Warhammer Battle March Review

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Not the sharpest tool in the shed…

Welcome to Warhammer, before we start, no this ISNT the 40K version, you know that cool looking one with tanks and robot like armour and guns and all the fancy dodaas. No no this one is the middle age medieval style of Warhammer, a little like Lord of The Rings. Still here? Oh right, let’s continue then…

As with all typical strategy games, were given the choice to play as different factions/races in our campaign. Varying from your Humans to the Orc like creatures, each have their own benefits and weakness’ in battle, including different weaponry, and so on.

The game itself plays like any other game in its genre. The general idea is you build your armies to that of which you can take on more enemies and complete each objective, whether it be defeating enemies and their heroes, or rather taking over certain areas like villages or key buildings.

Most of the time you can’t actually ‘build’ your armies, more just work with what you’ve got and just slug it through till your given more, the games sluggish and sticky controls make it difficult to control your groups of men, even simple tasks of getting just one battalion of your army to do something different to the rest seems to bring your game to a standstill resulting in your little group of archers to stand there, scratching their behinds until something big ugly and green sticks its sword up there.

Your groups can be controlled by a ‘hero’ something, more recognised from the LOTR’s adventure onto Real Time strategy which was actually pulled off reasonably well for a title which came shortly after the Launch titles for the 360. Your ‘hero’ is sadly just as ignorant as the rest of your men, only he completely ignores orders often watching from a distance. When he gets the balls to head into battle his tactics seem to shoot right out the window and he’s as good as dead before he’s even got his sword out.

Bear through it all and you’ll be able to progress through the campaign, or even just a few skirmishes, heroes n all until your Warhammer needs die out. Soon, you’ll hope.

Accompanied with the not so sharp control system and camera comes the graphics, upon seeing my first landscape within the game I was greatly unimpressed with the bleak dull outlook of the battlefield. Poorly created environments and characters that have about as much console processing power running through it as a child’s wind up wooden toy.

The game flaunts a rather monotomus soundtrack with your standard middle age war drum sequence with some occasional noise of your men…usually dying.

What else does the game have? Oh well, the game DOES have a various assortment of online modes of up to 2-4 players battling it out and a customisable army feature where you can create armies for online and offline purpose…if you have the patience.

Maybe it’s because personally I’m not a fan of Warhammer, but the flaws in the this game easily surpass any form of reasoning to any fan to hold onto this title just because ‘its part of the franchise’ the game offers nothing new to the table, the graphics are poor at best and it generally seems little effort has gone into making this stand out to anyone unfamiliar with the WH franchise. If its real time strategy you’re after, EndWar or Halo Wars will suit you perfectly, if your more after the fantasy middle ages style of it, you’re better off with the older LOTR Battle for middle earth, which came out a few years ago on the 360. Fortunately at the time of release for Warhammer Battle March, the rush for other bigger titles pushed the launch into somewhat of obscurity, where it hopefully stays.



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