Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad Of Gay Tony DLC

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I was slightly skeptical on beginning Grand Theft Auto’s The Ballad Of Gay Tony for one main reason.

Whilst GTA 4’s main campaign was great, what does the final chapter of the GTA 4 episode installment have in store? Something to guarantee me coming back to it? Or the same old boring day to day grind GTA ever so easily portrayed after the honeymoon period left?

Things weren’t looking up on my first take on it. Upon beginning I was placed in the shoes of someone whose name I didn’t know, and frankly, whose story I didn’t really care for, and after the first cut scene I was bang right into the middle of the action…

…Well, when I say action, I mean being a chauffeur to people. Great…GTA at its finest here. Once we reached our destination, we walked into a club. I was then shown all the special activities I could do whilst in the night club. The activities were drinking shots, dancing and participating in drinking games. These ‘activities’ are slightly disappointing and slightly offending because surely for a fair majority of us (of a legal age mind) that sounds like an average Friday/Saturday night, it does for me… needless to say, my overall opinions continued to plummet.

I stuck with it however; I could see some light at the end of the monotonous tunnel and my perseverance paid off, even if only for a short time. As I started chipping at the story I learned that my character (Luis) was a business partner for the notorious night club owner Gay Tony. On Luis’ trips we begin to meet some of his friends and, unfortunate business acquainted who are putting the crush on him and Tony to produce some money as their debt and wanted status get larger across Liberty City.

Like the episode before it, The Lost and The Damned, Ballad of GT ties in nicely with both that episode and the original GTA4 storyline. You meet new character who have ties in with Niko and some of the older ones, which really keeps things tight in a nice sort of way almost so that I’m considering restarting Niko’s campaign.

As well as a healthy set of missions to partake in there’s also the new activities. Whilst there’s the club activities, there’s also a new ‘Drug Wars’ mode following Luis’ two brotherhood friends and GTA San Andreas favorite base jumping has returned. The base jumping is pretty straight forward, and there are plenty of them around the city. Drug Wars is also a nice break from the norm but quickly gets stale as the idea is literally. ‘Kill the drug dealers, steal the drugs, whether that be in a vehicle, a bag or whatever, its all the same at the end of the day, it’s a nice break but definitely something that shouldn’t be sat and hammered through. As well as that, there’s the new Golf game, and the L.C. Bare fighting, which is literally Hand-to-hand combat in a ring.

Back when GTA4 first came out, I lightly picked up on the weapon combat and how the controls were a little sticky and clumpy regarding a smooth firefight. Playing the games campaign side of things again has brought more issues to my attention, namely the slow movement of the character and moving in and out of cover, the gunfights can be incredibly tedious and awkward to be able to walk out alive. One notable thing is most enemies are beyond packing just a pistol and you’ll find yourself taking on a lot of shotguns and assault rifles, meaning that health is going to dry out pretty fast.

Once your done with the campaign, as mentioned there’s the drug wars, base jumps and a couple of races to make sure to finish off. There’s also a percentage system for each mission, involving particular targets to finish the mission on including headshot counts and how fast you finish the mission, all this counts towards that elusive 100%
Sadly, The Ballad of Gay Tony is said to be the last addition to the GTA4 side of things, and once the story to TBoGT is complete your pretty much left in the same place you were with the end of the GTA campaign, slowly tying up the lose ends with very little rewards. The DLC seemed to be more of a time filler rather than a full GTA experience, the content more keeps your gaming habit tamed in between your next purchase rather than adding something more worthwhile to your game.



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