Sam & Max Beyond Space And Time (Season 2) Review

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Sam and Max return for another season of 5 new episodes of madness for you to solve!

Keeping in line with Season 1, the game follows the ‘don’t fix what aint broke’ concept of things and continues with the same puzzling point an click adventure game that made the first season a hit.

There’s 5 more episodes for you to get your troublesome crime fighting duo back into the swing off things filled with classic Sam and Max humour to keep the fans going or even those on the same level of humour entertained. Those used to the series can expect plenty of familiar faces and even those more familiar with Season one will recognise plenty of ‘friends’ to encounter.

Much like the first, puzzling game play will be broken up with an occasional mini game of sorts, including driving down the streets looking for the new ‘Torture Me Elmer’ to run over.

Unfortunately, the game is more of the same. Which in some ways is great. Others not.

For some the game play will become rather monotonous fast and will shortly become bored with having to talk to all the characters and click around on all the objects in places for clues. I found playing I with a friend a lot more easier as I found them playing it got me more involved when it came to just helping out, and as I wasn’t the key player, I could zone in and zone out when needed. However, this isn’t really how the games intended to be played.
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Majority of arcade games are used for killing time, or classics. Usually, played when bored, waiting or to allow a download to continue without you being bored out of your skull. Either way, there very jump in jump out orientated. Sam and Max is far from it, its big and definitely will keep you going, but to which extent is really up to the gamer and your tastes, at points, I’d happily just watch an episode or two rather than sit through 5 episodes of long, repetitive and tiresome gaming, still only one for the big fans of Sam and Max.


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