Eurogamer 09 Preview – Tekken 6

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For those who love its, it’s a hell of a lot more of what Tekken makes Tekken, whilst still not crying out to my want for a more fast paced Tekken without the strain of learning the 350 million button combos it comes to a relief when the game has great visuals packed with just more of what makes it good, and of course, better than the last!

After a little more time with the game, I learned that Tekkens single player has taken a leaf from Dead Or Alives A.I. difficulty book and your enemies will definitely carry some heavy blows before you walk away from a match…IF you walk away.

As well as that, I got some hands on time with the new Campaign Scenario mode, similar to the Tekken Force mode featured first in Tekken, sadly the graphics in the game seem to have stayed the same since the campaigns first appearance with a lot of 2D backgrounds and objects, along with characters and general combat is rather confusing when it comes to things like just locking onto enemies and trying to beat the living crap out of them.

Eurogamer Tekken 6 Footage 1

Eurogamer Tekken 6 Footage 2

Eurogamer Tekken 6 Footage 3



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