Eurogamer 09 Preview – Lost Planet 2

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With the short time I had with Lost Planet 2, the controls and multiplayer has kept the same kind of feel. The Post Grab game we played was set in a jungle area with building ruins laid about the place.

The controls were still fluid like the first and the only main difference I felt was the aiming reticule (which has a little more freedom being a Third person shooter) moved around the screen (kind of like a light gun game House of the dead, etc) a little more before the camera began to move. As well as that, I also kept finding the button which spins your character 90 degrees when I wanted to shoot. Not so much a control scheme flaw, just me trying to get to grips with LP2 on a Playstation 3 controller!

The mech fans will be happy to know those giant robots of destruction are back in multiplayer with new designs and more weapons, as well as the addition of fixed weapons about the levels. The playable characters are also new, sticking with the pirate theme from LP1 but better looking and a little more suitable for combat.

Sadly I’d have really liked to have played the single player as I really want to get hold of some of the cool monsters to fight and a bit of the story in too! Other than that, Lost Planet 2 is looking to be a great looking sequel to Capcoms Third person shooter!

Eurogamer Multiplayer LP2 Footage


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