Eurogamer 09 Preview – Assassins Creed II

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Saturday morning I managed to plonk myself down and get a good bit of time in on Ubisofts Assassins Creed II. The game immediately shows promise with things like a much more speedier ability to ascend and manage obstacles and even the ability to swim! Raaay! After getting a little back into the rhythm of how the controls worked with changing from combat to free roam I was quickly back into assassinating rooftop guardians and take the fight to the streets with an insane amount of guards. With that, I discovered a the new disarm ability in which I’d take their weapon and be able to use it against them, and also a quick look at a new health item which can be used to knock up your health after a nasty fight or a bit of a dodgy ‘leap of faith’ whilst giving all that free running a go!

I also learned by a little slip that things as Desmond may get a little hairy as he has the ability to attack now, which means you wont be spending much time in that same old room anymore, woohoo!

Hopefully, as long as the game steers clear from the repetitive game play ACII will do even better than its predecessor.


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