Eurogamer 09 Preview – Avatar/3D Games

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Surprisingly, Avatar was a shock. After hearing the general synopsis about the upcoming film, I couldn’t say I was excited for it, fairies, imps and magical creatures are all good in some cases but not all, and it didn’t appeal.

Until I found my self watching a live demo of Avatar The Game. Set two years before, the game seems to generalise the colonisation of the planet and making it more habitable for others.

For us. This means taming, restricting and generally shoot the hell out of any creatures or life forms that have a problem with it in a Lost Planet esc style of game play.

When I tested the game myself however, I found I was able to test on a new prototype of Television supporting a ‘3D mode’ allowing (with the aid of the newest set of 3D glasses you find in cinemas) meaning the game ‘pops’ out, just like they would in the movies and just like the pictures do back in the ol ‘red and blue shades’ days. This, makes the game look great. For those who aren’t wearing the shades it’s a blurry unfocused mess, but for those donning the glasses are given the treat of seeing our character and nearby objects, in this case, foliage come to live and pop out from the screen. Whilst your eyes got used to it, it still didn’t change the fact whilst riding a Hoverjet craft like vehicle the back end of it felt like it was right in my face!

The game itself is a smooth and impressive piece of work. With not only creatures, and beasts varying of size and species (including imps/navis) you’ll also have to fend off some of the environment, certain plants are little too dangerous and will have to deal with the end of your weapon more than once. Weapons are upgradeable and customisable to allow you to have your perfect arsenal, mine included a standard rifle, a rocket/grenade launcher, pistols and a flame thrower. Which I later found out (whilst waving my flamethrower around like a loon) by the dev that the game had the same style engine as Far Cry 2, meaning fires will spread across the jungle like areas and continue to burn for some time. I turned, to see a third of the area I was in was engulfed in flames, and made a hasty exit!

Whilst not supported by online co-op the game features plenty of multiplayer and of course the great single player. Avatar will be available in both 2D and 3D very soon!


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