’s great about this is all the tracks in GHGH have been updated to include full band peripheral game play. Ever fancied playing the drums to your favorite GH3 track? Or wanted to wail out and be scored on your best track of GH2? Now we can!

So, by now, you’re probably curious as to what’s on the game? A competition was held before production to get a good idea of what games people wanted to see again, and here’s what made the cut:

“Back in the Saddle” Aerosmith
“Bark at the Moon” Ozzy Osbourne
“Barracuda” Heart
“Beast and the Harlot” Avenged Sevenfold
“Carry On Wayward Son” Kansas
“Caught in a Mosh” Anthrax
“Cherry Pie” Warrant
“Cowboys from Hell” (Live in Moscow 1991) Pantera
“Cult of Personality” Living Colour
“Electric Eye” Judas Priest
“Free Bird” Lynyrd Skynyrd
“Freya” The Sword
“Godzilla” Blue Öyster Cult
“Heart-Shaped Box” Nirvana
“Hey You” The Exies
“Hit Me with Your Best Shot” Pat Benatar
“I Love Rock ‘n Roll” Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
“I Wanna Rock” Twisted Sister
“Killer Queen” Queen
“Killing in the Name” Rage Against the Machine
“Laid to Rest” Lamb of God
“Lay Down” Priestess
“Message in a Bottle” The Police
“Miss Murder” AFI
“Monkey Wrench” Foo Fighters
“More Than a Feeling” Boston
“Mother” Danzig
“No One Knows” Queens of the Stone Age
“Nothin’ but a Good Time” Poison
“Play With Me” Extreme
“Psychobilly Freakout” Reverend Horton Heat
“Raining Blood” Slayer
“Rock and Roll All Nite” Kiss
“Round and Round” Ratt
“Shout at the Devil” Mötley Crüe
“Smoke on the Water” Deep Purple
“Stellar” Incubus
“Stop!” Jane’s Addiction
Take It Off” The Donnas
“Take Me Out” Franz Ferdinand
“Them Bones” Alice in Chains
“Through the Fire and Flames” DragonForce
“Thunder Kiss ’65” White Zombie
“Trippin’ on a Hole in a Paper Heart” Stone Temple Pilots
“The Trooper” Iron Maiden
“Unsung” (Live in Chicago) Helmet
“Woman” Wolfmother
“YYZ” Rush

These days, bands often use Greatest Hits albums as milestones in their career rather than a homage to their work before they part their own ways, with new games on the horizon and plenty more planned, Guitar Hero Greatest Hero is a milestone for the fans to collect, or even just for a rookie to catch up and get hooked.



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