Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed DLC

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DLC with fewer bangs for its buck…

Saints Row has been locking horns with GTA since both have released. Some like GTA’s gritty true life realism to Saints Row 2, and some people just prefer the over the top fun and diversity SR2 delivers in its game play whether it be side missions or the full blown story.

Without spoiling the story for those who have yet to complete SR2, Ultor Exposed downloadable content pack continues the 3rd Streets Saints endeavour in bringing down the colossal super-corporation Ultor, with the meeting of Tera, a former lab worker at Ultor, hell bent on bringing the company to its knees after realising the pure tyranny of Ultor’s true intentions.

Upon purchase your game will be equipped with a series of new hair-do’s to choose from at your next visit to the Plastic Surgeon as well as a new selection of vehicles to wage your reign of anarchy on the city of Stilwater, ranging from race cars, helicopters and even a jeep like vehicle which may seem familiar to those who have picked up a copy of Red Faction: Guerrilla recently. Remember its all in the same universe.

Unfortunately, heres where things seem to dry out on the features for this downloadable content, with just a handful of hairstyles and vehicles to add to your experience for an entire 800 Microsoft Points you get that and just 3 story missions for your buck. The missions aren’t long and vary from collecting items, protecting a moving truck and protecting the same truck just on foot instead.

Along with this, because after all it is Paid DLC, you’ll get a small collection of achievements to unlock through your time in Stilwater.

In trying to keep up with GTA’s phenomenal downloadable content updates, Ultor Exposed fails to hit the spot, whilst only serving as just a bridge through the main story-line to the continuation of the Ultor story arch, this proves to be a very small yet over-priced package, perhaps trying to gain more only on the fact the game now stars Tera Patrick. We hope to see more for better in the near future Volition…


Buy it here ready for your Xbox to download……5-d802545107fc/


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